Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

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Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Coupon Booklet
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Golf Ball Markers
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Safe Paperweight
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Personalized Street Signs - Your Territory
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Leather Classic Beer Holster
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Moustaches Grand Pilsner Glass
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Damn You, Autocorrect!
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:His Beer/Her Beer Pilsner Set
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Death Wish Coffee
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Zombie Cookie Jar Head
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Back Rake
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Day At The Beach
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Football Stadium Chip And Dip
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Astronaut Ice Cream Space Food
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Pi Pie Pan
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Official Licensed Minecraft Hat
Funny Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend:Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Expert Tips

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How to Find the Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

You know him well, and you want to get him something he wants or needs - preferably both. All it takes to choose the perfect present is a little thought about his interests and personality. Here are a few categories to consider when seeking the perfect birthday gift idea for a boyfriend:


Drive Him Crazy

If your boyfriend is an auto aficionado, why not give him an experience, like a trip to the racetrack or a chance to get behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle? Snap some photos and make it a day to remember!


Quench His Thirst

From homebrew kits to beer-of-the-month clubs to mini-fridges, there are a variety of gifts that appeal to men with a taste for fine ales.


Frame Him

A favorite image of the two of you in a classic frame, with or without engraved message, will demonstrate your love and affection.


Be Romantic

Poetry and flowers are classics for a reason, and men aren't immune to their charms. If you want something more unique, try a DIY coupon book that he can redeem for sexy perks or a book version of your personalized love story.


Get Practical

Socks, underwear and toiletries don't need to be ordinary. A stylish mix of necessities is a can't-miss boyfriend birthday gift.


Help Him Host

From ice molds that make drinks in the style of the fanciest cocktail bars to classic glassware to spirit-mixing kits, a home bartender will appreciate you elevating his game.


Act Silly

Stress balls, desktop golf sets and funny tees or mugs with messages that will make him smile are always a hit at parties. 


Accessorize Him

A classic belt or a wear-with-everything tie is a staple of a good wardrobe. If he dresses up daily, go for the Necktie of the Month Club.

Gift Guides

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Go-To Birthday Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

You have all the plans set to ring in a special birthday celebration for that boyfriend of yours. All you need now is the birthday gift. (And you’ve spent so much time planning out the other birthday details that you’re probably running short on time to shop for gifts.) Don’t worry, we’ve got it all pulled together snip-snap in one easy list. That way you can get back to what’s important — celebrating him.

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