The Biggest List of the Best Gift Ideas for Dad for 2017

This is Dad's big year. It's the year you'll really put thought into that gift. Because he’s putting in so much time and work to do things right, without complaints, and you want to show him he’s appreciated. Because he’s always doing it for his family (and fixing all of the things wrong with the house.) Because he’s getting older. Or simply because this is the year to make him feel like first priority. Here are gifts to rock Dad’s year.

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What He Loves To Do
Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Dad doesn't need tools for his grill — he needs more inspiration for cooking up ridiculously good barbecue.


Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

This gift is so much more than a bottle opener — it's giving him a piece of a sport he loves.


Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

He's always loved to go fast (while mom grabs the safety handle and clenches her teeth) and this gift lets him safely live out his teenage race car dreams.


My Life Story Journal

Because you know Dad likes to talk about himself, and this journal ensures everyone knows his best stories.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Hot sauce is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of condiment. If your dad is in the love camp then set his soul on fire every month!


Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Give Dad some fancy-pancy custom golf ball markers, because his favorite way to spend a Saturday is teeing up on the fairway.


The Ultimate Bar Book

He loves to make complicated and showy cocktails, and he has the man cave space to play mixologist. Here's a book for the home bar.


Personalized BBQ Grill Utensils

Barbecue is not just a summertime tradition for Dad — he loves grilling all year long. So give him personalized grill utensils to annoint him as the grillmaster rain, snow or shine.


Oven Mitts

Because Dad, or papa bear, cooks up a mean lasagna, and this gift is sure to make him laugh.


Personalized Cooler Chair

You know he needs a comfy spot to relax and stash his stuff while he's fishing, hunting, or hanging out by the lake.


The Bob's Burgers Burger Book

There's a reason this book hit the New York Times bestseller list — 75 original burger recipes. Dad will eat this up.


For Being On The Move
Travel Necktie Holder & Collar Stays

Have tie, will travel. Give him a practical gift for looking good (no wrinkly ties!) on all those business trips.


Tablet Stand

Sometimes he just wants to browse online, from the comfort of bed.


Portable Bleacher Seat

Because Dad makes it to every game — and needs a comfortable spot on the bleachers to be your cheering section.


Travel Shoe Shine Kit

Dad always taught you that first impressions are everything. With this travel shoe shine kit, he'll be looking polished for any meetings out of town or on a moment's notice.


Bluetooth Headphones

This is the year you set up Dad with a quality set of headphones — so he can listen to his music while he's doing his thing.


1 Acre of Land on the Moon

Mom may have threatened to send Dad to the moon (after seeing his black socks left everywhere.) This is the perfect gift that's just for fun.


Collapsible Water Bottle

Dad's all for choosing the earth-friendly pick — if it solves something for him, too. And this silicone water bottle can be scrunched, frozen (for hot summer days), and rolled up when he's done with it for the day.


BBQ Grill Set

He's the man, the grillmaster, the legend — and he's your dad. He also deserves a sweet grill set.


Leather Key Holder

Dad has a lot of things to keep track of — a bunch of loose rattling keys is not one. This key holder holds his keys so they're nice, neat, and compact.


To Look and Feel Awesome
Safety Razor Kit

It's time to set Dad up with the ultimate in shaving technology. Because you know he loves a close shave and could use an upgrade.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Wood accents the square-shaped frame of these classic shades. And we all know Ray-Bans are a longstanding beacon of cool (just like Dad).


Facial Moisturizer

He'll read that it's age-defying, rugged, and dapper — and he'll suddenly be excited about moisturizer.


Stainless Steel Watch

Because Dad needs an updated watch that's as tough and durable as him.


iPhone Leather Wallet

No joke, this leather wallet actually can store (up to 3) credit cards, license, business cards, and folded cash right on the back of his iPhone. You'll be helping Dad travel lighter.


Lacoste Jacket

What he needs most is a casual jacket that works for the office and for reading the paper with his favorite cup of 'joe.


Billfold Wallet

Your dad likes the outdoors well enough — just minus the bug repellant and pitching tents. This woodsy wallet gets it just right.


Vans Sneakers

It's the authentic style of sneakers that still works for generations of dads.


Slim Fit Dress Shirt

He's slim, trim, and will look oh-so-dapper in this prep-style dress shirt.


Wallet With Money Clip

Because Dad doesn't need much, he's a simple kind of guy. And this wallet with money clip is simply cool.


Desk Organizer

Dad loves things that are built to last, so this desktop organizer will be right up his alley.


Coat Rack

Because Dad needs a stylish hook to hang his hat on after a long day of work.


Outdoor Vest

Here's one thing he doesn't already have in his wardrobe: a vest for those transitional days when that one layer is really all you need.


Pencil Sketch Portrait

Because some moments captured need to be sketched into a keepsake to hang on the wall.


Personalized Canvas Art

How will you fill up this canvas for Dad? Be sure to powwow with the siblings first and come up with something good.


For Simply Relaxing
Stainless Steel Bar Set

The packaging is retro cool and the contents speak to Dad's desire to play the swank mixologist at home — this gift will be a sure win.


Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

His favorite way to relax is out on the green. Give him a lesson in perfecting his swing.


Beer Glasses

Do these beer glasses remind you of anything? Give him a glassware set designed after a beer can — it'll be a conversation starter for game day gatherings.


Dad Mug

Here's the perfect little gift for any new dads you know. It's an important year to remember.


Waterproof Backpack

If he's into biking, camping, hiking, walking to work, or just getting out no matter the weather — this waterproof backpack is the perfect pack for him.


Scotch Rocks Gift Set

Because he likes his Scotch chilled — not watered down.


Rocking Chair

For retired dads (and grandpas), here's the rocking chair he wants for quiet mornings on the porch.


Whiskey Wedge

He'll appreciate the whiskey wedge for the problem it solves — but he'll also love that it makes his drink look so cool.


Wine Rack

Your dad loves finds for the home that feel like art. This eye-catching wine rack is perfect for putting his prized vino on display.


World's Greatest Dad Wine Box

Enlist one sibling to get the wine, and you get the box to package it up — and toast to the world's greatest dad.


Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

This is not your average gift basket. This bucket of goodies pairs together microbrews with something else he loves — tasty snacks.


Beer of the Month Club

The best way to cheers to the best dad is to make it a monthly ritual, with cold brews.


Decanter Gift Set

Dad's been adulting for long enough and needs a classy decanter set for his home bar.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Your dad's a whiskey kind of guy, and he'll appreciate how you scouted this gift out just for him.


Whiskey Glasses

He's an old-fashioned guy who will love an old-fashioned set of (non-leaded) crystal whiskey glasses.


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By: Jen L'Italien  |  Mar 30, 2017


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