33 Gifts for Mom from Son

Someone once said, "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother." Your mom has played such a huge role in your life. It makes picking out the perfect present that much more important — and that much harder. What will she love? Can you beat out that hand-shaped ash tray you made for her in second grade? (The answer to that is yes — definitely yes!). If you're shopping for gifts for mom from son, you'll love this curated collection of mom-friendly presents that will dazzle, delight, and remind your mom why she's so lucky to have you around.

Read on for our favorite son-to-mom gifts that are meaningful, tasteful, and so much more.

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Anywhere Tabletop Fireplace

For the mom who loves to entertain, there's a tabletop fireplace that gives her the ability to make s'mores, cuddle up with Dad, or just enjoy a glass of wine and a good book all while basking in the glow of firelight. This unique gift for a mom from her son is perfect for the outdoorsy family. Every time she makes a s’more or enjoys the firelight she’ll think of the person who got her this special gift.


Heartfelt Keepsake for Mom

This gift is especially handy for sons who can't be near mom all the time. Close the distance while you're away at college or with your own family in another state with a jar full of heartfelt notes that she can open whenever she needs a little extra boost. This is one of the best sentimental gifts for mom from her son that she will cherish for years to come.


Back In The Day Canvas

It's home décor, it's a visual representation of memories, and it's a reminder of precious days gone by. Basically, this canvas is the trifecta of stuff moms love, and you can personalize it with any date — her birthday, your birthday, her anniversary. Get creative! Personalized gifts for mom from son can be difficult to perfect. But this thoughtful canvas makes it easy to make a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift for mom from son.


Beatles Newspaper History Book

Beatlemania strikes again! This time it's a look back at everything the Fab Four did — perfect for a mom who was a huge fan of John, Paul, George, and Ringo back in the day and still listens to them now. Read through it together and you may even get to hear some of her own stories from when she was front and center at one of their biggest shows. Some of the best gifts for a mom from a son include quality time.


Luxe Heated Weighted Blankie

This isn’t your average gift idea for a mom from a son. Give your mom a way to relax in luxury without ever leaving her own living room. This weighted blankie is uber-soft, weighted to help with relaxation and stress, and can even be put in the microwave so she can ward off the winter chill while Dad shovels the driveway (hey, fair is fair!).


Flower of the Month Club

Mom loves flowers. You love to get them for her. You're also kind of forgetful… This gift ticks all the boxes by setting up monthly flower deliveries all in one go. Mom will get gorgeous arrangements delivered to her doorstep like clockwork, and you won't even have to look at a calendar or call up the florist every 30 days to make it all happen. Talk about a win-win!


Date To Remember Book

What's in a date? For your mom, the answer could be "everything." This custom newspaper book is a brilliant way to bring back memories and create keepsakes out of thin air. Commemorate everything from her parents' anniversary to the day she graduated from high school to the protests she joined in Washington — she helped make history happen, and this book will help her remember it all as she looks to the future. This thoughtful gift for a mom from her son can be a keepsake passed down for generations.


Portable Water Purifier Bottle

Whether she's an avid traveler, has a long commute, or is a germaphobe who loves water but not so much the rusty water fountains in her office building, this portable water purifier bottle will help her hydrate without worrying about what else her H20 might contain. This is a great practical gift for a mom, but the water purification system distinguishes it from your average water bottle.


Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Help mom set sail on the high seas — but with canapes and cocktails, not pirates and booty. Just to clarify. These lunch and dinner cruises are available all across the U.S., so your mom can pick one close to home or make a whole weekend trip out of it. It's the R&R she deserves but done in a super special way. This also makes for a great way to bond with your mom. She could also choose to make it a romantic date night with dad - it’s truly up to her!


Sand Art

Art meets meditation with this ever-shifting landscape contained in a tabletop display. Perfect for work or home, this Deep Sea Sand Art will help mom escape stress, find her center, and relax a bit even on the most anxiety-producing days. Some of the best gift ideas for moms from sons include elements of relaxation. That’s because your mom deserves to be pampered year-round for all her hard work raising a family and more.


Wine Saver Carafe

Because Mom loves her vino but doesn't always finish her bottle. Give her this air-tight carafe and ensure she'll never cry over spilt Cabernet or spoiled Pinot Noir again. This is the perfect gift for the wine-loving mom or the hostess.


Barrel Stave Wine Butler

It's the next best thing to actually having a dude named Jeeves cater to your mom's every whim. Instead, she can organize a bottle of wine and her favorite glasses, ensuring everything is within arms reach and beautifully displayed for her next dinner party, at-home happy hour, or Netflix and Chill night. This gift for mom is also perfect for her to display her favorite hand-painted wine glasses.


Personalized Wood Lap Desk

From moms with mobility issues to those who are managing multiple businesses and work a ton at home, there's not a single parent who wouldn't appreciate having a comfortable, sturdy place to write, read, type, watch videos, scroll social media, and Facetime their favorite kid — that's you, of course. Make this gift extra special by personalizing it with her name or a sweet message she will see every time she uses this uncommon good.


Daily Notes Jar

What is your mom thankful for? Fill this gratitude jar with all the things you love to share with her, things she loves to do, or even quotes and memories to help her get through the tough days and remember the good ones. You can even come up with ideas for gratitude together, making this a shared experience and a good project for a rainy day. This sentimental gesture makes for a great Mother’s Day gift as well.


