30+ Gifts for a Cook

Buying gifts for a cook can be both exciting and daunting. On one hand, there are so many ideas to explore, and cooks tend to be creative people who love outside-the-box surprise. On the other hand, you’ll probably find a lot of gifts you’d rather just keep for yourself. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: buy two!

Check out this expertly curated list of gifts for cooks and prepare to feel your mouth water at all the possibilities.

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Joy of Cooking Personalized Book

Give the gift of classic recipes created by the iconic Irma S. Rombauer. Whether your special someone is looking to perfect their pastry skills or give comfort food recipes an upgrade, this weighty tome has them covered. And with over 4,000 recipes to choose from, you may just get invited over for dinner more than you think.


The Smart Garden

For black thumbs and space-challenged cooks everywhere comes this genius little garden that seemingly creates taste crops out of thin air. Well, not thin air, but pretty close. Now there can always be fresh cilantro and fragrant basil close at hand.


Authentic Leather Apron

Working in the kitchen can get messy. Now your favorite cook can dress like a pro and protect their clothes (and their vital organs, just saying) with a heavy-duty apron made from real leather. Plus, there are lots of pockets to stow away kitchen gadgets, a phone, or love notes written by your very hand.


BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

Feeling saucy? Wrap up a monthly dose of mega flavor when you gift your favorite cook a subscription to a club that delivers BBQ sauce on the regular. Perfect for dipping, slathering, marinating, or just eating by the spoonful — we won’t judge!


Personalized Cutting Board

Some people like diamonds, but real cooks feel their hearts go pitter-patter when they spy some gorgeous woodgrain. This cutting board is a work of art, but it also helps cooks get to work chopping, dicing, and slicing everything in sight. Add some personalization for the perfect finishing touch.



Who needs soil when there’s a garden that produces homegrown airs using just water? Turn seeds into fully-grown dill, oregano, mint and more in just a matter of weeks, and need to go outside and dig into the ground, either. Phew!

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Engraved Wooden Recipe Box and Cards - Family Favorites

Grandma’s soda bread. Mom’s chicken piccata. Your aunt Maisie’s famous goulash. Dad’s blueberry barbecue sauce that no one can quite seem to replicate unless he’s around. These heirloom dishes are in danger of being lost, but give the cook in your family this special place to gather favorite family recipes and you’ll soon have a collection you can build on for generations to come.


Bacon of the Month Club

Mmmmm… salty, sizzling bacon. Just what the chef ordered to thrown on everything from a BLT to a cobb salad. Gift your pork-loving cook a membership to this club and they’ll get to taste through all kinds of cured deliciousness and experiment in the kitchen with top-shelf ingredients delivered straight to their door.


Bake with a Legend (Virtual Class)

Not every cook had the chance to go to culinary school, but luckily there are plenty of opportunities for continuing education within reach. This virtual class beams stars from the iconic Great British Baking Show straight into your home for a full two hours of finger-lickin’ fun. Will your someone special get a virtual Hollywood handshake? Only time will tell.


Personalized Beechwood Cooking Utensils- 4pc

Cooking takes patience, talent, and the right utensils, and those tools fit the bill perfectly. In addition to looking nice and making quick work of key cooking tasks like stirring, scraping, and straining, these utensils also have space for optional personalization so you can give each tool a funny name, put your buddy’s monogram on the handles, or add a short kitchen-related quip.


Sirloin of the Month Club

Is there anything better than slicing into a beautifully seared piece of meat? Maybe knowing that it was made just for you by someone who loves to man the grill or wield a cast iron pan. Membership in this monthly steak delivery club ensures the cook in your life has plenty of access to gourmet steaks and giving it as a gift ensures you get to taste one of those strips or ribeye on at least a semi-regular basis.


Collected Recipes Cookbook

Use this DIY binder to amass a collection of recipes to gift to your favorite cook or wrap it up empty so a budding chef has the opportunity to catalog their culinary journey, adding recipes as they encounter them and organizing the collection as they see fit. Ideal for an amateur cook, culinary school student, or kiddo just beginning to learn what happens in the kitchen.

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Queen Apron

As someone who is close to the cook, you know that if you play your cards right you could be eating some pretty delicious food. Now you can hedge your bets (and bribe the person with all the power) with this gift of an apron that makes it clear that the chef is royalty. Obvious. Forget being the boss — your favorite cook is a literal queen.


Under Cabinet Radio

Quiet isn’t always calming. For cooks who need a little music in the kitchen to keep things moving, there’s this under-cabinet radio that stays out of the way (no taking up valuable counter space) while ensuring there are always sweet tunes nearby. Impromptu kitchen dance party starts now!

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Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Variety of the spice of life — literally, in this case. This kit is like getting an around-the-world travel pass that you don’t even have to pack or board a plane to use. Taste legendary flavors from France, Italy, Spain, and even Levant, then watch as the talented cook in your life figures out how to make each combination sing in new and exciting ways.


