36 Best Gifts for Adult Daughter

When your princess was little, she was happy to unwrap dolls, board games, dress-up clothes, and washable paint. Even a container of glitter resulted in gleeful giggles. Now you have a grown-up daughter on your hands and her tastes have changed. What do you get for the newest version of a child you’ve known for decades?

We’ve scoured the internet for presents your adult daughter will actually appreciate. From portable fireplaces and winemaking kits to fingerprint necklaces and zip line experiences, these gifts are just what you need to make your daughter happy and remind her that you really are one superhero of a parent.

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Favorite Daughter Luxe Robe

You're not supposed to play favorites — but you know you do. Whether she’s your one and only little princess or just the one that laughs at all your corny jokes or meets you for mani-pedis without complaint, she deserves a treat. Hence this uber-luxe robe.


My Daughter, My Other Half

You gave away a piece of yourself when your little one was born. This necklace honors that sentiment in a tasteful way. Now she'll carry a piece of you with her forever, too.


Girls Personalized Canvas

Take all the things that make your daughter so unique, put them into words, and turn those words into an actual work of art. Add color, wrap, and prepare for gasps of delight when she unwraps a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


Anywhere Tabletop Fireplace

For the outdoorsy daughter who loves a bonfire at home or the home-loving daughter who wants a bit of glamping in the safety of her own backyard, there's a tabletop fireplace that works almost anywhere.


My Daughter Necklace

This darling necklace that honors a lifetime with your kids is perfect for a daughter who's sophisticated and loves simple yet beautiful jewelry that matches her natural aesthetic.


Flower of the Month Club

You love giving your daughter flowers, but you don't love trying to remember to send them. This club does it for you, automatically delivering gorgeous blooms every month for the length of your subscription.


Personalized Wood Lap Desk

Whether she works from home, loves to Netflix and chill, or just wants to Facetime with you (awwww), this wood lap desk gives her a place to perch her goodies. Bonus: you can personalize it!


Wine Making Kit & Barrel

Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir — oh my! Your daughter's an adult now, and that means you can treat her to a winemaking kit that lets her inner oenophile come out. It's everything she needs to make grape-infused magic, plus it'll look really cool on her kitchen counter.


Vegetable Grow Kit & Cookbook

You've been telling her to eat her vegetables for years. Now she can grow produce on her patio, porch, or even her windowsill and cook them up once they're ready to harvest. It's urban farming at its finest!


Daily Notes Jar

Positivity is contagious. Get your grown-up daughter through the good times and the bad with a jar that reinforces gratitude and reminds her that there's light in the world even when it might feel a little dark.


Unisex Vinyl Record Cuff

Let's face it. Parents aren't always very cool, and neither are their gifts — until now. Prepare to impress your offspring when you wrap up a cuff bracelet made from an actual vinyl record. We're not saying you'll score an invite to Burning Man next, but you'll well on your way.


Sand Free Luxe Beach Towel

Beach blanket bingo is a lot more luxe when your daughter is packing a towel that's super-absorbent and made for pampering yet designed to keep sand where it belongs — on the ground. Now that's what we call innovation.


A Jar Full of Smiles

Some days call for a little extra pick-me-up. When you can't be on scene 100% of the time (and let's face it, that's the case for all parents of adult children), this jar steps in to be the sunshine in your kiddo's life.


Custom Fingerprint Pendant

Put any fingerprint you choose on a custom pendant, and you've got a personalized masterpiece that's made to last. This is a great gift idea for an adult daughter with children of her own (one fingerprint per child).


Personalized Jewelry Box

You've given her plenty of baubles over the years, and now as an adult she's started to buy and collect her own pieces. Now surprise her with a way to keep all her favorite jewelry safe — and a monogram on top for that perfect finishing touch.


Photo Name Collage Frame

Step one: Order this awesome collage picture frame with letter cutouts that spell your daughter's name. Step two: Fill the frame with your favorite photos from childhood, the teenage years, graduation, and beyond. Step three: put a bow on it and give it to your daughter. Step four: Bask in the glory of a job well done.


Happy Hour Soap Box (3-Pack)

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere, so why not give your grown-up daughter the gift of sudsy soaps that smell just like tropical cocktails? We love these as favors for a party or bridal shower or give them to your daughter when you're about to head out on a fun girls-only vacation to somewhere warm and sunny.


