Awesome Ideas to Nail Your Brother-In-Law's Birthday Gift

For your brother-in-law's birthday, you want to dig deep to find something to impress the guy. But it seems oh too easy to get stuck on what to give a brother-in-law. He’s the dude who's now a big part of your life, and you want to find a gift that shows you care. Here’s a plan: Focus on one side of him that you know, and then zoom in on the perfect gift. Here's your ultimate gift list for a brother-in-law.

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For the Weekend

Bloody Mary Hot Sauce Gift Set

The heat is on with this Bloody Mary hot sauce kit that lets him mix up a spicy grownup beverage to kick off the weekend. We love the included high ball glasses that are oh-so-witty with sayings like, "You Say Tomato, I Say Bloody Mary."

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Ridley's Circus Juggling Clubs

All brothers are put on this earth to show off their most nonsensical skills. This gift will also save your oranges from an untimely bruising on the floor. 

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Beer Opening Glass

Because he enjoys the simple pleasures in life — a cold beer and a gadgety glass that can pop open his brew. 


Tripod for Smartphones

You know he loves to snap photos with that smartphone — so give him a new toy that will deliver wobble-free videos and photos. 

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Rockstar Special Wine Mixed Pack

For the guy who loves classic rock, here's an unexpectedly cool way to rock his birthday. 

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Christopher Wood Backgammon Set - 18 Inch Suitcase Board Game with Wooden Pieces - Extra Large

Because party games with family do not usually involve a pack of probing questions (you don't want to know that about your brother-in-law!). But a quality wood backgammon game is fun (without the awkwardness.) 

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Golf Rangefinder

You're definitely in the range of wowing your brother-in-law with a gadget gift he can use out on the course. 


One Gallon Microbrewing Kit

This microbrewing kit funnels his love of craft beers into one handsome gift. 


ShotTracker for Basketball

You know you've scored a solid gift when it pairs the sport he loves (basketball) with cool technology. 


Ice Cold Beer Sign for Igloo

If your brother-in-law likes to come prepared to family functions, this beer sign is the ulimate upgrade for his BYOB cooler. 


Personalized Beer Growler

Here's an easy way to make a useful gift feel special for your beer-loving brother-in-law: Personalize the growler with his name. 


Baseball Game

Here's a board game that hits it out of the park on what your brother-in-law loves — and that's anything related to baseball. 


HTML Beer Glasses

Does your geeky brother-in-law know a thing or two about coding? Cheers to the perfect glassware for his brews. 


For His Foodie Side

Manly Jerky Gift Box

You may not know how your brother-in-law takes his coffee, but you do know he's most definitely not vegetarian. Go for a manly box of quality jerky.

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All Natural Peanut Butter Variety Pack

He'll be able to step up his breakfast game with these flavorful twists on all-natural nut butters.

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Bear Shaped Cutting & Serving Board

For the brother-in-law who loves the campy side of style, this bear cutting-and-serving board will fit right in. 

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Farmshop Cookie Collection

There's never a bad time to give cookies. Especially homemade cookies in adorable tins with flavors like Triple Chocolate Chunk. 

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Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt

Small gifts that zero on his love of fine food hit the spot. Because your brother-in-law believes eating well is the spice of life.

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Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit

He's the ultimate grillmaster, and this BBQ sauce kit lets him tinker with making his favorite condiment. 


Barbeque Branch Skewers

These barbecue skewers are so unusual (and cool-looking). Unlike traditional BBQ tools, this will be a newbie for his set by the grill. 


Highest Rated Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Because you trust your brother-in-law by a fire, but you'd feel better if he had some quality BBQ gloves to protect him. 


Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray

For the brother-in-law who likes his drinks on ice, this special stainless steel tray keeps his ice cubes from tasting like the freezer. 

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Bacon of the Month Club

He's the kind of guy who thinks bacon makes everything better. So give him a monthly stock of his favorite indulgence. 


Steampunk Coffee Grinder

Because you've heard an earful from him about instant coffee. This gift lets him grind his own coffee so it'll meet his high standards. 


For His Rugged Side

Alessi Men's Stainless Steel Watch

This modern, rugged watch is not so much about telling time as it is about looking cool. Sounds just like your brother-in-law. 

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Pendleton Great Smoky Mountain National Park Blanket

From cool nights on camping trips to summer days by the lake, he'll find countless ways to use this special wool Pendleton blanket.

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Working Man's Hygiene Kit

He'll be happy to receive a skincare kit that feels like a real indulgence. 


Gentlemen's Hardware Fishing Multi-Tool

This smartly packaged multi-tool will be the gift that hooks him into his love of fishing.

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Ted Baker Travel Wallet and Pen

What makes a wallet and pen feel like a gift is all in the way they're packaged. This well-thought-out gift set is perfect for the well-travelled brother-in-law.

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Camping Stainless Steel Cooking Set

You've heard him talking about future camping trips, so set him up with a cooking set that will come in handy. 


Adventure Patches

In case you haven't spotted the trend, you don't have to be a Boy Scout to accessorize with patches. These patches capture his fun-loving rugged style.

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Hungry Campers Cookbook

Because the family who camps together, stays together, and he'll love upping his campfire cooking.

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Garmin Forerunner

For the brother-in-law who likes to go running as exercise, this watch goes the extra mile as a cool gift. 

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Mini Cologne Boxed Set

Because these colognes are easy to travel with. And he'll appreciate a gift with a little sense of humor. 


Gentleman's Toiletries Bag

Because gentlemen need a proper toiletry bag, too — and this one feels just like your brother-in-law in style. 

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For His Home

Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

Maybe he's an actual surfer, or he's just a fan of the sport. But really, most every guy appreciates watching a surfer catch a big wave — so here's the perfect coffeetable book.  

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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs with Jigger

Copper mugs and a copper jigger are the perfect shiny addition to his home bar.   

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Stoneware TV Dinner Trays

Your single brother-in-law may not be the most skilled home cook. Here's a way to upgrade the humble TV dinner. 


Better Stuff Doormat

Because your brother-in-law is a little on the loud side, and speaks his mind. 


Mr Strong Mug

For the brother-in-law who likes his coffee black, here's a classic (nostalgic) mug that will get strong points for originality. 

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Professional Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet

Your brother-in-law takes party drinks seriously. Consider this attractive ice bag and mallet as a way to crush it with his birthday gift.

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Compact Case for iPad and Accessories

Here's an incognito way for your brother-in-law to travel around with his iPad. 


Rechargeable Portable Multimedia Speaker

Your brother-in-law wouldn't dream of missing the World Cup (huge soccer fan), so consider this portable speaker a real score.

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Ultra Thin Wireless iPad Keyboard

For the brother-in-law who's addicted to his iPad, here's a way of keeping away the techie wrist strain. 


Pack of 3 Field Notes

He's always coming up with bright ideas, and this set of notebooks will be sure they don't get forgotten. 

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Neighborwoods Map Coasters

For the city-dwelling brother-in-law, give him a set of coasters that celebrates the neighborhood that feels like home.  


Golf Club Bottle Opener

And here you have it — swinging in for best gift for the beer-loving, golf-playing brother-in-law. 


Bicycle Pizza Cutter

For the active brother-in-law who bikes, here's a way to make Friday night pizza (post ride) feel even more fun. 


Pencil Digital Stylus for iPad

He probably wouldn't buy this accessory for himself, but he'll be glad you thought of it. 


Coin Bank With Working Gauge

Here's a fun gift to pay homage to the big goal he's saving for. Start the coin bank with your own contribution. 


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May 10, 2017


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