Birthday Gifts For An Old Man

The older a guy gets, the harder it is to surprise him something he doesn’t already have. As if gift-giving wasn’t tricky enough, now you need to find a present that will thrill a dude who is totally satisfied by a piece of hard candy and some M.A.S.H. reruns. Luckily, this list of birthday gifts of an old man are perfect for celebrating a milestone birthday — and they’ll work pretty well of other special occasions centered around your favorite old dude, too.

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Beatles Newspaper History Book

From "Here Comes The Sun" and "Across the Universe" to "All My Loving" and "Hey Jude", the Beatles produced some of the most iconic hits of the last century, so it’s no surprised that all the old dudes in your life have fond memories of the Fab Four. This book brings together a bunch of historic documents regarding one of the world’s greatest bands so you can help a Beatles fan reminisce.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Toast all the wisdom that comes with advanced age with whiskey — and not just any whiskey, but booze your elderly bud aged themselves in their personalized whiskey barrel. This beauty is great for display, perfect for keeping booze safe and secure between at-home happy hours, and the customized elements make the recipient feel like they have their own mini distillery in their very own man cave.


Memory Lane Personalized Canvas

The further you get in life, the more you realize how many amazing things you’ve experience. This personalized canvas is an ode to major life events so you can help the old man you love most remember college graduation, his wedding day, the birth of his kids (maybe that’s you!), grandkids, big vacations, starting up his own company, retirement, and whatever else is worth commemorating in a super visual, super artistic way.


Personalized Golf History Book

Even if his own golf swing is exactly good enough to go down in history, there are other legends of the game whose wins have been so important they nabbed space on the front of newspapers worldwide. Those are the moments captured in this golf history book, so anyone reading can talk a look back at the greatest moments on the green — plus there’s a personalized cover for bonus gift-giving points.


Personalized Vintage Hoodie

For the guy who loves class rings and college pennants, there’s this customizable sweatshirt that has the look and feel of real commemorative gear but that can be made to represent almost anything you want. Just add up to two lines of text to the vintage garment and you can celebrate a 75th birthday, retirement, first great-grandkid, or the 20th time your pops has hosted the family reunion. Let laughter be your inspiration!


Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

He’s been practicing his golf swing for decades, and he still can’t quite eliminate that nasty slice or putt the way he wishes he could. That’s where an expert would come in really handy. Surprise! Stick a bow on this PGA pro’s head and you have a phenomenal birthday present that really is the gift that keeps on gifting. You’ll help your special guy improve his skills and he’ll take great joy in using those new talents to kick your butt the next time play 18 holes.


Special Dates Personalized Canvas

Another take on turning memories into art, this personalized canvas puts the focus on important dates, listing them out in chronological order. First date, proposal, marriage, kids, big trips — whatever you want to include is fair game, just don’t be surprised if you get a few tears of joy as your reward for this truly heartfelt creation.


Bacon of the Month Club

One of the awesome things about being an adult is that you’re free to eat whatever you want whenever you want it. And if that means scarfing down half a pig’s worth of bacon every month, so be it. Help make your pork-loving buddy’s dreams a reality with this Bacon of the Month Club that delivers smoky, salty, savory deliciousness straight to their front porch. Lettuce, tomato, and bread for BLTs sold separately.


Back In The Day Canvas

Like a wanted poster meets a broadsheet, this Back in the Day Canvas oozes vintage appeal that will be an instant hit with history buffs and art fans alike. You pick the date, and the creators will fill in what happened that month plus any famous birthdays, songs, sports, etc., all to let your old man know that he’s in very good company (or really weird company, depending on what historians dig up).  


Custom Vinyl Record

Not everyone can be a top-selling recording artist, but you can make your old man feel like when you deliver actual leftover vinyl album customized with whatever details you feel moved to include. It’s perfect for a real-life musician or just someone who loves music and has accomplishments of their own well worth celebrating.


Date To Remember Book

An entire book filled with fascinating newspaper reproductions? Sign us up! And these aren’t any old newspaper clippings, they’re pieces culled from major publications all over the world on the exact date you choose. Grandpa’s birthdate, your parents’ wedding date, the date your aging professor was born — they’ll love to see what was happening around them when their life changed for the better.


Custom Date Newspaper Book

If it’s good enough to make headline news, it’s good enough to be included in this Custom Date Newspaper Book. Like a customizable time capsule but without the pesky wait, this book revolves around any date you choose (as long as its from the last 140 years) to give your favorite history fan a way to travel back in time without ever leaving the comfort of their couch.


Bolt Action Pen

Is it a pen? Is it a miniature weapon? Well, if your weapon of choice is the written word, then this implement is both. Arm someone you care about with a writing tool worthy of someone who has lived a long life and has wonderful stories to tell.