Southern Cakes Cookbook

No one makes a picnic or brunch-worthy cake quite like a Southern cook. Now all that knowledge of sweet treats has been funneled into a book brimming with iconic cake recipes beloved throughout the Bible Belt. Watch as the cook in your family hones their Lady Baltimore or Mississippi Mud Cake, then grab a slice as a reward for finding this gift in the first place.


Personalized Pepper Mill

Pepper, ma’am? Fresh cracked pepper can breathe life into an otherwise bland dish, but discerning cooks need a grinder that looks just as good sitting on the counter as it does when in use. Enter this pepper mill that screams “I’m a pro” while offering space for personalization including both text and graphic options.


Custom Personalized Aprons

Aprons keep you clean while you cook, but they also offer an opportunity to make a statement. Announce your mom’s nickname, declare that your dad is the “Grillmaster Extraordinaire,” or create matching aprons for the whole family to wear while making Christmas cookies. The options are only as limited as your imagination.


Multi-purpose Chef Knife

It slices, it dices, it lets the sous chef know who’s in charge… uh, strike that last part. But seriously, this knife is a chef’s dream thanks to a long edge, forged stainless steel blade, and ergonomically weighted handle that will help even a brand-new chef feel like a real pro.


Popcorn Seasoning Gift Set

Movie night just got a lot tastier. This gift set is all about amping of the flavor of your next bag of popcorn. Chefs can’t just settle for salt and butter. No no no, they need to sprinkle their freshly popped kernels with truffle parmesan and jalapeno popper shakes. Now the real main attraction is suddenly whatever is in the snack bowl.


Handcrafted Cruet Set

This gorgeous cruet set is a great example of what happens when modern art meets the culinary arts. Give this as a gift and you’re wrapping up a serving vessel that also works as kitchen décor — and don’t be surprised if it leads to an uptick in salads for lunch and dinner, too.


Complete Camping Kitchen (5 pc)

Gone are the days when going camping had to mean “roughing it.” Eating beans straight from a tin can is for suckers. Instead, give this camping kitchen to the designated vacation cook and they’ll have the means to brew coffee in the morning, sauté meat and veggies for a protein-packed lunch, and cook up the fresh fish you just caught for dinner for a backwoods buffet no one will soon forget.


Wine Saver Carafe

Some days you just need a glass. Other days call for an entire bottle. But for cooks who might need just a splash of wine for a recipe or a half measure of Chardonnay to enjoy while they cook, this wine saver carafe ensures that whatever’s left over stays fresh until it’s time to sip again.


The Star Wars Cook Book

Geekdom + cooking skills = smart snacks and genius meals everyone will love. Get ready to sample some Wookie Cookies and more when you surprise a Star Wars-loving chef with this themed cookbook that will be a blast to read.


Perfect Ice Cream Scoop

No one goes into the freezer to fetch a pint of ice cream expecting a workout, but when you try to make a sundae using subpar tools, you’re in for a battle. This ice cream scoop helps the user make peace with frozen desserts, scooping up chocolate, vanilla, or marshmallow-studded rocky road with the greatest of ease.


Personalized Bamboo Serving Bowl

Family snacks in a family bowl. Showcase pride over your heritage or surprise a cook who just bought a new house or had a personal milestone like getting married with a gift that is both useful and sentimental.


Make Your Own Wine Kit

You can make your own booze in your bathtub Prohibition-style, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, give your favorite oenophile this kit and they can create their own Cabernet or put together custom Pinot based on pro-level instructions for optimal results.


Foodie Dice

Stuck in a cooking rut? These foodie dice help open up the imagination. Toss the dice and you’ll be given a unique combination of ingredients to serve as the basis for a new, on-the-fly recipe. Use this as a hostess gift and the next dinner party you’re invited to is bound to be a bundle of fun.

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Made With Love Personalized Red Casserole Baking Dish

Every family has one person who is the casserole queen (or king). Those dishes are made with love, which is exactly why this baking vessel is personalized with “Made With Love” and whatever name you’d like to add. It’s great as a surprise for a dedicated cook, or if you’re the cook, you can bake a casserole in it and give the entire thing — dish and all — to someone who could use some culinary love.


Personalized BBQ Grill Set

Your favorite grill master will flip (get it?) over these tools that come personalized and ready for action. Now there’s even less of a chance of some pool party guest trying to mess with Dad’s burgers.


Personalized Quarter Barrel Serving Tray

Half the fun of cooking is figuring out how to present the finished dish in a new and exciting way. This wine-inspired serving tray is the perfect blend of rustic-meets-refinement chic, plus it can be used for simple things like a wine and cheese plate as well as top-tier appetizers enjoyed by guests awaiting the main course of a fancy sit-down dinner.


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Jan 16, 2022


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