Gifts to Give Your Parents Who Are Going on 50 Golden Years Together!

Your parents have always been the best model of love. And now they're looking to round the corner on 50 years together in wedded bliss. Of course, life has its ups and downs, but your parents' love is true. They've weathered the storms together as a rock-solid couple. Now's the time to pause and celebrate this major milestone — a 50th anniversary doesn't come around every day. Make it count with a special gift for them.

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Their Future Together

We Still Do Cake Topper

Wherever you get the anniversary cake (or props if you're planning to make it yourself!), you'll want an extra special topper to mark the big milestone. 

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Louisa May Alcott Framed Quote

This floating framed quote stands out, and shows how impressed you are with how they've weathered storms together as a couple. 

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A Guide to Chefs' Favorite Restaurants

Because they're at the stage of life where they can travel, and eat out, and enjoy discovering the best-of-the-best restaurants.

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Kate Spade His & Hers Glasses

Just because they've been together for 50 years doesn't mean they don't like to mark their territory — especially when it comes to a good whiskey.

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We Still Do Gold Glitter Banner

Hang this handmade glittery banner up at their anniversary shinding — to remind your parents that they're a shiny example of love. 

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New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

They're longtime newspaper readers, so they'll be surprised to pieces with this custom puzzle that's based around their special date. 


Personalized First We Had Each Other Canvas

Be sure to have this gift ready for the anniversary party — as it's sure to be the talk of the family as a chronicle of who came when. 


Guided City Tours

Give the gift of touring around a city they haven't explored, because now's the golden time for them to travel. 


Best Ever Desk Signs

Sometimes, simplicity rules when it comes to gifts, and these signs send just the right message to Mom and Dad. 


Scratch Map Deluxe

This anniversary is a good time for your parents to take stock of where they've been together — and where they'd like to see, now that they're retired. 


Wine of the Month Club

What's better than giving your parents one nice bottle of wine for their anniversary? Setting them up with a wine club where they get a bottle of vino delivered to their door each month!


Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Being on a boat feels ever-so-fancy, so treat your parents to a cruise on the water — and a good meal — as a way to mark this big anniversary. 


Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Because they're a pair who go together like dark chocolate and good wine. 


Looking Back on Life Together

50th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Art Print

If you're looking for a heartfelt gift to congratulate your parents, this family tree print is inscribed with a love quote (and will look great in their living room).  

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Custom Cutting Board

Here's a one-of-a-kind engraved cutting board for a truly special pair. Because your parents' love is as solid as wood. 

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Personalized Family Tree Jewelry

To celebrate the big anniversary, give your mom a golden bracelet that's designed with the initial charms of all her children and grandchildren. It's sweet and a little dainty (just like Mom.) 

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Leather Engraved Family Tree

Your parents' marriage is oh-so-durable. So give them a leather-engraved family tree (framed in wood) — their connection is as strong as leather. 

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Cross Country Keepsake Board

Your parents are the ride-in-a-camper kind of traveling companions. So give them a keepsake board to keep track of their adventures. 


Personalized Family Tree Chart

You've probably chatted about the need to get your family tree together. With your parents' big anniversary coming up, now's the time to actually do it — with a family tree chart that's an artistic keepsake. 

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Where It All Started Throw Pillow

After 50 years of marital bliss (and banter), it's a sweet idea to mark where it all began. 


Personalized Family Member Signpost

If your family is large, then give your parents a personalized signpost with everyone's names (since all kids and grandkids lead back to Mom and Dad). 


Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch from Photos

Find a great snap of your parents together (maybe a group family photo from the last reunion). Then surprise them with a hand-drawn pencil sketch at the anniversary party. 


Personalized Photo Playing Cards

Because the couple who plays together, stays together — so why not celebrate your parents' playful energy in a fun way. 


Personalized Picture Frames

Make Mom and Dad a custom frame (with their names) and then add an old photo of them together, just being silly. Display this sweet gift at the anniversary party — so everyone can see an old snap of them together. 