World War I Newspaper Collection

There are a few old guys out there who have been around long enough to either remember the end of World War I or at least to remember their parents talking about the aftermath. This book services a detailed collection of artifacts from that time period, satisfying any history fan’s need to learn about one of the planet’s most iconic time periods.


Smart Key Organizer & Tracker

People are forgetful, and the older you get, the easier it is to misplace your glasses, your wallet, or even your dentures (talk about a bad day!). This key organizer and tracker ensures that the elderly people in your life can always find their house and/or car keys so you don’t have to play hide and go seek just so they can hit up the grocery store.


Daily Notes Jar

There are multiple ways to use this versatile birthday gift. Write all the notes your self and give the finished product to your favorite old man so he can open one each day and always feel your presence even if your thousands of miles away. Or wrap the gift as is and encourage a parent, grandparent, or elderly neighbor to add their own pearls of wisdom to the jar and gift it to a loved one as their own gift that keeps on giving.


Personalized Wood Lap Desk

Big fancy desks are nice when you’re at company HQ, but when your old man starts working from home or just wants to stream some old John Wayne movies on his tablet, this wood lap desk will come in mighty handy. It works with smartphones and laptops too, so no matter what’s on his docket for they day, he has a way to get things done while still being perfectly comfy.


Personalized Birthday Beer Mugs

Like fine wine, your old man has aged well over the years. For the dude who prefers a cold brewski over an Old World Cabernet, there’s this beer mug that serves as both an homage to a milestone birthday as well as a tribute to the man you’re all celebrating.


Custom Golf Ball Marker

When you get up there in years, the last thing you want to do is waste time figure out where you’re supposed to drop your golf ball. This marker makes life easier while also giving your favorite golfer an elegant that they’ll enjoy for all 18 holes.


Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks

Put your fingerprint (or a grandchild’s, perhaps?) on these custom cufflinks and gift them to your spouse, father, grandfather, or other sophisticated loved one and they have a truly one-of-a-kind gift that can be used on formal occasions but also looks phenomenal simply perched on top of their dresser or desk.


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Do you know someone who can’t see the forest for the trees? Deliver some desktop-ready zen with this bonsai kit that encourages users to cultivate, nurture, and tend to a cove of tiny relatives of the legendary California redwoods.


Spirit Infusion Kit

Everyone needs a hobby. This infusion kit gives retired bartenders and aspiring mixologists a chance to whip up their own concoctions they can sip on their own in the evenings or share with friends at a dinner party or backyard BBQ. Cheers to using your imagination for a delicious result!


Sand Art

Help put a stop to stress and boredom with a piece of sand art that doubles as a conversation starter. Ask friends what they spot in the shifting, multicolor grains of sand, the twist or turn the frame and try again from the beginning.


Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Like a functional keepsake, these personalized golf ball markers are great on the green to help mark where the ball drops, but they’ll also be fun to hand down to the next generation of golfers once it’s time to welcome a new group to the Sunday golf outings.


Luxury Robe For Him

Comfort is always awesome, but never more so than when you get older and even your aches have aches. This luxe robe will keep your old man warm after his shower or while he struts from the hot tub back into the house. Bonus points if you pair it with some equally comfy slippers to keep his toes toasty too.


Personalized NFL Leather Book

Everything anyone wanted to know about professional football bound into a leather book personalized with gold foil lettering. How posh is that? Perfect for an avid NFL fan who appreciates the history as much as he adores arguing over the calls every Sunday afternoon.


Variety of the Month Club

Variety is the spice of love, and now your favorite elderly foodie can enjoy one of 39 gourmet selections every month to temp his tastebuds and expand his culinary horizons. Now you just need to finagle an invitation to lunch.


Vinyl Record Clocks

Boring clocks are boring, but this clock… well, it’s total rock and roll. The maker uses an actual vinyl record, making it a smart pick for music enthusiasts are any older guys who appreciate décor with a vintage vibe.


Personalized Coastal Pocket Knife

"I once caught a bass, and it was THIS BIG." Support your favorite older gent’s far-fetched fish tales and overall love of the water with this personalized pocket knife that’s ready for any lake or ocean excursion that swims its way.


Personalized Pocket Pillow

No more searching for the remote or asking the grandkids to fetch a snack. This personalized pillow has a pocket for dad or grandad’s goodies, making it the ultimate birthday present and couch companion.


Personalized BBQ Grill Set

You never touch a man’s grill tools. Give this personalized set as a gift an everyone will know to keep their grubby mitts off the old man’s tongs, spatula, and basting brush, period.


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Jan 3, 2022


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