Personalized Fleece Bathrobes

Arguably the best part of staying in a 5-star hotel is wrapping up in one of the resort-style bathrobes. Before your daughter steals one (who could blame her?), deliver her very own personalized fleece bathrobe that she can cuddle up in whenever the mood strikes.


Zip Lining Experiences

She feels the need — the need to speed through the treetops with only a harness holding her in place. Satisfy your not-so-little adrenaline junkie with a zipline or bungee experience that'll get her pulse racing (and probably yours too).


Personalized Wind Chimes

Ideal as a housewarming gift or for anyone who loves spending time sitting on their porch or sipping coffee or lemonade in the backyard, these tinkly wind chimes are as charming as they are lovely to look at.


Personalized Water Bottle

Yoga aficionados, gym rats, runners, moms who run carpool, anyone who commutes, hikers, students — there's no limit to the type of woman who'd love her own high-quality stainless-steel sports bottle. Oh, and then there's the personalization — no one at book club is going to accidentally take off with this gem.


Favorite Dessert Candle

There's more than one way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Give you dessert lover a calorie-free version of their go-to treats with these candles that look like they just jumped out of the confectionary case at your local bakery. Maybe your daughter can't bake, but these candles will make her home smell like she's a whiz with a whisk.


Mouth Blown Pineapple Glass Art

It's fine art. It's incredibly crafted. It's an ode to warmer climates. It's a great gift for everyone from avid surfers to the woman who orders a pina colada every chance she gets. It's a mouthblown glass pineapple, but when you wrap it up as a heartfelt gift, it's really so much more.


Perfect Ice Cream Scoop

She loves ice cream so much it's a family joke, but this genius scoop is good for more than a laugh. Finally, your daughter can put together a bowl of rocky road, butter pecan, or mint chocolate chip without waiting for the pint to thaw. Patience? Who needs it?!


The Smart Garden

Black thumb? No problem. No space for a garden outside her tiny city apartment? No problem. Schedule so packed there's not a chance she'll remember to water her basil and tomato plants? Still not a problem. This Smart Garden is a stress-free indoor garden that uses automation to help make modern gardening fun again.


Personalized Silver Heart Necklace

Simple and chic, this personalized silver heart necklace is a signature piece in the making. Perfect for a grown-up daughter who still loves a little sweetness with her sophistication.


Personalized Flip Flops

Get her feet ready for dorm showers, beach trips, or poolside lounging. These flip-flips already look good but add in personalization and they're a stocking stuffer with real sole (get it??).


Daddy's Girl Personalized Sweatshirt

She's always been daddy's favorite, and now there's a sweatshirt that makes it clear to the world just how tight you two are.


City Skyline Bookends

When your daughter grows up and gets her first apartment, she deserves a gift that's a bit more creative than a few rolls of toilet paper and a welcome mat. Salute your kiddo's uptown sense of style with bookends that'll keep her collection of novels or old school text in perfect order.


Taste of France Pantry Box

Attention, gourmands! Your daughter might not have the time or money to go to Paris — or maybe she just got back from a semester abroad or her honeymoon in the City of Lights and would love a reminder of the sights and sounds. Either way, this pantry box delivers thanks to a bundle of France's finest goodies. Bon appetit!


Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit

Gift outside the box with this self-watering sunflower kit that will thrill anyone who loves unique gifts or plants.


Nature Letter Necklace

Give your nature lover an initial necklace that takes inspiration from the world around us — trees specifically — transforming twigs and leaves into letters. It's a quirky gift that's bound to earn you plenty of oohs and aahs.


Zodiac Necklace

Your grown-up daughter needs grown-up jewelry, and this Zodiac Necklace is just the ticket. You could say this gift is written in the stars — or you could just say that's a good fit for anyone who loves fine jewelry, astrology, or astronomy.


Wine Saver Carafe

Whether she loves to entertain or lives alone and doesn't always finish her Pinot Grigio in one go, your daughter can use a carafe that keeps oxygen at bay, so wine stays tastier longer — maybe even long enough for you to drop by and get a glass of your own!


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Aug 31, 2021


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