The Complete Gift List for a Mom-to-Be (and the Baby)

She’s going to be an amazing mom. Right now, however, her head is spinning with registry lists and the pros and cons of bouncing chairs and bibs that double as burp cloths. Her nesting gene has set in, and there’s a nursery currently undergoing an extreme makeover. You’re stepping in with one task: find a sweet, awesome gift for that mom-to-be. Here’s a gift list that keeps it simple — and goes straight to what she (and baby) need most.

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For Her

MotherLove Nurturing Love Gift Box

Give her the ultimate love box of mama skincare products — all made from organic herbs and pure ingredients — to nurture the parts of her that need some extra love and care.

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Boob Maternity Nursing NightGown

She'll want to pack this nursing nightgown for the hospital bag, because it's an uplifting upgrade from the standard hospital gown.

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Little Artist Memory Book

A go-to gift for any mom-to-be is a modern baby book to document baby's first year. This one's perfect for the non-crafty mom who wants a baby book that feels special — but is also easy to fill and complete.

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Boob Long Sleeve Nursing Top

For the mama-to-be who's planning to nurse, set her up with a comfy breastfeeding top in classic black that can work with any outfit.

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Skip Hop Diaper Bag

For the first couple years of baby's life, your mom-to-be will love rockin' this diaper bag. As baby grows, the bag transitions to the perfect gymbag for heading to swim class with a toddler.

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EarthMama Postpartum Trio

Close friends, moms, and sisters who are mothers know what's what when it comes to childbirth — so give her a practical, postpartum gift to soothe all those bottom ailments.

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First Year Baby Book

This beautifully illustrated journal sets her up to easily jot down the details from year one to year five. Because it goes so fast — all the little moments, milestones, and even those sweet toddler words for things that she'll want to remember.

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Boob Maternity Nursing Tank Dress

What every mom-to-be wants is to find that perfect dress that transitions from pregnant belly to postpartum to new mom out-and-about in town.

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Fingerprint Pendant Necklace Kit

Give her the sweetest reminder of those little fingers. Unlike a baby book that gets stored in a bookcase, she can wear this keepsake close to her heart.


Mom's One Line a Day Memory Book

This memory book makes it easy for her to feel more present as a mama, by simply jotting down one line about each day (much like an Instagram caption, yet in print for her to keep).

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UGG Women's Slipper

Cozy sheepskin slippers are a must-have for any mom-to-be. They'll keep her feet happy in the hospital and lounging around with the newborn.

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To Do List Pillow

Your mom-to-be may be in full nesting mode pulling together a fab nursery, so this gift is a funny reminder to get more sleep (while she can).


Classic Spa Gift Basket

The best way to brighten the day of a mom-to-be is with a basket filled to the brim with pampering goodies.


Personalized Mother's Disc Necklace

Once you get the baby announcement (and find out the name!), this personalized stacking necklace will instantly make a heart-swell gift for her.


New Mama Natural Gift Box

Give her practical essentials for her and baby with this gift box of teas chosen by midwives, plus all-natural balms and salves for giving the skin some TLC.

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Sleep Mask

Because every moment of sleep counts, as your mom-to-be friend will soon realize.


Mother and Child Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for her, since she feels this sense of being complete since becoming a mother.


No-Spill Nightlight Cup

This no-spill nightlight cup works great for sleep-deprived nursing mamas who are fumbling around in the dark for what they need (trying not to wake the baby!).


Mom Photo Canvas

Here's an easy way to get those sweet snaps off the phone and onto a photo canvas for all to see.


Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace

Charm necklaces are still ever-so-charming. Don't forget to personalize these baby booties.


For the Nursery

Wood House Shaped Display Box

If your mom-to-be loves that handmade modern look, she'll swoon when she sees this Danish modern set of shelves for the nursery.

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Plush Fox

Soon to be the lovie that tags along everywhere, this corduroy fox is the stuffie no one can resist falling for.

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Wood School Bus

The wheels on the bus go round, and this award-winning wooden bus will spin some major time in the nursery.

