Gifts To Wow Your Wife on Her 30th Birthday

Each year, you're looking to find a birthday gift for your wife that truly nails it. But when it's a birthday that starts a new decade for her — like her 30th birthday — the stakes are even higher. The start of her 30s means she's a little older, definitely wiser, yet still loves things that sparkle and those unexpected surprises. Here's a go-to list of 30th birthday gifts for your wife that are sure to score some major points.

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Something to Make Her Feel Special

Celebrate Stemless Champagne Flutes

For an instant celebration, you need flutes, some bubbly, and all the words to toast to your love. 

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Vanishing Vase

This rad, modern vase is almost as cool as she is. Pick your bloom carefully — go for something dramatic like a pretty peony, blooming dahlia, or bright sunflower. 

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Kate Spade Be Mine Bag

You know two things about your wife: she can never have too many statement bags and she is sentimental at heart. Consider this a foolproof gift. 

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Chic Digits Wine Box

She needs wine to celebrate the start of a new decade, and here's the perfect way to box it up. 


My Cinema Vintage Lightbox

Give her a love message in lights — this is one special birthday, after all. 


Personalized Wishing Wall

Here's the perfect gift to have at her birthday party. Everyone can write their own birthday wish and punch into a frame just for her. 


Birthstone Mineral Soaps

She's a real gem, and she's going to love a new soap for the shower that looks just like her own birthstone. 


Personalized Birthday Candle

Because making wishes isn't just for birthday cakes. Give her a personalized candle that will remind her of her wish every time she lights it. 


Sphere Vase

She'll love the delicate design of this sphere vase — be sure you pick her favorite flower as the bloom. 


Harmony Tealight Centerpiece

The best gifts for your wife are all in the setup. Get this centerpiece of candlelight, and set it on the table for a romantic meal for two that you've cooked up for her. 


Bloom Vase

Here's the gift you always want to add on — beautiful blooms in a keepsake vase. The trick with flowers as a gift: steer away from generic vessels that come with grocery and flower shop bouquets. 


Chakra Flying Wish Paper

Here's a simple way to cast wishes for her and a beautiful year ahead. 


Something For Her to Wear and Love

New Beginnings Sea Glass Necklace

Because the start of her thirties is a fresh new beginning. Give her a necklace that's a sweet reminder of where she's been and where she's headed. 


Dreamer Ring

She'll always be a dreamer — and you'll be seen as a dreamy hubbie for finding a ring this cool. 


Now Or Never Necklace

Because turning 30 means acting on dreams, no matter what they may be. 


You Are Strong and Beautiful Inspirational Necklace

Compliments will get you everywhere, especially with a birthday necklace this sweet and charming. 


Gold Initial Discs Necklace

A personalized necklace makes a pretty-perfect gift for your wife. Especially one that's designed with the initials (of you guys) in gold. 


Love Stud Earrings

She'll think you're a real stud for giving her jewerly that puts a stamp on your love. 


Morse Code Cuff

Sometimes it may seem like you speak a different language. So give her a sweet bracelet that speaks in a love language. 


Strength Cuff

Because there's a strength in saying goodbye to your twenties, and hello to your thirties (and all that may bring).   


Believe There Are No Limits But the Sky Necklace

Everyone comes into their own at different times, and your love is just finding her inner star at work as she steps into 30. 


I Love You More Bar Necklace

Because one year older simply means you love her that much more. 


Follow Your Heart Necklace

It's always important to lead with your heart, and this gift may be the push she needs to go after that thing she wants to do. 


Simplicity Is About Subtracting Necklace

Whether it's a big shift — like a job change — or simply clearing out clutter that's been sitting around with no purpose. Turning 30 is often the start of subtracting what's not bringing meaning and joy in her life.


Wire Wrapped Lapis Ring

A big birthday milestone calls for a big statement ring that's just her style.   


Faceted Heart Necklace

There are so reasons why your wife has your heart. Maybe you're at a loss for words, so just give her a heart necklace that symbolizes how you feel. 


Hear Me Roar Reversible Necklace

There is nothing quiet about your wife, so give her a necklace that shows how you love her fiesty side. 


Single Stone Muse Bangle Bracelet

She loves simple, sparkly jewerly — so here's a spot-on gift for your turning-30 wife. 


Something for Your Home She'll Love

Striped Stoneware Pitcher Pot

She oohs and ahhs whenever she sees pretty ceramics out shopping with you. So add this striped stoneware pitcher to her birthday gift list. 


Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

She loves anything related to mason jars and she wants to cook more (with fresh foods). Here's a birthday garden gift to get her started. 


Handwoven Nesting Baskets Set

Your wife loves containers to help her be organized. Let her choose what these baskets should contain — after you deliver them filled with some pretty flowers. 


Glowing Milky Way Wall Clock

Give her a reason to look at the stars everyday, since time does move fast. 


Custom Map Serving Tray

Choose a place that means something special to her, for this custom tray made with a map. It's a thoughtful gift that goes the extra mile. 


Chinese Zodiac Terrarium

This adorable terrarium is the perfect kind of funky gift just right for her. 


SproutBrite: Wildflowers Seed Kit

Add in a note that tells your wife you'd like to surround her in wildflowers that are beautiful, wild, and free — just like she is. 


Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper

Because you two love a glass of wine at the end of the day, and this birthstone wine stopper shows you really know when her birthday is. 


Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

She has an endless love of ice cream, and now you two can create an ice cream social at home for her birthday. 


Aura Smart Picture Frame

Your wife has 5 thousand photos on her phone (that may be an understatement). Let her enjoy them on a smart frame that acts like a running slideshow of family pics. 


Grow & Craft Mint Mojito Kit

She loves handcrafted drinks, like minty mojitos, so make it a party at home with this cool cocktail kit. 


City Constellation Map

Here's a piece of art that reaches for the stars. By age 30, there's at least one city that feels like home to her. 


Concrete Succulent Planters

For your super stylish wife, you need picks that are on trend. Fill these golden concrete planters with succulents or air plants and then makeover her office with a fresh new look. 

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Seascape Cast Currency Sculpture

This seascape sculpture will capture her inner love of the beach. 


Something She Really Needs

Nike Women's Flyknit Running Shoes

She wants to find her groove with exercise, so here's a pair of sneakers that will kickstart her goals. 

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Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

Your wife has discovered the magic of cold brew, and she's never going back. So give her a cold brew maker, since the coffeeshop is always running out early.

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The Backyard Homestead Book

Here's the fun (add-on) birthday gift for the wife who's always talking about getting chickens and turning home into a homestead. 

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Kate Spade Floral Cosmetic Travel Bag

Add her favorite lipsticks, perfume, and polishes inside this oh-so-pretty cosmetic bag, and you've zipped up a solid gift. 

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Rebecca Minkoff Women's Passport Case

Here's the perfect gift to let her know you two are going on a birthday getaway. 

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MiiR Insulated Growler Bottle

Because she likes her coffee hot and her water cold. This insulated growler bottle does it all. 

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Drifter Action Speaker

This action speaker will be the perfect accessory for your on-the-go wife who loves her music. 


Stormy Seas Print in Indigo Ink

If her twenties were not a bed of roses, give her a thoughtful print that reminds her (in a beautiful way) that the stormy seas are behind her. Here's looking ahead to 30!


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Jun 15, 2017


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