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Getting Started Looking for the Best Silver Anniversary Gifts
Arriving at the 25th year of marriage is a major milestone that calls for the perfect present to express your devotion. So how to choose an ideal silver anniversary gift? Look for something that celebrates and elevates your quarter-cetury of love.

Spend time together
Take time to savor the accomplishment of spending 25 years as a married couple. Take off on a romantic getaway, whether it's a day trip on a sailboat or an overnight trip for two to a tropical island. You've earned the luxury. 

Woo with words
Expressions of love are always treasured, whether they're written in pen and ink in a romantic note or assembled in a personalized anniversary journal or a book full of things you adore about your partner.

Honor tradition
They don't call it the silver anniversary for nothing! Commemorate this big moment with the precious metal in the form of an engraved locket, a stylish watch or an elegant frame, complete with photo of you two!

Give him the universe
When no earthly gift will do, choose something out of this world, like a piece of the moon or a star named just for him. You can guarantee that no one else will buy him a gift so divine.

Celebrate a memory
Whether it's a perfect day from your honeymoon or the birth of a child, find a keepsake that signifies a magical piece of your married life. It might be an engraved frame, a jar that holds little love notes or a statue or piece of art that reminds you of a beautiful moment in time.

Embrace a new experience
Take a couples' cooking class, go on ziplining for the first time (in tandem!), or just buy a new game you can play together. Fresh adventures and new learnings keep the magic alive!