The Greatest Gag Gifts Just For Her

If you had to describe her, the first thing that comes to mind is her sense of humor. Her witty sayings (sometimes mumbled under her breath). Her appreciation for the quirky things in life. Her unabashed love for cats (cat ladies unite!). So when you’re searching for gifts for her, keep it light and not-so-serious to match her personality. And channel her humorous side with gag gifts that are sure to delight her.

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Tell it Like It Is
Tacos & Booze Doormat

You probably can think of 5 friends who need this doormat. Us too. 


NOPE. T-Shirt

She's one in a million. And like a toddler, she has no qualms about saying nope . 


I'm Introverting Please Go Away Coffee Mug

For any self-proclaimed introverts you know, here is the perfect little something to give. 


Boss Lady Desk Plate

A little bit cheeky, but also true. Here's the funny desk plate for a boss lady you know. 


'I Like Long Romantic Walks at Target' Wine Glass

You share a love of the Target dollar aisle. Toast to shared interests (over wine).


Funny Glass Coffee Mug

Please don't talk to her before she's had coffee. Please save everyone around her by buying this gift. 


Home Is Where the Pants Aren't Pillow

She likes to keep a more casual (pants-optional) style at home. 


This Is Definitely Wine Mug

First comes kids, then comes a strong need for coffee (daytime) and wine (post-bedtime). 


Damn You, Autocorrect! Book

For anyone who's been caught in an embarrassing text situation, this humorous book highlights the dangers of autocorrect. 


Big Personality Desk Signs

It's okay to celebrate the big personality that she is. 


Hot Chick Sleepshirt

Silly but useful, this chick sleepshirt peeps of fun. 


That's What She Said Coffee Mug

She may not take this as a sarcastic gift, which makes it all the more perfect. 


Yogasm Tote

You might make her sweat with this tote.   


Women's Funny Nurse Shirt

Nurses everywhere need this shirt for a good laugh. 


Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Mugs

She's always right, and here's a gift to prove it. 


Kindergarten Teacher Appreciation T-Shirt

The funny thing about kindergarten teachers is they do seem like real-life ninjas. 


What She Loves
Sushi Pushpins

For your favorite sushi companion, here's a set of pushpins for the office (and a laugh). 


Taco Shell Cheese Shredder

She does an official Taco Tuesday at home, so you know she'll appreciate this silly shredder. 


Food Truck Bird Feeder

She loves gourmet food trucks (who doesn't, right?) and this bird feeder makes a super fun way to bring birdies to fly by. 


Black Kaleidoscope Glasses

These kaleidoscope glasses are sure to blow her mind with a galaxy of color for her eyes to see. 


Cat Wine

She loves her cats so much, you know she'll be happy to have a special (legit) cat wine to give her beloved kitties. 


Cat Picture Hangers

She's always loved cats, and she'll love a new way to hang up her favorite pictures. 


Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

The best part of this gag gift is the photos she'll text you (showing her cats on their laptop scratch pad.)


Carrot Whisk

Whimsical fun is just her kind of humor. Here's a useful, yet silly, whisk she'll love for making Saturday pancakes. 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Novelty Round Pillow

Here's the perfect pillow if she has a real sweet tooth (or if she's going on a diet!). 


Animal Butt Magnets

Everyone should be proud of their bottom, and these animal butt magnets celebrate a favorite part. 


Emoji Practice Golf Balls

She'll be the life of the course with these emoji golf balls. 


Anatomical Heart Pendant

You did say you were giving her your heart — so this gift is both funny and true. 


Thumb Piano

Thumbs can do more than tap away on smartphones. Oh yes, she'll get a giggle from playing around with a thumb piano. 


Wine of the Month Club

The only un-funny part of this gift will be when she realizes the monthly club has an expiration. 


All the Single Ladies
Fries Before Guys Tank Top

She'll be all smiles with this shirt, because some things are irreplaceable. 


Cat Decorative Pillow

Silly can border on a little bit creepy, and here's the decorative way to poke fun at your cat lover. 


Bitter is the New Black Book

A smart-mouthed book on being bitter makes for a witty read she'll enjoy. 


Cat Tissue Holder

There are no words for this tissue holder. Be sure to pass the Kleenex after you all start crying from laughing so hard. 


Cat Paper Towel Stand

Tease her (a little) on being a cat lady. She'll enjoy that you paired poking fun with something she can actually use. 


What She Needs (Wink Wink)
Moms Who Drink and Swear Book

Because she tries, but really, the swear words just seem to fly out of her mouth. And kids are wild little *#^&*.   


Scotch Tape Cosmo Dispenser

She's very predictable and always orders the fancy, fruity martinis. Here's one that attaches well to her office. 


Mommy Juice Wine Glass

Cheers to surviving through the sleep deprivation, toddler meltdowns, and all of the rest.


Mother Of Boys Low Battery T-Shirt

She'll appreciate wearing a shirt that explains why she looks tired (motherhood). 


Friendly Flower Vase

She loves adding an oddball piece of decor here or there in her home — here's a real score (just add flowers). 


Bitch a Little Wine a Lot Wine Glasses

Because she's not afraid to admit that she does both — bitch and wine.  


Prescription Coffee Mug

The only thing she desperately needs a refill on is her morning coffee. 


My Man Has a Big Tool Necklace

Give her a necklace that's funny — and gives you props.


Tipsy Wine Glasses

Clink clink to wine glasses that are on the tipsy side. 


One-of-a-Kind Caricature

Here's a great way to get a giggle: give her a caricature of herself. It's a gag gift that can't be found in a store. 


Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

Admittedly, she's someone who would love a little booze on the beach. 


Knight Boiled Egg Cup Holder

There's no reason to own an egg cup holder like this, except that it's hilariously cute on the table. 


World's Largest Coffee Cup

Because size does matter when it comes to caffeine in the morning. 


Come in, Go Away Doormat

Here's a better way for her to welcome guests, with humor.   


USB Thumb Drive - Literally!!

Give her a thumb (for reals) for backing up her work.   


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May 29, 2017


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