Variety of the Month Club

Variety is the spice of life, and this gift will spice up your mom's life with monthly deliveries full of everything from gourmet cheeses to microbrew beers. Choose the items you'll know she'll love and maybe some things that will help her expand her horizons and discover something new. There’s truly something for every mom to enjoy!


Adventure Gifts

Boxed gifts are amazing, but experience-based gifts are priceless. Well, there is a price, but it's totally worth it, especially if you're paying for your mom to go rock climbing, stock car racing, whitewater rafting, or to go on a helicopter tour. Broaden her horizons and make her birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion the best one yet.


Happy Hour Soap Box (3-Pack)

Bring home all the fun and tropical aromas of cocktails on the beach with these happy hour soaps brimming with the yummy scents of coconut, pineapple, cherry, strawberries, rum, and more. If that weren't enough, Mom will love the moisturizing, skin-soothing qualities of the shea butter, olive oil, and essential oils that form the base of these high-quality soaps. This thoughtful gift for mom from son goes great with other bath and beauty products so your mom can enjoy a relaxing night in.


Personalized Wind Chimes

Wrap up a personalized soundtrack that will tinkle in the background as your mom sips lemonade on the front porch, gardens, or watchers her grandkids play on the lawn. It's a throwback to simpler times with the addition of custom engraving for that extra-special touch.


The Perfect Carafe

Your mom is the hostess with the with the mostest, so it only makes sense that she'd have the perfect carafe at her disposal. You're not just giving her a gift, you're empowering her to serve even the simplest drinks — sweet tea, orange juice, or maybe even mimosas — with elegance and grace. Plus, it has a drip-free lip, so she'll look like a pro as she doles out strawberry-infused sparkling water to guests.


PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

Who knows where our phones have been? For moms who are clean freaks or just don't like the thought of a smartphone crawling with creepy germs, there's this easy-to-use sanitizer that gives her peace of mind and an extra layer of protection against the bacteria that lurk in and on places like public bathrooms, subway seats, and park benches.


Ice Cream of the Month

You scream, mom screams, everyone screams for ice cream! If your mom is an ice cream fanatic — and really, who isn't? — she'll adore getting four gourmet varieties of this chilly dessert every month. And if you're a good son, she might even invite you over for a scoop. Every time she takes a bite she’ll be thinking about you.


Favorite Dessert Candle

Mom can enjoy all the sights and smells of delicious, bakery-fresh desserts without the guilt and calories thanks to this collection of dessert candles that look just like the real thing. Choose your toppings and scents to correspond with Mom's favorites and watch as she lights the wick and soaks in the mouth watering aroma of picture-perfect pastries.


Monogrammed 5 Piece China Set

It's time to make up for all the plates, cups, and bowls you broke as a kid. This set is a seriously elevated version of "good china" — your mom can serve royalty (or just the neighbors) on a set of dinnerware engraved with her very own initials. It doesn't get much more posh than that.


My Life Memories Journal

How well do you really know your mom? Now's the time to dig into all those stories she's never told so you can learn about where you come from and what made your mom into the incredible woman she is. This book will help thanks to sections that prompt Mom to make entries and put her life onto paper. Your mom will cherish the chance to share her memories with you and all her loved ones.


Personalized Travel Map

This personalized travel map is perfect for a recently retired mom or anyone who just loves to roam around and experience as many locations as possible. Choose the U.S. map if your mom prefers to stay closer to home or the world map version if she's got a few international trips in the works, and watch as she creates a work of art with each destination she crosses off her bucket list.


Couch Arm Knitting Caddy

Knit one, purl two. Knitting is a major skill, and your mom is a master. Or maybe she's just starting out in hopes of making tons of baby booties for you and your siblings' kids (hint hint). Either way, this convenient caddy will help her keep all her supplies close at hand so she can create her masterpiece from the comfort of her recliner.


Chocolate of the Month Club

Mmmm… chocolate. Dark, semisweet, milk, white — it's all delicious, and all available (with tons of fillings and toppings, too) as part of this Chocolate of the Month Club. Just what Mom needs to satisfy her sweet tooth courtesy of treats made by world-class chocolatiers.


Walking Food Tours

If you walk from restaurant to restaurant, the exercise totally cancels out the calories, right? At least that's what you can tell your mom when you gift her a walking food tour that fills her belly and her soul as she explores her hometown or a more exotic location. You can even join her on this excursion to make new memories together.


Personalized Beach Blanket

Help your mom get ready for a summer full of fun in the sun with a personalized beach blanket that can hold her and her sunscreen and magazines or serve as home base for all the grandkids as they run wild and dip their toes in the ocean.


Fall Leaves Glass Lamp

If you've ever wanted to get your mom a piece of home décor that's as sophisticated and beautiful as she is but don't know where to start — start here. This gorgeous Tiffany-inspired lamp is a no-brainer in terms of style, and the earthy colors will bring another layer of warmth to your childhood home or the new place Mom got just for herself.


Wine of the Month Club

Surprise your mom with monthly deliveries of wine curated by experts who know what will taste delicious, no matter how experienced your palate is. She'll get so sample new versions of old favorites and rarer picks she might never have come across otherwise.


When it comes to gifts from a son to his mother, no one knows what will work better than you. While it can be easy to reach for a gift card, these personalized gifts for mom from son are so much more meaningful and will last for years to come.

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Aug 31, 2021


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