Gifts that Give Back to the Earth

Earth Day falls on April 22nd each year, since it started back in 1970 following an environmental wave (in response to a major oil spill.) On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans rallied in the streets to voice their support for the environment. Since then, Earth Day has served as a national day to pull everyone’s focus to earth-friendly actions we can all do. And how small steps to help the Earth do add up. This green gift list includes gift ideas that do just that.

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Sustainably Smart

Sustainable Pitcher

Anything that reduces the number of one-use water bottles is a sustainable win, and this pretty carafe uses plant-based filters to deliver clean water.

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Fast-Drying Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Sweat happens to the best of us, so this fast-drying microfiber mat keeps your focus on your yoga moves (rather worrying about slipping.)

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Moroccan Straw Shopper Bag

More than just a beach bag, this handwoven Moroccan straw bag is the sustainably stylish way to hit up the market — and skip those plastic bags.

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S'well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

In the world of reusable bottles, non-toxic stainless steel is designed to last  — and these design-forward bottles work with hot or cold drinks (which is pretty swell.)

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Baggu Small Reusable Shopping Bags

Because three is better than one, especially when reusable shopping bags are this cute and the perfect size for a quick trip to the market.

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Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls

These fair-trade, New Zealand wool dryer balls are the sustainable alternative to dryer sheets for fluffing your laundry in less time.

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Mason Jar French Press

Here's one more use for the classic mason jar — turn it into a stylish French press for your morning coffee.

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Beeswax Food Storage

What's a-buzz in the kitchen? Beeswax storage flats that make a sustainable chic alternative to tin foil and plastic wrap.

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Happy Tiffin 2-Tier Tiffin Lunchbox

Skip takeout food — with its disposable containers —  and go for a hip Tiffin set to brown bag your lunch for work.

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Faux Python Pouch

This faux python pouch represents the best of both worlds — all the style without the environmental conflict.

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Weck Jelly Jars

Canning is cool again, and these European Weck jars are a beautiful way to turn summer strawberries into a year's supply of jam.

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Stainless Steel Growler

Growlers are not just for craft brews — you can also use this shiny stainless 64-oz bottle for pressed juice, kombucha, or other homemade drinks.

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Teak & Bamboo Carpenter Watch

This timekeeper is made of eco-friendly teak and bamboo, and its modern style elevates eco to the next level.


Collapsible Water Bottle

Drink up, and then collapse this water bottle so it stores flat when you're on the go.


Tabletop Fireplace

You can feel good about curling up next to this tabletop fireplace, which gives you all the ambience without the soot.


Solar Cooker

Let the sun turn your cookout into the most sustainable one on the block.


Razor Blade Sharpener

Imagine how many razor blades end up in a landfill, and then you'll see why this razor blade sharpener — a simple solution — adds up as a big sustainable solution.


Glass Water Bottle With Charcoal Filter

Tap into a stylish way to stay hydrated and keep plastic bottles out of landfills (where 22 billion bottles end up each year.)

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Solar Powered Grill Light

One more eco reason to grill up dinner: you can barbecue under solar-powered light.


Collar Stay Punch

This collar stay punch proves he doesn't need to sacrifice style to be kinder to the environment.


Recycled or Reclaimed

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

Wine bottles find a second life as stylish glasses for the eco-conscious hostess.

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Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo frames makes these polarized sunglasses eco-friendly and unexpectedly rad. Plus, if the shades fall while you're in the water, they'll actually float.

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OSOM Brand Sustainable Socks

The humble sock turns into a sustainable fashion statement with these stylish, upcycled threads.

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Handmade BirdHouse From Recycled Materials

It's easy to sing the praises of birdhouses made from recycled plastic bottles — that attract songbirds.

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LED Rechargeable Lantern

Think beyond off-the-grid camping trips for this LED rechargeable lantern — as it's also the perfect nightlight for the loo.

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Wine Cork Trivet Kit

Rather than toss those wine corks at the end of the night, you can save them to make your own handy trivet — filled with memories of good times.


Unisex Natural Cork Wristwatch

Uncork a stylish watch that gets renewable right — plus keeps you from checking time on the ultimate distraction (your phone.)

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Recycled Sailcloth Shower Curtain

No plastic, no busy patterns, no cheesy motifs — just one rad shower curtain made of recycled sailcloth fabric.


Inflatable Solar Lantern

Powered by the sun, and inflated by cool design, these solar lanterns are the complete package.


Personalized Doormat

Pick up a recycled rubber doormat for the home, and save yourself some cleaning — since about 80 percent of dirt comes in off our feet.


Snow Ski Wine Rack

Store your go-to wine bottles on a reclaimed snow ski rack — and give your living room a lift on style.


Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

If hockey is his sport, this game-used hockey puck bottle opener will be a gift gamechanger.


Recycled Glass Tree Globes

She'll love decorating with these recycled glass globes. And these accents for the home show how recycled can mean vibrant colors (not just cardboard brown).


Earth Minded

The Forest Feast: Vegetarian Cookbook

This vegetarian cookbook shares how to be closer to nature with vegetarian recipes that require few ingredients or effort — since what we eat does impact the Earth.

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Endangered Species Chocolate Bar Variety Pack

Finally, chocolate you don't have to feel guilty about! These yummy chocolate bars are ethically-sourced and donate to help wildlife organizations of endangered animals featured on their wrappers.

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Areaware Blockitecture Garden City Building Kit

These modern wood blocks will stand the test of time for durability — and keep children's imaginations building up.

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The Julia Rothman Book Collection: Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Food Anatomy

Modern illustrator Julia Rothman shares fun-to-read educational guides to entertain your curiosity on nature and what farm life is all about.

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Perfect Pruner Gift Set

Anyone who tends to a garden needs a solid set of pruners — and these classic pruners are made to last.

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Bamboo Baby Blanket

Earth-minded bamboo makes this foxy baby blanket a real catch.

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Self-Watering Indoor Planters

A wicking system brings water right up to the plants' roots, so you can grow herbs in a pretty mason jar, right on your windowsill.

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All-Natural Laundry Powder

Tough on stains, easy on the Earth, free of harsh chemicals, and cute packaging to boot — this laundry powder is full of good sense for your clothes.

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Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

Fill your living space with rainbows (thank you, sun) and watch everyone's mood brighten.

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The Essential Book of Homesteading

Author Ashley English dives deep into modern homesteading, so you can have a guide to do anything from pickling cucumbers to raising a flock of chickens.

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Modular Garden Box System

Connect back with Earth, since gardens give us food, and you can even create a garden in a fun, modular box design.


Pure Beeswax Crayons

Producing these natural beeswax crayons makes a smaller impact on the Earth, and their jumbo size is perfect for little drawers.

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Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Bring nature indoors with a tiny forest of Redwoods that are mighty eye-catching.


Solar Powered Charger & Light

Harness the power of the sun to keep your phone from running out of battery.


Strawberry Windowsill Growbox

When you're just starting out in gardening, start small — like a growbox that gives you everything you need to grow strawberries right outside your window.


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Mar 23, 2017


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