Your Go-Go Gadget Gift Guide of Tech Gifts for Dad

Technology is ever-changing, but his love of gadgets never sways. So whether you're shopping for Dad (or your husband/amazing father of your kids) you'll want to power up the search for tech gifts that will be a sure win. Stay away from serious purchases that he no-doubt has been scuoting for months, instead opt for gifts that enhance his tech-savvy lifestyle. Confusing, we know. So, consider this gift list your personal IT cheatsheet to shopping the best-in-tech for Dad.

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Gadgets That Make Life Easier
Phone, Wallet, and Item Finder

He's often searching around for his wallet in the morning. This simple gadget will make his mornings easier.


Meat Thermometer

He's always on the quest to get the meat done just right. This thermometer ensures success everytime.



This is no ordinary pen. It's an amazing techie gadget that records meetings or lectures — so Dad doesn't miss a word.


Folio Smartpad

Folios have come a long way since Dad's first job.


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because the best gift you can give dad is a set of noise-cancelling headphones for the train commute home.


iPhone Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Give him is an easy way to find that ever-disappearing phone of his.


Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Dad will never need to suffer with cold coffee again.


Iris Smart Button

For an older dad, this is a smart idea. This smart button actually triggers an alarm for assistance with the push of a button.


3D Scanner

Because now he can get a high-resolution, fully-assembled, 3D scanner in a portable device.


Multi Tool Case for iPhone

This TSA-compliant case of mini tools fits over his phone and helps with any imaginable everyday task.


Alarm Clock On Wheels

This alarm clock on wheels is quite possibly the only way to quickly get him up in the morning.


32GB USB 3.0 Key

It's a USB. It's a roly-poly toy. It's a fun addition for his desk.


Digital Tape Measure

Dad has many tools in his kit, but this one's new. It's a revolutionary digital tape measure that makes for easy reading.


PowerCube Extension Cord

Here's the perfect extra cube of power to stick underneath his desk.


Cuisinart Griddler

Dad thinks a sandwich is not really a hearty sandwich, if it's not warmed with the cheese all gooey.


ROBOCOPP Personal Alarm

This personal alarm is basically a sound grenade — so he can go out and explore, and you can have confidence he's safe.


Personal Water Filter

Your dad could survive anywhere out in the wildnerness, especially now with this personal water filter.


Gadgets For Being On the Go
Fitbit Wristband

He's heard about this wristband, and now he can walk around with one of his own.


Garage Door Monitor

Besides added security, this garage door monitor makes it a cinch to go in and out of the garage from his phone.


32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This flash drive is almost as tough as your dad. You could literally drop this gadget from 100m and your data would be safe.


Pocket Tool

This wonder gadget feels light, lights up, and fits many tools into something that's the size of a credit card.


Portable Jump Starter

You want to be sure Dad's set up in case of emergency with that old clunker of a car — so go with a practical gadget this year.


Lightning Cable

This is no ordinary cable. It's an award-winning design that solves the problem of cables getting tangled about.


Bluetooth Operated Bike Lock

Give him a gadget that uses bluetooth technology to protect one of his most prized possessions – that bike for riding around town.


Luggage Tracker

Because the best travel days are one where you don't lose your luggage.


Waterproof Emergency Cash Key Ring

 He seems to always be short on cash at the worst moments, so give him a cash key ring for a secret stash.


Portable Speaker with Amazon Alexa

This Wifi bluetooth speaker delivers quality sound — and with an app you can send Dad messages, too.


Hand Crank Charger

He'll be set up for any storm with this light that turns on with the crank of a hand.


Smartphone Carabiner Clip

Here's a smart, fast clip to charge and sync his phone.


Magnetic Bike Lights

He loves to go for long bike rides, and these magnets will light the way.


Power and Solar-Powered Flashlight and Charger

This solar-powered flashlight and charger fits the Boy Scout motto, be prepared.


Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

You know Dad likes to drink his coffee by the keyboard, so make his habit a little less risky.


Gadgets That Are Just Plain Fun
360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera

Dad's always taught you to take a look around in all directions before you take a leap. Here's a camera that will open him up to taking in the world in a whole new way.


Quadcopter Drone

Give Dad a super fun gadget to master — it's a gift that will fly high.


Perfect Drink Scale & Phone App

He's precise about everything, and this drink scale lets him shake up the best cocktails.


Electronic Fish Attractor

Give Dad a gadget that helps with his fishing game.



Give him the ultimate way to capture your family's little moments.


Beer Aroma Booster

Combine two things he loves: beer and playing with gadgets.


Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker

This speaker is water-resistant, tough as a turtle shell, and will keep Dad happy with good tunes.


Film to Digital Converter

For dads who have slides, negatives, and Super 8 movies tucked away in the closet, here's a solution for getting those precious memories backed up and into the digital realm.


Waterproof Digital Camera

Think about how fun it will be to get snaps under water on the next family trip.


Men's Digital Pedometer Watch

It's a watch. It's a pedometer. It's an awesome, sporty gift for Dad.


360° High Resolution VR Camera

Give him a fun toy to play around with new angles of capturing your everyday life as a family.


Amazon Echo

Here's a gadget that's a no-brainer gift — you know he loves music.



Let Dad master the minidrone before going big.


Dog Camera with Treat Toss

Because he's Dad's best friend, and now he can stay connected with his furry companion.


Bluetooth Bike Speaker

He'll be more motivated to bike if he can listen to his tunes.


The Thinking Music Player

He can tap into a library of millions of songs with this rocking Cone.


Pancake Bot

Dad loves being in charge of Saturday morning breakfast. And this Pancake Bot helps him make pancake art.


Premium Drone with Camera

When you're looking for a group gift for Dad, this premium drone with camera is the ultimate choice.


Here's how to charge up your gift search with even more gift ideas. Find ideas for his tech side, funny side, and gifts that are just plain awesome

By: Jen L'Italien  |  Mar 30, 2017


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