Gift Ideas to Celebrate 10 Lovely Years With Your Leading Lady

You're approaching 10 years with the love of your life. Here's the scoop on 10th anniversary gifts for her. The main theme for a 10th Anniversary gift is aluminum or tin, which makes for some useful and sturdy gifts. We included thoughtful metallic gifts — but we also went beyond to find sparkly gifts that will shine in her eyes. And this gift list even includes non-traditional ideas for that one-of-a-kind wife of yours.

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Traditional Tin for the Win

10th Anniversary Dime Key Chain

This sweet key chain links to the tin tradition for a 10th anniversary. And its message is the best part: "10 years down — forever to go".

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Tin Bangle Inscribed With 10 Years

Made of 100 percent pure tin and inscribed with "10 years", you know your leading lady is going to love wearing this oh-so-perfect pretty bangle.

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Wedding White Tea Tin

She'll appreciate you knew to find a 10th anniversary gift in tin (and a pretty one at that!). She's also a tea-over-coffee morning drinker.

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Handcrafted Popcorn Tin

You two are homebodies who love a movie night on the sofa. This tin filled with handcrafted popcorn will upgrade your next date night in. 

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Tin Ring Inscribed with Ten Years

You found out that tin is the tradition for a 10th anniversary. This ring is the thoughtful gift that reminds her why she said I do . 

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All You Need is Love Tin Sign

Consider this tin metal sign a proclamation of your love. She'll love the message. 

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Gourmet Milk Chocolates Heart Tin

Chocolate is always a sweet add-on anniversary gift. And for your 10th anniversary, milk chocolates in a heart tin bring in the tin tradition, too.

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Brooklyn Brownie Copper Baking Pan

Surprise her a cool baking tin (channeling the tin tradition) with brownies that you baked for her. Make it the sweet ending to your anniversary. 

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I Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy Sign

For a Southern belle, here's a tin sign to show your love is something special (just like warm southern biscuits). 

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Sparkly Surprises

Cheers To 10 Years Gold Glitter Party Banner

Because 10 years together is cause for a celebration — or simply surprise her with a golden message at home.

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Gold

When you pair a practical gift she needs (a new set of headphones) with gold, you know you're on track to wow your sweetheart.

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Michael Kors Rose Gold Smartwatch

Rose gold is her favorite — it's shiny yet subtle, sweet and modern. This rose gold smartwatch is perfectly timed to surprise her on your anniversary. 

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Rose Gold Leather Passport Holder

Because you're planning a romantic getaway to celebrate your anniversary. This sparkly passport holder is the perfect add-on gift for the trip. 

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14k Yellow Gold Circle Pendant Necklace

The truth is she completes you, and this gold circle pendant necklace is a sweet symbol of how you feel. 

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Solid Copper Martini Glasses

Because a love as solid as yours needs a solid set of martini glasses to toast to a decade of marital bliss.

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Gold Stemless Glasses

Don't forget to prepare a toast to go with these golden stemless glasses — they add the sparkle she's looking for in an anniversary night together. 

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Rose Gold Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Give her what she really wants — a shiny happy new smartphone. 

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Jonathan Adler Brass Heart Dish

For her wedding ring (or something tin ), here's the brass dish that will win her heart. 

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Past Present Future Necklace

Because anniversaries are the perfect time to take stock of your past, present, and future together. And remind her there's no better person you want to share it with. 


Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree

Here's how to build up a shiny awesome anniversary gift. Start with a gilded jewelry tree (since she has quite the collection) and then add one new necklace to mark the big day. 


Copper Decanter

Cheers to 10 years strong and a lifetime ahead with a bottle of vino and the prettiest decanter she ever did see. 

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Heart Of Gold Bangles

This stunning bangle makes a statement that she has a heart of gold. 


Monogram Photo Locket

Photo lockets are a classic gift that never go out of style. Monogrammed and filled with a sweet snap of you two, it's hard to imagine a more perfect anniversary gift. 


Decorative Golden Metal Wine Rack

This shiny wine rack is the modern mix of gold and graphic style that she loves. Fill in the rack with your favorite wines — and uncork a special bottle for the big night. 

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Ravenscroft Crystal Decanter

Because a big anniversary, like this one, deserves pulling out some crystal to celebrate. 


Custom Sandbox Cube Necklace

If a special beach played a part in your love story, give her a custom necklace with a smidge of sand inside. 


Say it With Love

14k Rose Gold

Rose gold and pretty lettering makes this bracelet a solid message of love. 

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Decorative Terra Cotta Plate with Heart

Because she loves pretty little dishes for displaying her jewelry, and she's the lady who stole your heart. 

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Giant Foil Love Balloon

You're never too old to be surprised by balloons — especially giant foil balloons that spell out love.

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Custom Morse Code Bracelet

She'll love that this bracelet spells out your personalized message in morse code. It makes for a sneaky, sweet surprise. What will you say?

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Famous Quotations Wall Decor

Not sure what to say for your anniversary? Give her a piece of art that says the perfect quote. 

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Jonathan Adler Metallic Tic Tac Toe Set

Looking for a groovy-lovie-dovie gift for your anniversary? Here's one for the coffeetable that lets you play games of peace and love together. 

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Love Potion Flask

Here's the perfect cutsie gift for the sweetie who loves a good live show (and a flask for the pre-show). You'll put a spell on her. 

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Map of Our Hearts

Because you two came from two very different places, and now you share a life joined together. 


Latitude Longitude Pendant

Here's the perfect piece of jewelry for the love of your life — because the luck of geography played a role in your relationship. 


Belong Together Pillowcases

Quick! While she's out of the bedroom change your pillowcases to this love message to surprise her. 


You & Me Wine Box

The perfect anniversary doesn't need much more than good wine, and the two of you, together. 


Heart Book Box

The way you package up a gift for an anniversary speaks volumes. If you're looking for a pretty piece to put inside the heart, here's one.


10th Anniversary Mug - 3,650 Days Together But Who's Counting - 10th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Because you want to add on a gift that makes her laugh. The witty banter between you two is going 10 years strong, too. 

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Diana Instant Camera

Because she loves to play photographer, and this fun camera also provides instant satisfaction. 



You're an active couple who's always somewhere by the water. So give her a waterproof camera for snapping shots of your adventures together. 


For Your Favorite Homebody

Metal Industrial Bar Stools

These metal bar stools are close enough to tin — and are just want she wants for the kitchen. 

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Hello Love Doormat

Before she heads out the door for the day, surprise her with a message of love in the entryway. 

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State Slate Cheese Boards

Serve her favorite cheeses (she prefers savory over sweet) on a cool board that will likely spark a conversation on travel (another thing she loves). 


Caterpillar Bud Vase

Here's the easiest way to make a statement with flowers. Pick up some pretty cut flowers, trim down, and put one bloom inside each of these bud vases. Instant wow centerpiece!


Bruni Rolling Wine Glasses

Say a toast to your wife with these untraditional glasses, because she's someone who's anything-but-ordinary — and always keeps you guessing. 


Hand Painted Watercolor from Photos

Surprise her with a watercolor of your home — easily the biggest project you tackled in the past decade. 


Diamond Glasses

A big anniversary calls for a special toast with a diamond set of glasses. 


Food & Wine Experiences

Keep it interesting with an experiece gift that will get you out exploring new foods, new wines, and having a great time together. 


Chicago Cutlery Knife Set

Because after 10 years, you know she wants an upgraded set of knives. (Be sure to add in a sweet gift to pair with this practical idea!)


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May 11, 2017


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