Let's Play! Super Fun Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

Ask any kid what they want for a gift and you’ll hear: toys, toys, toys! That much is true. Even when you narrow gifts by age for kids, there’s an overwhelming number of toys to choose from. At the end of the day, you’re not focused on ratings — you simply want a toy that your kid is going to use and love. Jump to this complete guide to the best toy gifts for kids. Sorted, simple, and ready to make gift shopping a cinch.

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Gifts for Creating and Building

Makey Makey

Turn your kiddo into a tech genius with this educational gift (that definitely wasn’t around when you were a kid.)


Magformers Standard Set

Not only will these magnatiles keep your kiddo busy for hours at home — but they’re also the perfect travel toy for flights and long car rides.

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Edison Circuit Building Set

Circuits, magnets, engineering, and light — this kid’s gift is built on bright ideas.


Dash Robot

Your kids may know how to code before you, thanks to this fun coding robot.


Building Game

Let your child get immersed in free play and building and creating — and then watching it all topple over.


Learning Resources Gears Gears Gears

Your kiddo will be learning science (without even knowing it) with gears for designing and constructing to the imagination.

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Necklace Crafting Kit

You may want to jump in the fun with this kit that comes complete with everything for kids to make their own necklaces.


Art Kits

Give kids the gift of making art, and watch what cool things they create.


Stop Motion Animation Kit

The best gifts let kids learn and create at the same time — and this kit gives a stop-motion show into their imagination.

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Osmo Genius Kit

Any toy that combines 5 games in 1 feels pretty genius to us.

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Edison Circuit Building Set

Circuits, magnets, engineering, and light — this kid’s gift is built on bright ideas.


Color Your Own Soccer Ball

Your kiddo will be so proud to kick around a soccer ball that he colored all on his own.

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Ferris Wheel Building Set

The next best thing to an amusement park trip is building your very own ferris wheel.

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Origami for Kids

Neon paper and sticker fun make this origami kit a cool way to play around with paper.

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Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Kit

One truth you’ve learned is kids love what things they’re involved in making.


Primary Science Lab Set

Channel your child’s inner scientist with this fun set of science tools and beginner activities.

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Gifts to Get the Wiggles Out

Water Roulette Game

It’s the perfect gift for warm weather — kids must choose wisely, or they’ll get drenched.


Self Balancing Scooter

You know it’s the wishlist item your kid keeps asking for — and would make a special group gift for your teen.

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Gardening Tools for Kids

A miniature garden tool kit gets kids outdoors — and lets them discover nature in a new way.

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Supersize 3D Kite

Some toys never go out of style, including flying a fun kite on a windy day.


John Deere Tractor Trailer

Give him a toy that lets him do exactly what daddy does — ride a tractor.

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Portable and Foldable Trampoline

Because what every kiddo wants is a space to jump, jump, jump.

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Pogo Jumper

Hop on a gift that lets kids of all sizes get in on the fun.

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Harley Davidson Tough Trike

Because he thinks motorcycles are the coolest, just like you.

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Portable Table Tennis Set

You can bring the fun with you, even if you’re traveling for your family vacation.


Kids Drum Set

Now your kid can move to the beat of his own drum.

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Air Hockey

Bring the arcade fun home and keep everyone entertained with this rad air hockey set.

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Outdoor Set for Kids

Turn the backyard into an adventure with this kit that includes everything from kid binoculars to a magnifying glass.

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Toot Scoot II

Kids first learn to balance on this bike — and build up to motoring around fast.


Monkey Bars Tower

Here’s the perfect way for your little monkeys to get their wiggles out at home.

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Gifts that are All About Fun

The Original Stomp Rocket

You’re giving stomp rockets that are powered by kids — it doesn’t get cooler than that (in their eyes).

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One Touch Tent

It’s a gift for the kids (and you) to have a little shelter fort on trips to the beach, lake, or even backyard slumber parties under the stars.

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Next Generation Yo-Yo

This toy feels space-age in the way the yo-yo moves, and this generation of kids will find it tough to put down (too fun!).


Marble Run Deluxe Set

Old school marbles meet modern day tracks in this fun gift set.

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Personalized Kid’s Construction Hard Hat

Your favorite construction lover will dig this hard hat that has his name and lights up.


Crane Truck

You can never give him too many trucks, especially one that’s sturdy enough to be played with outdoors.

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Mug With a Hoop

Morning oatmeal never looked so fun, thanks to a big mug that’s an easy score in the gifting game.


3D Dinosaur Puzzle

Pretty much anything dinosaur-themed will be a hit, and this dinosaur puzzle feels as unique as a museum exhibit.


Squashed 3 Dimensional Board Game

Squashed may be a new board game to you — but what’s not new is how board games bring the whole family together.


Light Up Race Car

With this cool gift, your kiddo’s face will light up even brighter than the race car.

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Kids Edition Tablet

Now kids can have a cool tablet of their own to play with — just like Mom and Dad.

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ColorKu Board Game

Think Sudoku with color, and yes, it’s as addictively fun as it sounds.


Rock Tumbler

For the kid who’s always loved collecting rocks, this gift may blow their mind.  

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Feb 22, 2017


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