All the Right Girly Gifts To Give Your Sister-in-Law

If you're searching for a gift that's just for your sister-in-law, you two probably are pretty close. Meaning you know she's got a girly sense of style, you know her drink of choice, and you feel drawn to her fun-loving spirit. But nailing a gift for your sister-in-law that feels just right? It’s easy to feel stumped. And that’s why we cast a wide net to find the best gift ideas to make her happy.

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Appropriately Girly

Copper Jewelry Stand

Sophisticated cool is how you'd described her and this jewelry stand made of copper and concrete.

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Kate Spade Melamine Coaster Set

Here's a trick to choosing gifts for a sister-in-law: Think on a great gift you'd give to a hostess, like these pretty, preppy coasters. 

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Entry Way Door Mat

Always lead with a pretty hello when looking for gifts for your sister-in-law (who just got a new house.)   

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Orla Kiely Pink Yoga Mat

She's a yoga lover and her style is whimsical-meets-modern. Meaning you just scored the perfect gift for her. 

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Thomas Paul Metamorphosis Dinner Plates

You've noticed your sister-in-law loves to decorate with touches of nature. So these dinner plates make a superfly gift. 

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Leonard Matte Mirrored Sunglasses

Because you can never have too many pairs of sunnies, especially for someone who lives for the beach. 

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La Chatelaine Shea Butter Hand Creams

If your sister-in-law is also a mama, she's probably constantly washing her hands after cleaning up messes — and could use an indulgent set of handcreams.

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Blood Orange + White Pepper Sugar Scrub

Because girls just want bliss in a jar, otherwise known as luxe sugar scrub.

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Personalized Silver Bangle Bracelet

It's the thought that counts, and you'll get points for giving her a classic bangle engraved with her name. 


Crimson Heart Umbrella

She's someone who likes to make a statement, so give her a practical gift that will also spark attention. 


Wine Glass Writer

She's the constant entertainer who loves hosting people at her place, so here's a simple solution for keeping tabs on whose wine is whose. 


Gold Pebble Heart Necklace

When a sister-in-law is as sweet as she is — and you two are close friends — a heart necklace makes sense to give her. 


Balloons with Agate Striped Stone Design

Surprise her with a bunch of balloons like she's never seen before — their wavy stripes of colors even reflect light. So pretty!

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Birth Month Flower Necklace

She's not so much a sparkle and glitter kind of girl. But this birth month flower necklace jives with her earthy style. 


Brass Jewelry Tree

If she's a jewelry girl, she'll appreciate an extra pretty spot to hang her everyday favorites. 


Give Her a Giggle

Kate Spade I Need A Vacation Tote Bag

She's the kind of girl who does a calendar countdown to vacation. This bag is the perfect gift. 

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I Could Give Up Shopping but I'm Not a Quitter Travel Bag

Everyone in the family knows this truth — she shops like no one else. Give her a sassy gift that celebrates something she's so good at doing. (And slip a gift card inside so she can do some shopping on her own!)


Better Stuff Doormat

This doormat is the dry witty humor that captures why you love her. 


Kate Spade Beware of Sharks Clutch

It's okay to be a little cheeky with a sister-in-law who loves a good laugh. 

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Wild & Crazy Socks Subscription for Her

Wild, crazy, cheerful — and walks to the beat of her own drum. Sounds like someone you know? Here's a fun subscription for that zany sister-in-law of yours.  


DJ Cat Scratching Pad

She'll appreciate you scoped out a gift that looks cool in her home — and keeps her kitties happy. 


Super Nurse Superhero Mug

If your sister-in-law is a nurse, then you've just scored the super best gift around.


Help On-the-Go

Bon Voyage Passport Holder

With all the trips your sister-in-law takes, a passport holder will come in handy. And this ever-so-stylish case feels just like her. 

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Spacepak for Undergarments

Because being organized is her jam, and this cool organizer is super cute, too. 

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Orla Kiely Leather Card Holder

She may be all set on the wallet front, but everyone could use a special card holder for all those extra cards to carry around (like her often-used rewards card at the coffeeshop.) 

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The difference between you and your sister-in-law is you're always first to jump for the new gadget, and she's always last. Help her catch up with a FitBit you know she'll love. 


Hot Cup Warmer

She's survives on coffee, but she's always running around. So here's a simple, smart solution. 


Beach Cart

Your sister-in-law likes to make it a day at the beach. So here's a cart to fill with the essentials for long days of summer fun. 


Scratch Map

For the constant traveler, give her a fun way to scratch off where she's been (and think on where to go to next). 


Lalabu Soothe Shirt

For your sister-in-law who's a new mom, here's the ultimate way to get laundry done (while soothing her new babe). 


Waterproof Folding Keyboard

If she works on the go (sometimes at the coffeeshop), then here's a helpful accessory to move through emails fast. 


Simple Indulgences

Blackberry Soy Candle

She may not be able to pick blackberries in the woods of Maine, but her home can smell like she's on a morning hike through the forest. 

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Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

She loves anything related to mason jars, and she'll surely love brainstorming ideas for this cool drink dispenser — homemade strawberry lemonade, sangria, you name it!

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Succulent Plant Terrarium Pyramid

She could fill this terrarium with plants or objects. Either way, this pyramid points to the perfect gift for her table or desk. 

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Slider Picture Frame Box

Because she takes great pictures — and could surely use a modern way to display photos (besides Facebook.)

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A Journal for Self-Exploration

This mindful journal will ignite her soulful, creative spirit. If your sister-in-law has been in a rut, here's a gift to spark some lightness. 

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Glass Coffeemaker

Once you do handpour coffee, they say you never go back. Here's the pristine coffeemaker for the most amazing brewed coffee. 

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Marble Cake Stand

For the sister-in-law who bakes, give her a rightful pedestal for her sweet confections.

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Nesting Mixing Bowls

She already loves cooking, and this set of mixing bowls will add a rainbow to her kitchen. 

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Secrets to Building a Creative Business Guide

For any sister-in-law who's also a maker, here's a handy guide to turning her talents into a creative business. 

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Acacia Large Wavy Bowl

She appreciates quality craftmanship, so go for a serving bowl made of wood (over plastic). 

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Felted Soap

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. She'll like these felted soaps so much, she's likely to buy a set to give next time she needs a gift. 


Organic Handmade Soap Gift Set

Give her organic scented soaps as an indulgence that reinvigorates the morning shower. 

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6 in 1 Beverage Bottle

Your sister-in-law has an amazing attention to detail. She'll take the time to infuse her water with lemons and cucumber — so give her a solution that makes it easy. 


Mason Jar Coffee Grinder

For the sustainably-minded sister-in-law, she'll love a coffee grinder with a design that's grounded in reusing mason jars. 


Green Herbal Tea Kit

For the tea-drinking sister-in-law, this tea kit goes big on presentation points. 


Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

She's always conscious about recycling, so this reusable coffee cup will help her cut down her waste, even more. 


Pie of the Month Club

She has a sweet tooth, and she'll love receiving a surprise pie delivered to her door. 


Amazon Echo

Because she's a music lover, and this Echo gives her a great system for listening to good tunes.


Hot and Cold Soapstone Serving Platter

For someone who entertains as often as your sister-in-law, you can never have too many serving platters. 


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May 25, 2017


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