25+ Gifts for Golfers & Golf Lovers

Golfers and golf lovers can be surprisingly hard to buy for. You want to get them something practical but also something unique that you know they’ll appreciate both on the golf course and when they’re far away from the green and dreaming of the day they get to go back.

Our gifting experts have scoured the internet and gathered up these awesome golf gifts to create a list that includes something special for every kind of golf enthusiast. From funny finds to personalized balls, these presents are better than clocking two eagles in one game.

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Personalized Golf History Book

Was someone’s desire for a little Sunday relaxation that led to golf’s birth in 13th-century Netherland or are the Scots responsible for the game (it would make sense, what with all that plaid)? This book may not answer every burning question you have about golf, but it will take you back to some of the sport’s greatest moments, all bound in a beautiful brown leatherette cover that’s ready to personalize.


Par-Tee Golf Gift Box

Finally, a golf-themed gift box your favorite golfer will actually appreciate! This cool collection contains a combination of must-have items and unusual finds, all handpicked by golfers who know what their kind really want — including Golf Bag Beer Mugs perfect for saluting a record-setting round.


Personalized Golf Score Book

Who keeps score in life? Oh, that’s right, golfers do. And now your favorite picky putter can record up to 56 rounds’ worth of scores in a gorgeous book that slides neatly into a golf bag for use on the course.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

This personalized gift beautifully combines form and function with stainless steel construction and a place if someone special’s initials. Or you can spell out a three-letter word like "Dad" so show you totally in-tune and awesome you are. And did we mention smart and thoughtful?


Golfer's Beer Mug

Give someone special a chance to cheers their chosen hobby anytime they want. Not only are these mugs cool to look at, but they also hold an impressive amount of lager, porter, stout — pretty much any frosty beverage your loved one, boss, or buddy desires. Now all that’s left is to score an invite to post-golf happy hour.


Personalized Golf Balls

Whose balls are those? Put an end to age-old confusion over where your balls are and other golfing woes with these personalized balls that will help players figure out what’s what and where they’ll be hitting from next.


Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

Slicing left with no end in sight? Can’t hit their way out of a sand trap in time for dinner? Surprise your golfing buddy with lessons taught by actual PGA pros and they’ll fine tune their skills and increase confidence in no time. Which means you better brush up on yours too if you want to come out ahead the next time you hit the green. Just saying.


Personalized Golf Club Covers

If you’re cozy and you know it hit under paaaar! Okay, no need to actually sing, but do take a gander at these personalized club covers that keep clubs safe and sound until they’re need on the course. Even better, you can add a monogram for next-level personalization, so everyone sees your favorite golfer coming.


Personalized Golf Club Markers

Cap off clubs with a personalized golf club marker that makes every putter, driver, iron, wood, and wedge look distinctly different from the competitions. Pair these beauties with another personalized accessory on this list and you’re delivering double the opportunity for custom fun.


Best Shot Of The Day Personalized Golf Shot Glass

One, two, three, CHUG! There are plenty of reasons to celebrate while golfing — maybe you won, maybe you lost, maybe you’re just thrilled to spending the afternoon with your buds. No matter what the occasion, these personalized golf shot glasses make those cheerful moments that much more fun.


Personalized Photo Golf Balls

We all know someone who wouldn’t mind thwacking their bosses head with a golf club — figuratively, of course! Or maybe you know a golfer who loves playing a few rounds a few days a month but feels awful leaving the kids at home. Put any photo you want on these golf balls, and you’ll give everyone from a new father to a disgruntled employee a reason to smile as they strut from hole to hole.


Large Golf Coffee Mugs

Your favorite golfer might never be in line for one of those famous green jackets, but you can gift them with a place in history thanks to this mug that puts your special someone’s name on a list with other world’s best golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Bobby Jones.


Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Clink clink! That’s the sound of a stellar gift rolling around in a rocks glass as your favorite golfer relaxes with a few fingers of whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, or whatever other tipple strikes their fancy. You deliver golf-ball inspired chillers, they get to kick back and sip as they replay that killer hole in one.


TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Easy to grip, fun to look at, and right on target when it comes to buying a gift that honor’s the recipient’s go-to pastime, this golf ball bottle opener is a witty take on an everyday gadget, and it actually pops bottles as needed, too!


Golfers BBQ Set

Even the most avid golfer can’t be at their club 24/7. When it’s time to take a break from putting and spend some time with friends and family, this BBQ set will help golfers pivot their focus from achieving par to perfecting those yummy char marks on a big batch of steak and burgers.


Golf Club Personalized Glass Beer Mug

What do you get when you combine a beer mug with a whopping 25-ounce capacity and frosted glass just waiting to be personalized with up to two lines of custom text? Why, you get a sweet beer mug that salutes the game of golf while serving up a refreshing bucket of brew.


MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

For the cheeky golf fanatic in your life who has a twisted sense of humor, there’s this golf ball storage bag that looks, well, like a furry set of balls. Each golf ball sinks into its own corner of the sack, while a clip-on top keeps prized possessions safe and secure. It’s funny, it’s fuzzy, and it’s sure to turn heads.

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Swiss Army Golftool Pocket Knife with Pouch

When the golf course gives way to the great unknown, intrepid with this interesting take on a pocketknife will be prepared for whatever life brings. Or maybe they’ll skip the wild animals and survival situations and just use tools like the included ball maker, repair tool, scissors, and bottle opener to make life on the green that much more enjoyable.

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Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Who says you have to drive across town or even across the state to enjoy a round of golf? Surprise a busy executive or a housebound friend with this high-quality putting green and they’ll be able to work on their short game in the office, in their living room, or even on their apartment’s balcony. Hurray for versatility!

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Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack

When you’re on your way to your club for a few rounds of golf, it makes sense to load up the trunk with your clubs, accessories, spare shoes, and whatever else strikes your fancy. But what happens to all those goodies when you’re back at home base and ready to unload? This golf bag garage organizer keeps gear off the floor and at the ready, keeping both the golfer and the golfer’s significant other happy.

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Why You Suck at Golf Book

Hilarious title aside, this must-have book helps golfers pinpoint their mistakes so they can improve their game and increase the likelihood that they’ll whoop your bet that next time you challenge them to 18 holes of fun and really bad dad jokes. Just don’t be surprised if they turn things around and start pointing out what you’re doing wrong — stand up straight! Shoulders back! Put some oomph into that swing!

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Rangefinder Laser Golf Binoculars

Hark! Is that Bill from work on walking up to the next tee? Your favorite golfer can spy on the competition, get a better look at the target hole, or just take in the scenery and local wildlife thanks to these high-precision binoculars that even measure distance and identify golf flags, hazards, and wooded areas.

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Emoji Practice Golf Balls

Laugh, cry, laugh until you cry, turn your pupils into dollar signs — in other words, make like an emoji. That’s the theme of this set of one dozen practice golf balls. And while they look totally silly, these colorful orbs actually boast a high-velocity solid core for optimal performance. You’re a lot less likely to lose them in the weeds, too.

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Personalized Golf Towels

When your golf buddy needs to wipe his or her club or ball or you want to deliver a practical item that also serves as a memento, wrap up this personalized golf towel that has space for a few lines of embroidered text. Add something heartfelt for your grandpa or brother or put on something hilariously raunchy that’s more befitting of a bachelor party or groomsmen gift.


Desktop Golf

Sometimes great things come in teeny tiny sizes. It’s bad enough being stuck at the office when you’d rather be golfing, but when a conference call runs long or you’re trapped behind your desk long after you should’ve been heading home, you need a distraction. This adorable miniature golf course and its adaptable putting service is the stress reliever you’ve been waiting for — and the boring client on the other end of your call will never know.


19th Hole Barrel Sign

Gift a new homeowner or something with a sparsely decorate man cave the wall décor they’ve been looking for with this golf-themed barrel sign. From the intentionally distressed surface to the customized name and location text, every element of this surprise is a hole in one (get it?!).


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Jan 3, 2022


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