Wedding Anniversary Canvas

Because certain big anniversaries need a special canvas to hang up — like a badge of honor for making it through that many years together. 


What I Love About You Journal

Who says love journals have to be between partners? Imagine your Mom's expression if you (and your siblings) jot down what you love about your parents, and their example of marriage. (Hint: she's going to love it!)


The Special Year

Happy 50th Anniversary Banner

Because giving your parents a thoughtfully decorated, well-planned celebration for their anniversary is one of the best gifts you can give. A night to remember! 

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Folded Book Art

After all these years, their wedding date holds even more meaning. So give your parents a piece of art that stands out as a sweet keepsake. 

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50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Album

Anniversaries are the perfect time to look through old photos. Come prepared with a gift that lays out the highlights of their 50 years together. 

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Anniversary Wine Box

Here's a tip: if you're giving wine for a 50th anniversary, be sure you're not sticking it in any old bag. You want a custom wine box to show you thought through this gift. 


LED Photo Clip String Lights

For their anniversary party, clip up a string of photos of your parents showing their adventures through the years (the snaps will be easier to see, thanks to the LED lights!). 

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You're Only Old Once! Book

If you're looking for something funny to add to your oh-so-sentimental anniversary card, here's the perfect pick. Because they read you Dr. Seuss when you were a wee one. 

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Landmark Anniversary Custom Wine Glass

Make their anniversary feel like a landmark moment by toasting to your parents with custom wine glasses. 


50th Anniversary Funny Quote Cap

Here's a funny hat to add on to their anniversary gift (with a wink and a nod). 

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Rememory Game

There will be plenty of gifts (and toasts!) of the serious sort. Give them a game that's simply lighthearted fun. 


Vintage Heart Embossed Leather Journal

Leave this heart-embossed leather journal for guests to jot down a special note at the anniversary party. Your parents will walk away with a journal filled with love. 

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Custom Photo Collage Canvas

You really can't go wrong with any photo-themed gift for a big anniversary. Especially a photo collage that's professionally printed on canvas. 


For Their Home

Always You Pillow

Here's something sweet for their sofa to celebrate their one-and-only love. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Flutes

These Gatsby-style golden champagne flutes call out how they're Mr. and Mrs., a detail that's worth celebrating with some bubbly.

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Geometric Sphere Glass Terrarium

Because love is not static, but rather grows over time. So give them a terrarium centerpiece (fill with easy-to-care-for succulents) so your gift continues to grow with them.

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Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Special anniversaries call for simple upgrades to their everyday routine, like their must-have morning coffee.

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Sharing the Joy Soy Candle

Staying married for 50 years means your parents have mastered the art of sharing. Light a candle for their enduring skills in compromise. 

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Turntable with Built-In Speakers

Do your parents have a stellar collection of old records (but no working record player to listen to them?) Here's the opportunity to make their favorite oldies part of their day. 

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Love Quote Art Print Wedding Gifts

Find a sweet quote that sounds like your parents, then have it hand-lettered on a map as a one-of-a-kind treasure. 

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Create Your Own Instagram Throw Pillow

Your parents may not be on Instagram, but you've got a collection of family snaps for creating a pillow they'll remember. 


Life By Definition Wine Glasses

Because your parents love simple quotes that hold bigger meaning. 


Photo Collage Throw

You've graduated from making your parents photo collages on construction paper. Here's the grownup version of a photo keepsake for their big anniversary. 


Vinyl Record Bowl

Because your parents grew up in the age of vinyl, and they'll appreciate a nod to that time of their life (when they fell in love). 


Orion Reflector Telescope

Your parents got their wish when they found each other, all those many years ago. Now they can look up to the sky and make a wish for what they want, together. 


Toast Anniversary Art

They've certainly earned a special piece of art to hang in the family room. A big anniversary like this is not something that happens everyday (or for every couple). 


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May 17, 2017


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