Kick Back With this Cool List of Beach Gifts For Her

You know where she likes to spend her time. The beach! The sand, the waves, the sunshine — these are a few of her favorite things. So focus in on the brightest beach gifts for her, and she's sure to have a sunny disposition. And by choosing a beach theme, you won't feel stuck on what to give her. Here's a cool list of gift ideas that will make her days at the beach even more fun.

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Solutions for Beach Days

Rainbow Beach Umbrella

She may not be lounging on the French Riviera, but this rainbow umbrella sure makes any beach day standout. 

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All Around Giant Towel

Bright, striped, and oversized, there's so much to love about this giant beach towel.

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After Sun Refreshing Body Mist

The greatest pick-me-up after a day on the beach is some cool and refreshing body mist. 

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Freezable Picnic Bag

Freezable picnic bags are perfect for a beach lunch, and this reusable bag has a plaid pattern for a classic cool look. 

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Wet Suit Packing Bag

Because beach regulars don't want to use a makeshift plastic bag to hold wet swimsuits. Here's the upgraded packing bag she's been wanting. 

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Tapestry Beach Towel

Lightweight, unique, and vibrant — this tapestry beach towel is the perfect summer blanket to bring everywhere from the beach to the park.

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Aluminum Beach Chair with Cup Holder

Because when she's at the beach, she wants to recline in style (with a holder for her drink.)  

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Sand Coaster Drink Holders

Drinks are essential on a sultry hot summer beach day. Here's a solution to keep drinks from tipping over in the sand. 

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Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Here's the gift to give the girl who loves to read on the beach, more than anything else. 


Waterproof Phone Cases

Because when you're at the beach, you don't want her worrying about the phone getting wet or sand going in all the wrong places. 

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Too Cool For School Air Sun Primer

The packaging makes this suncare product feel like a gift, while the sun primer helps her skin look smoother.

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Ingenious Lunch Pot

Ingenious is the right word for a lunch container set that packs as neatly as this pot. 


Tropical Cocktail Kit

First comes the beach, then comes the tropical cocktails. Check, check. 

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Portable Travel Safe

She'll feel much more calm knowing her phone and wallet are safe, while she takes a dip in the ocean. 


Ultimate Zero Gravity Chair

Because you know she won't be comfortable simply laying on a beach blanket. 


Water-Resistant Blanket with Carrying Case

She'll appreciate a special water-resistant blanket that is way more functional than a sheet for the beach. 


One Touch Tent For Kids

Kids need shelter from the sun, and this lightweight one-touch tent makes it easy to bring on beach adventures. 


Fast-Dry Towels

If you're out on the beach for the day, you want a towel that dries fast. 


Picnic Cooler on Wheels

This wheeled cooler comes stocked with everything — and makes it easy to tote from the car to the beach. 


Pocket Utensil Set

This pocket-sized tool makes it easy to eat anything out on the beach. 


6 in 1 Beverage Bottle

Who knew a beverage bottle could do so much? Give her this handy solution for better-tasting water. 


Stylin' On the Sand

Retro Round Lennon Sunglasses

Here are the spot-on-fun sunnies she's been looking for. And they're affordable enough that you should treat yourself to a pair (wink wink). 

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Straw Beach Tote

Pompoms make this straw tote irrisistible. The adjustable leather shoulder strap makes this stylish bag a functional summer essential. 

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Tassel Tie Beach Tunic

All the details on this tassel-tie tunic make it the perfect piece for her to wear to the beach (or while getting ice cream). 

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I Am Fun Giant Beach Towel

Because the best beach towels are the ones that are the easiest to spot. 

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Short Brim Straw Fedora Hat

This fedora hat is sure to be worn on her next beach adventure (beach hair, don't care). 

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Scarf-Lace Necklace

This necklace perfectly matches her beach look — bohemian cool.


Girls Just Wanna Have Sun T-Shirt

She's a true sun goddess, and this is the perfect shirt for wearing on the boardwalk. 

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Watermelon Cooler Bag

Nothing says summer like a slice of watermelon. This one keeps her food cool while she's at the beach. 

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Tunic Top Dress

Light and flowy, this tunic dress is what she wants as a stylish swimsuit coverup. 


Custom Beach Heart Necklace

Give her a piece of her favorite beach customized in a heart she can wear. Sand never looked so pretty. 


Roll-n-Go Sun Hat

Sun hats are a summer must-have for more than one reason (style, UV protection, and staying cool). She'll love to have another hat to wear on beach days. 


Sarong Swimsuit Cover-Up

Sarongs can be worn and used in endless ways, and this pretty one comes in an island-inspired print. 

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Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

Here's a luxe version of shades for someone special who's always wanted a pair of Rays. 

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Pink Beach Dress

She'll be pretty in pink with this ever-so-stylish beach cover-up. 

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Custom Beach Bracelets

This bracelet lets her wear a bit of the beach on days when she can't make it out of the office. 


Beachtime Fun

 Summertime Beach Paddles

Let the beach games begin, with these bold paddles for fun in the sun. 

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SunnyLife Beach Sounds Radio

Listen up! She wants to hear something besides the waves while she's at the beach. Give her a bright and sunny portable speaker so she can listen to her fave tunes. 

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Lightweight Lounger Chair

She'll love a little perch for lounging on the beach and taking in the view. 


Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

With this instant photo lab, she can go from saying cheese  to holding a priceless snap of her squad — in a matter of minutes. 


Collapsible Beach Pail

Because digging in the sand is fun for the family, but no one wants to carry around all that stuff. That's what makes this collapsible beach pail so smart. 


Beach Cart

Designed to cruise through those sandy mounds, this beach cart is the solution she's been looking for. 


Instant Air Sofa

These air sofas may seem like overkill, until you lay on one and realize they're a must-have accessory for any beach day. 


Inflatable Paddle Boards

Her favorite place to be is in the ocean, so give her paddle boards that instantly inflate. 


Heart Shaped Headphone Splitter

While laying out on the beach with friends, she can tap into good tunes for two. 

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SuperSize 3D Kites

Because an old school kite is the perfect way to take advantage of a breezy day at the beach. 


Polaroid Digital Instant Print Camera

Snap, snap! Polaroid is still kicking and this instant print camera will make her smile. 


Rugged Waterproof Speakers

Because she can listen to tunes by the water, but you'll want waterproof speakers to handle beach days (and drippy smimsuits). 


Light Blocking Eyewear

Airplanes aren't the only place where you want to block out the sun (mid-day at the beach, while you're trying to take a nap, is another.) 


YoYa Toys Toss & Catch Game

Nothing like a fun game of catch in the sand to get everyone together. 

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May 26, 2017


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