The Secret Guide to Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

You name it, Dad has it. The tricked-out grill. The garage full of toys (ahem, tools). The closet full of things just fitting for work — or an evening on the town. So what in the world do you give a Dad who has everything? First, keep it simple and think about what he loves. Then click through this complete gift list of ideas — you won’t be stuck on ideas for long!

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Think Outside the Box
Speedometer and Fuel Gauge Cufflinks

If Dad feels the need for speed, hook him up with a rad set of speedometer cufflinks.


Race Car Driving Experience

For the dad who has everything, sometimes the best gift is one that doesn't fit inside a box.


Body Wash

Bottled like a fine whiskey, this shampoo and body wash will keep him smelling fine.


Jigsaw Puzzle

Here's a puzzle you can all work on together — and remind Dad of the good ole' days of breakfast cereal.


IQ Toys

He loves a good mindbender, and these old school Magic cubes will keep him sharp.


Name A Star

Name a star after him, since he's a true light in your family.


Beef Jerky Sampler

You know he loves jerky, so give him the best of the best — jerky made from grassfed cows and quality spices.


Pocket Square

Because he's always been a proper gentleman  — and this plaid pocket square is the perfect update for his suit.


Timex Watch

He'll appreciate a watch that works with outfits everyday — from Saturday at the golf course to Monday at the office.


Sports Metaphors Book

Go with a sports-themed gift that's not so obvious — and a perfect addition to the coffeetable.


Smart Jump Rope

Give Dad a fun way to stay in shape. It's not about working out harder, it's about jumping smarter.


Unique Adventure

Give something what he really wants — time with you and a little adventure.


Coffee Body Scrub

Dad may be a little rough around the edges, so this body scrub will leave him feeling clean and soft.


Arcade Machine

Here's the group gift for Dad you've all been looking for — and everyone can share in the fun.


Moon Meteorite

He helped put you on this earth, so give him a piece of the moon to say thanks.


Helicopter Tour

Give Dad a gift that lets him view the world from a whole new perspective.


DIY Cheese Kit

Because he loves cheese more than cake, and he'll love this kit as a weekend project.


Wall Art

Every family has that one place that's filled with memories —  give him wall art that reminds him of that special spot.


Show Some Love
Engraved Hammer

Useful, unexpected, and better than a card. This gift hammers home that you love Dad.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Your Dad will nerd out on this gift — and feel the birthday love.


iPhone Instant Photo Prints

Here's the perfect gift for the guy who loves his smartphone — but longs for the days where you had pictures you can hold.



Three cheers for a book that celebrates how Dad could eat tacos every day of the week.


Custom Stuffed Animal

You love him so much, you created a stuffed miniature version of Dad.


Personalized Pub Glass

Toast to the dates that made him a Dad one, two, three or more times over.


Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame

Take a favorite family snap and frame it in reclaimed wood as a gift that speaks to his rustic style.


Trader Joe's Chocolate Gift Set

Here's a passport to his heart that makes the sweetest rainbow.


Salted Virginia Peanuts

When in doubt, think of something simply mouthwatering to show him some love. These gourmet peanuts are world famous.


Wine Bottle Holder

Dad loves his wine and he truly is a papa bear — which makes this the perfect gift to pull out.


Pencil Sketch

He's not one to cry, but Dad might get a little emotional when he sees a sweet pencil sketch based on a photo of you two.


Bourbon Candies

The only thing finer than bourbon is a creamy set of chocolate confections made with the best bourbon around.


Personalized Art from your Voice

Surprise him with a piece of art based on his very own voice.


Upgrade the Ordinary
Mustard Gift Set

Dad loves a good condiment, and this set of artisanal mustards is perfect for the guy who digs in to sample new flavors.


Hockey Stick BBQ Set

It's high time for your family's grillmaster to cook out with a quality BBQ set.


Socks Box Set

It's not enough to have socks without holes — he deserves socks on his feet that feel happy.


Beach Cufflinks

He may not be able to live by the sea all year. But when he's back at work, he can have a cool reminder of the beach with these cufflinks.


Leather Padfolio

A stylish leather portfolio for notebooks, notepads, and business cards is the one thing Dad's missing for his sales calls.


BBQ Book

Dad knows all about how to cook the meat. Now here's his guide to making rubs, glazes, and marinades to flavor it to perfection.


Chip-Zel-Pop Snack Mix

Give Dad a gourmet snack that's as out-of-box as he is — a little bit salty and sweet, and just plain awesome.


Multi-Functional Pocket Tool

He's a practical kind of guy, and you can be sure he'll play around with the many ways you can use this design-forward pocket tool.


Ballpark Seat Pen

Since he was a boy, your Dad has been the biggest baseball fan. So give him an everyday reminder of his favorite ballpark.


Copper Ice Bucket

If he loves setting up the home bar for parties, then here's the top-of-the-line ice bucket he needs for mixing up fancy drinks.


Personalized Branding Iron

Dad's actually a humble person, but you know he deserves to stamp his name on those cooked-to-perfection burgers he makes on the grill.


Stumptown Whole Bean Coffee

Dad may never go back to the cheap stuff once he experiences Hair Bender brewed coffee.


Electronic Device Stand

His smartphone will be way easier to use (and less likely to get scratched) if it's perched up on the kitchen counter.


Personalized Chopsticks

Give him a way to eat his favorite Pad Thai takeout with something more quality than disposable chopsticks.


Bicycle Jersey

For the dad who loves to bike, this performance jersey is a big upgrade from cycling in a college T-shirt.


Whiskey Decanter

If Dad did have a gift wishlist, you know there'd be something on it related to his love of whiskey.


Heated Seat Cover

Dad loves being a specatator, but it sure gets cold out there, sometimes. Set him up for watching the game in comfort.



Dad calls it like he sees it, and this gift is right on target with his humor.


BBQ Multi Tool

Here's a little secret you may not know about dads: they love multi-tools. And this one's perfect for the dad who loves to go camping.


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Mar 30, 2017


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