Going Away Gifts that Say Goodbye with Style

Goodbyes are never easy. When someone you care about is moving away or heading off on a long journey, you want them to remember they’ll be missed. A lot. And you want to send them off with something special (to remember you by). Going away gifts can be practical or super sentimental, just make sure to scoop up a gift before the farewell. Here’s your go-to list of going-away gifts so you’re ready to give a sweet sendoff.

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For the Sentimental Side

Friends Long Distance State Coffee Mug with Quote

Here’s a cute way to feel connected with a friend moving to another state.

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New Beginnings Rising Lotus Pendant Necklace

Give a necklace that’s a sweet reminder that goodbyes are really new beginnings.

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Personalized Photo Name Collage Frame

A collage of photos is still a classic way to say farewell, and the custom name makes this one feel extra thoughtful.


Custom Beach Bracelets

Matching bracelets are a way to feel connected when you’re apart, and these bracelets connect back to the beach with their stones.


Personalized canvas art from your voice

Here’s a special gift that creates an art keepsake based on the one thing we often miss most — the person’s voice.


Ceramic Coffee Mug

Choose a goodbye gift based on a saying that reminds your friend you’ll always be there for them.

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Not That Far Linen Towel

This linen towel is a goodbye gift that makes any distance between you feel a bit smaller.

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Music Box

If you’re looking for a sentimental kind of goodbye gift, this music box says it all.

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Silverware Spoon with Messages

You’ve known each other a long time. Let her know you’ll be thinking of her daily with these special silver spoons.

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Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

Give her a hand-carved friendship box that’s almost as sweet as her.

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Create Your Own Instagram Photo Mug

Create a custom mug with your favorite Instagram snaps together as a photofinish goodbye.


Lake Art: Wall Art (Single Layer) - 8 x 10

If there’s a special lake where you've shared good times, you can have a custom map made as a goodbye gift.


Urban Gridded Jewelry

You can give her pretty earrings that grid out the city she’s leaving behind, so it’s always hanging close.


Long Distance Gifts, State keychains

If your friend is moving to another state, these long distance state keychains make a cute goodbye gift. Add a key to your home so she knows she’s always welcome.

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Personalized Garden Stones

Engrave a stone with a special message or name that will make a lasting addition to the garden. 


Best Friends No Matter Where Compass Necklaces

It’s especially hard to say goodbye to your BFF — that’s what best friend necklaces are for.

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Long distance relationship mug

The best goodbye gifts make the distance feel smaller, like this sweet mug.

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Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory Stick

Here’s a genius goodbye gift for anyone old enough to know what a mix tape is — so you can personalize a playlist for their farewell.

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Long Distance Friends or Relationship Photo board

Farewells are an expected time to be sappy, especially with a friend who knows pretty much everything about you.

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Pavilion Gift Company 61027 Wherever You Go Stoneware Mug

Someone you love is heading out into the world, so give a gift that wraps up a snip of advice you want to share.

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Always Remember Mini Fence Post Art

Good goodbyes come in small packages, like this mini print that packs big encouraging words.

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For the Next Home

Custom Nautical Pillow

Personalize a pillow with a silkscreened map of the current spot — as a goodbye keepsake they can bring to the next location.


Home Plate Doormat

Make goodbye a little easier by giving a home base that he can count on.


Personalized Pillow Zip Code

Send off your person with a zip code pillow of the digits that she’s called home for a long time.

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City Map Glass

You know your buddy is going to be missing the city, so give a custom map glass of the city that became your stomping grounds together.


Rare Ganesh Lord of Prosperity & Fortune Statue White Finish

Consider a good luck charm, like sending her off with a beautiful statue of prosperity and good fortune.

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Personalized Cocktail Glass Set with Cedar Gift Box

You’ve shared many cocktails together, so send your friends off with a personalized cocktail glass set that feels as cool as they are.


Beer Cap Map of Your Home State

If he’s heading out of state, here’s a way to ensure he’ll remember you all.


Bedside Smartphone Vase

Here’s a goodbye gift that does double-duty — the device helps keep her phone charged and the vase can be filled with fresh farewell blooms.


Play Ball Catchall

Set up his next place with a stylish catchall — a perfect goodbye for the big baseball fan.


Round Candle Holder

She loves candles, and you hate having to say goodbye — so this goodbye gift feels just right.

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Engraved Glass Whiskey Decanter Set

If whiskey is their drink of choice, this glassware set is a classy way to say farewell.


Avocado Tree Starter Kit

You’re not one for sentimental goodbyes, and this gift gives her a fresh start — and a way to make her yummy guacamole.


For Adventurous Spirits and Silly Laughs

Inflatable Protective Travel Bag

Focus on a travel solution, like a handy protective bag, as a practical way to bid adieu.


Personalized Wood Luggage Tags

Send the traveler off with a solid set of personalized wood luggage tags — that can handle bouncing through different airports.


World Travel Tracker Map

Give a goodbye gift that focuses on all the travel that’s yet to come — with bright colors and flags to track adventures on a modern map.

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Walking Food Tours

Before the final farewell, give the gift of a farewell adventure with a walking food tour.


Custom Stuffed Animal of People or Pets

Yes, you can actually create a custom stuffed animal of your person going away — and you totally should do it for the farewell party.


Emergency Handbook Hidden Flask

Sappy goodbyes aren’t your thing, and this goodbye gift will set him up for any emergency awkward situation in the new city.


Personalized Pocket Knife - Survivor Emergency Tool

A personalized pocket knife of emergency tools is perfect for the person who’s heading off to go travel for a while.


Goodbyes are never easy, whether you're saying goodbye to a friend, son, daughter, brother, or sister. Make the farewell a little sweeter with the right gift. 

Feb 22, 2017


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