30 Birthday Gifts for Adult Son

You’ve watched him grow from a tiny baby into the incredible human he is today, and it’s been a wonderful journey. But as he grew out of toy trucks and squirt guns, one question loomed large: where can you find great birthday gift ideas for your adult son? Our gift-giving experts have dug deep to find a wide range of presents that feel mature without losing that all-important fun factor. From adrenaline-boosting hobbies to stylish accessories, these birthday gifts will cement your title as the best parent of all time.

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Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

He liked making his toy cars go vroom vroom when he was little, and now it’s time to introduce your all-grown-up son to the big boy version. Instead of racing his cars across the kitchen floor, he’ll experience speeds of up to 150 mph. Vroom vroom indeed.


Personalized Dartboard & Cabinet

Turn your son into the host with the most fun stuff. This dartboard set is personalized, so none of his friends will be tempted to “borrow” it, and it’ll look perfect in his man cave, garage, or den.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

For the aspiring golfer who has nothing or the avid golfer who has everything, these ball markers are a surprise that will make Sundays on the green even more exciting.


Jerky of the Month Club

He lives of snacks, but his tastes have evolved quite a bit from the days when pizza pockets and fruit strips hit the spot. Monthly jerky deliveries are just what a guy needs to keep hunger at bay.


Memory Lane Personalized Canvas

If you’re looking for sentimental gift ideas for your grown-up son, this is it. You pick the places and fill in the dates and he’ll have a museum-worthy reminder of some of life’s best moments so far.


Helicopter Tours

Send your son off into the wild blue yonder! Helicopter tours give him a bird’s eye view of his hometown (or someplace more exotic) while ticking his more adventurous side.


Best-In-Class Portable Grill

Where’s the party? Wherever your son is, of course, and now he’s masterful burger-making skills can go with him when he meets up with friends for a beach BBQ, park hangout, or tailgating party before the big game.


Par-Tee Golf Gift Box

Having trouble picking out a gift for your golf-loving adult son? Stop trying to choose and get a whole box full of golf gifts that are sure to delight him on and off the course.


Zip Lining Experiences

What’s several hundred feet long and designed to make any adventurous adult say, “wheeeeeeeee!”? Zip lines and bungee jumping experiences help lucky guys the world over tick a couple more things off their bucket lists.


Moonshine Gentlemen's Cologne

Smelling nice doesn’t always mean spritzing flower juice or vanilla-scented whoknowswhat on your neck. This cologne is as timeless as it is masculine — perfect for a guy who could use an upgrade to his otherwise simple grooming routine.


Personalized Grilling Tool Set

Once upon a time, you taught him how to scramble eggs, boil spaghetti, and butter toast. Now he’s moved on to searing rib eyes and smoking brisket. These tools ensure he’s always equipped to make meals that’ll make your mouth water.


Ballpark Park Glasses

He’s probably been a fan of his favorite team for decades. Years ago, you took him to games and shared soda and a couple hot dogs. Now you can toast a trip to the playoffs with an adult beverage poured into these glasses engraved with MLB stadium maps.


Bacon of the Month Club

What’s better than bacon? Month after month of bacon! Whether your son is a breakfast lover or just can’t get enough of this smoky, fatty goodness, he’ll positively pig out on this majorly tasty surprise.


Authentic Leather Apron

Woodworkers, aspiring butchers, DIY gurus, painters, sculptors — anyone who works with their hands will love having a protective and attractive apron to help keep them clean and safe while they create.


Smart Key Organizer & Tracker

The boy who constantly lost everything from his homework to his baseball bat may have grown up, but that doesn’t mean he’s always able to find his favorite things. This gizmo will help.


Personalized Men's Tie

Your kid isn’t boring, and his dress clothes shouldn’t be either. This tie is understated enough to past muster in the boardroom, but the personalized aspect gives it just enough flare to stay interesting.


Sand Art

Finally, a gift that delivers calm even in the middle of a storm. He can sit and watch the sand slowly sift through the hourglass, feeling stress drift away as this functional art changes shape.


Premium Leather Dopp Kit

This dopp kit is a very grown-up way to transport toiletries and other personal items on a business trip, to the gym, or when he heads home for the holidays just like you told him to do.


Premium Leather Daily Bag

Briefcases can feel kind of stuffy, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about this bag. One quick sling over his shoulder and he’ll look professional without disrupting his tres chic sense of personal style.


Circuit Board Cuff Links

Geek is so in, and these cuff links prove it. He can wear them to swap out a motherboard or say “I do” at the altar. As gift ideas for a grown-up son go, this cheeky set is absolutely nerdtastic.


What I l Love About Being Your Mom

It might not always be easy to tell your kids how you feel, but that just means you should write it all down. Catalog all the reasons you love being a mom and give it to your son to have for the rest of time. Tissues sold separately.


Flexible Portable Drum Set

Because it’s never too late for him to realize his dreams of being a rock star! This portable drum set allows him to take his musical show on the road without throwing out his back in the process. Win win!


Appalachian Trail Card Case

Perfect for your outdoorsy offspring, this gift captures some of the unparalleled Appalachian majesty so he can enjoy nature even when he’s far away from the trail.


Personalized Golf Club Markers

Golf clubs can be deeply personal pieces of equipment, and these flashy markers ensure there are no mix-ups when your son meets friends or coworkers for a quick 18 holes.


Make Your Hot Sauce Barrel

Some like it hot. Some like it practically scorching. He can make hot sauce that’ll titillate his taste buds with this kit and always have the perfect condiment on hand for his wings, fries, or buffalo burger.


Quadcopter /w LCD Remote & Real-time Video

Remote control toys aren’t just for kids anymore. Wrap up this drone and watch your adult son’s eyes light up with glee. Gifts for adult sons have never been so on-trend.


BEARPAW Men Slippers

His feet will never be more comfortable than they’ll feel once they’re snuggled up in these classic loafers lined with Australian sheep fur.


Wireless DigitalMeat Thermometer

Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t cook up some ribs while enjoying the game too. This long-range meat thermometer sends alerts to your son’s smartphone so he can enjoy every BBQ-worthy afternoon to the fullest.


Cuisinart Griddler

Perfect for a smaller apartment or someone looking to expand their cooking skills, this multitasking grill offers a wide range of functionalities so your adult son can create culinary masterpieces the whole family — or just his best buds — will enjoy.


Personalized Vintage Hoodie

Personalized with custom text, year and choice of color Aged to perfection and looking so fine on his birthday. The perfect gift for him.


Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for your adult son, a Christmas surprise, or a “just because” present that shows how special you think your kiddo is, these gifts are tailor-made to help create smiles. For more gift ideas, browse our Best Gift Ideas for Men, Christmas Gift Ideas for Son, and Best Gifts of The Year.

Mar 20, 2021


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