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How to Find Gifts for Cooks That Put Them on a Pedestal
Imagine how the world would even turn without cooks - we'd all be hangry! At-home cooks feed our bellies, and a good meal also feeds the soul. For the passionate cook in your family (or your friend who throws the best dinner party), the best strategy is to choose cooking gifts for him or cooking gifts for her. Sounds simple, right? Then when you look around, you'll find the dizzying array of every imaginable kitchen tool. Not so simple! Here's how to nab a gift that will measure up in the eyes of your cooking star.

What's On TV

A great question to ask your cook: what’s your favorite cooking show? The style of the celebrity chef or the coolness factor of a cooking reality show (where you have to show your cooking chops) can clue you into insider ideas for cooking gifts for him or her.

Most Important Meal

Ask your cook (or ask your cook’s partner) about their favorite meal of the day. If your cook is a die-hard brunch lover, then you could consider kitchen tools geared to making brunchy eggs and French toast at home.

Recipe Swap

Think about what kinds of recipes your cook has shared with you. Are they timesaving recipes for a weekday dinner or fancy-sounding dishes with spices like white-truffle infused salt? That way you can play off the way she cooks already — whether it’s more artisanal foods and simple farm-fresh produce.

Feed Feed

Some cooks are all about the cooking, and not into hosting and entertaining. Keep that in mind when choosing cooking gifts for him. If your cook is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, a kitchen tool would be a smarter idea than glassware for dinner parties.

Think Green

Do a little snooping around your cook’s home (or ask around) to find out what sustainable practices your cook follows — that will help you find good picks. Your cook may compost and carry cute reusable bags for groceries (idea, idea), or you’ll know not to give a pod coffeemaker that’s high on waste.

Wish Granted

For Christmas cooking gift ideas, do some snooping to find out what your cook is saving up for. Maybe it’s a wok, maybe it’s a juicer, maybe it’s a simple timesaver like a slow cooker. Bigger ticket kitchen items can be pricey, so Christmas could be a great time to pull people together for a group gift — and grant her that wish.

Hunger Games

Ask your cook what really makes her salivate — what is the one dish/ingredient/food that makes her tastebuds happy. When you know what would be her pick, you have a gifting clue that’s gold.

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