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Colorful Wood Building Blocks Set

This colorful wooden block set will be an heirloom used for years and years. When baby is a toddler, the blocks are sure to turned into magical castles of make-believe play.

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Petit Collage Nesting Blocks

There are many nesting block towers out there, but this one is off-the-charts cute with its whimsical illustrations.

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Puffin Hardcover Classics Set

Give her a set of illustrated hardcover classics to dress up the nursery — and will be their bedtime reading as baby grows into a child.

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Elephant Pull Toy

Set her up with a classic pull toy that's still a favorite toy among toddling walkers. Plus, this elepant pull toy is simply sturdy, modern, and sweet.

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Plan Toys Cone Sorting

Here's what to look for in a toy for a mom-to-be: one that sits pretty on the shelf, feels good in small hands, and transitions as a toy from baby to toddler years.

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BlaBla Rattle Girl

Rather than a silver rattle (that will just sit on a shelf), go for this adorable handknit cotton rattle that will be snuggled and loved on by the little one.

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Floral Cotton Crib Sheet

She can never have too many crib sheets, and this floral pattern is too sweet for words — just perfect for her baby girl.

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2 Ply Organic Birdseye Washable Baby Wipes - 20 Pack - Little Wipes (R) - GOTS Certified Birdseye Cotton, Rainbow Assortment Color Edges

These organic cotton baby wipes are trimmed in rainbow — to make diaper duty a little brighter (also work great as soft baby washcloths).

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Giraffe Bookends

Your mom-to-be will love styling a stack of sweet children's books between sturdy bookends perfect for the nursery.


Soft Organic Rainbow Ball

Bright, soft, velvety rainbows rolling around on the baby's playmat will bring on the coos and smiles.

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Welcome Little One Personalized Baby Book

Give her a personalized baby book with baby's name right on the cover as a sweet memory keeper.


All-Around Useful

Cotton Fabric Storage Bins

Moms can never have too much storage, especially storage containers that are this stylish. These modern fabric bins keep diapering supplies or toys looking organized in the nursery.

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Chewbeads Teething Necklace

Give your soon-to-be-mama friend the ultimate teething solution. Chewbeads baby-safe necklaces are made with non-toxic silicone beads  — which teething babies love (especially while hanging out in the carrier.)

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Bamboo Feeding Set

A baby feeding set is still a classic gift for a mom-to-be. But make it modern (and useful) with bamboo pieces that are more practical than a pristine porcelain set.

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Original Pregnancy and Newborn Cards

You know what's important to her — having the cutest monthly snaps to track her growing bump on Instagram. Done and done.

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Sleepsack Swaddle

It's not easy to swaddle your newborn, so give her a sleepsack swaddle that's a cheat alternative to wrap-it-just-right swaddles.

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Maclaren Dylan's Candy Bar Stroller

Here's the ultimate splurge or group gift for any mom-to-be. She'll be psyched to roll around town with this sweet stroller.

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OXO Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

In a blink of an eye, the baby will be starting solids, so set her up with freezer storage containers for all the homemade applesauce and sweet potato puree she plans to make.

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Nighttime Soother Lamb

Suddenly lullabies will be her favorite tunes, when she sees how a little Twinkle Twinkle-playing lamb helps soothe the baby to sleep.

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4-in-1 Baby Cover

This star-tastic baby cover works as a nursing cover, grocery cart cover, and a shield from the sun.

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The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

Tested by moms and kid-approved, this book is full of recipes to help her delve into the role of mom chef.

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FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator with 20 Extra Filters

Hands down, this Nosefrida Snotsucker is the best way to deal with baby's runny nose.

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The Original Baby Cards

Give her the cutest baby milestone cards around so she can chronicle her baby's growth. Besides monthly cards, there are cards for sweet little milestones, like when baby says mama for the first time.

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Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

Give her all the baby lotions and creams and shampoos — because she'll always need more of everything.

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A Complete Guide to First Names

Before baby arrives, there's the big task of coming up with a name (or two!). So give your mom-to-be friend a name book — which is the most fun kind of research.

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Mar 24, 2017


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