The Sweetest Gifts To Give Between Sisters

Sisters share many things. Growing up, you and your sister likely shared clothes, and you may have even shared a crush on a certain heartthrob (whose poster-size image was hung up in your shared bedroom.) Nowadays, you share a love for shopping — and finding that special bag, perfect piece for your home, or problem-solving solution. Here's what to give that sister of yours to show her some sisterly love.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Giant Ice Pop Pool Float

Remind her of the days when you two used to chase down the ice cream truck — and give her a giant float for chilling out in the water.


Passport Holder

She loves pink, she loves to travel, and she's hard to nail down a perfect gift for  — until now. 


Color Changing Coffee Mugs

Add a little magic to her morning cup of joe. This mug quickly changes when you pour a hot drink inside. 


Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

This kit is the perfect gift to give your sister, along with a plan to do your nails together one evening. 


12-Piece Bright Colors Knife Set

Giving her any old knife is boring, but giving her a bright rainbow set of knives for her first kitchen — that takes a practical gift into the realm of fun. 


Silicone Wine Glass Set

Your sis loves to be outdoors as much as possible — outdoor concerts, picnics in the park, you name it. So give her a wine glass set she can pack for outings.


Let Your Smile Change the World Journal

Because you want her always believing in herself, and dreaming about how she can create change in the world around her. 


What's On Your List? Top Ten Book

When you were kids, you played Truth or Dare. Now that you're grown up, give her a book to note what's truthfully on your wishlist (where does she want to travel? what does she hope to do in 5 years?). 


Wooden Cheese Picks

Because your sis has always loved stinky cheeses way more than any sweets. And she's the best hostess you know. 


Birth Month Mini Dish

This pretty dish for earrings or rings symbolizes her birth month. And you know your sister loves any excuse to extend out her birthday from just the one day. 


Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Packaged pretty in a mason jar (which you know she'll love), this cookie mix is anything but ordinary — think key-lime base with shredded coconut and graham cracker crumbs. 


Grow Your Own Marinara Kit

Your sister is a made-from-scratch kind of cook, and she'll appreciate this addition to her garden. 


Celebrate Her Style
Monday To Sunday Sleeping Mask

Give your sister a way to relax with a mask that works wonders on her skin while she sleeps (with all natural ingredients and oils she'll appreciate).


Fries Before Guys Tote

Sisters come before any guys. Give her a gifty reminder that's she first on your list.


Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet

Silver polished leather turns this clutch wallet into a stylish statement for her. Because you know anything shiny will bring out your sister's sparkle. 


Hello Doormat

You don't see her everyday, but you can start her day with a cute hello.


Breakfast Smoothie Organic Powder Packs

Because your sis loves her morning smoothie — and these raw organic powders pack a healthy blend in her breakfast drink.


Starry Night Pendant Necklace

Because you and your sister grew up wishing on the stars and moon together. (And waking up thinking the fairies had visited when there was sand in your eyes.) 


GUESS Inside Out Tote

Bright pink stripes and a pretty tote bag sound like the perfect combination for a sister you know. 


Assorted Lulu Champagne Flutes

Cheers to your sister with a set of four handmade champagne flutes that make any occasion feel festive. 


Too Cool For School Lip Balm

Because lip balm feels more like your sis than matte lipstick. And this moisturizing balm is too fun to pass up. 


Gold Astrology Cuff

The delicate cutout design of this cuff represents her astrology sign, making it a golden gift for her. 


Herb Garden Recipe Tin

This modern, oh-so-pretty recipe tin will keep all of the family's coveted recipes organized in one spot for her.


Bath & Shower Oil

Whether your sister prefers the bath or shower, this mix of essential oils (including English lavender) will leave her feeling as refreshed as a spring day. 


Madeline Graphic Print Fleece

Your sister is one amazing mom, who's sharing the gift of the classic Madeline book series with her daughter. Give her a shirt that will make her look super cool in front of the kids. 


Color Wheel Pendant

Because you've both loved rainbows since you were little, and this color wheel pendant is the grownup version of a rainbow necklace for her. 


Paddywax Oil Diffuser Jar

She'll be happy to make her home (maybe even that powder bath) smell like a field of flowers. And the vintage-style diffuser is just her style. 


Spa Tower

Nothing like a tower of spa goodies to delight your sister (who could spend an hour in the beauty aisle.) 


Bedside Smartphone Vase

Give her phone a proper place to rest for the night, and give her flowers to wake up to in the morning. 


Wine Preserver

Your sister loves her wine, and loves to entertain. This chic wine preserver keeps the leftover wine flowing the day after the party. 


Le Creuset Canister with Wood Lid

She could always use extra storage in the kitchen, and your sister loves most anything in pink. 


Home Sweet Home
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Book

Perhaps you've heard your sister express utter frustration at organizing, de-cluttering, or how to handle all the stuff that seems to overtake her house. Here's the perfect book for her to start on the path of tidying up (in a real way).


Cherrywood Tea Nest Infuser & Teaspoon Set

For the sister who's a tea drinker, this cherrywood tea set is something she'd never buy herself (but will love to receive.) 


Avocado Huggers

Sisters appreciate simple solutions that make life easier — like a way to store that half avocado for tomorrow's smoothie. 


Bike Bag Carrier

Your sister loves to get around on her bike, and this cute carrier will make it even easier. 


Library Card Pouch

This pouch is a nod to your childhood, as you two grew up going to the local library together. And now your sister takes her little crew for reading hour. 


Tablet Holding Cutting Board

No one has a better Pinterest board of foodie dishes to try than your sister. Here's an easy way for her to food prep off those online recipes. 


Strong Women Pendant

Your sister is the strongest woman you know. She'll still appreciate the sweet reminder. 


Nordic Tea Light Trough

You'd describe her style as modern woodsy — so these Nordic tea lights will fit right into her home. 


Berry Buddy Strainer

Because being in the kitchen feels less like work if she has pretty tools for prepping meals and snacks. 


Rustic Metal Wire Baskets

There are a thousand ways she can use these rustic modern metal baskets at home. Suggest one or two in the card, and see what she does. 


Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

For the sister who's a proud cat lady, give her whimsical cups that measure up. 


Good Times Together
Umbra Weave Photo Display

This felt photo display feels modern — and makes it easy for your sister to display (and change out) favorite snaps. 


Mermaid Tail Transparent Shotglasses

She may now be of legal drinking age, but your sister believed in mermaids not so long ago. These mermaid tail shotglasses make an unexpected, fun gift. 



Sheep Canvas Tote Bag

Because your sister always says she's the black sheep of the family. Give her this tote with a wink. 


Umbra Collage Picture Frame

Here's the best picture frame to give a sister with a stellar Instagram collection of square snaps.


Scratch Travel Journal

For the sister with a case of wanderlust, this special journal is perfect for her upcoming trip. 


Past Present Future Necklace

Because you share a past, present, and look to the future with your sister by your side. 


Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

Your sister takes great photos (that stay trapped on her phone), so give her an instant solution to enjoy family photos at home. 


My Family Cookbook

Family secrets are meant to be shared, especially when it's about food. Here's a personalized gift she'll adore and use. 


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By: Jen L'Italien  |  May 17, 2017


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