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Grandparents Day! A Guide to Giving Back
Grandparents are so generous with their time, love, and attention that we often take them for granted. Thankfully, Grandparents Day gives us a much-deserved opportunity to give back. Here are some heartfelt gift ideas for grandparents that show them you've been paying attention all of these years. 

Pay Homage to What They've Given You or Your Kids
 For the grandparents who love to give their grandkids books to read, a sweet pair of bookends is just the thing. Do grandma and grandpa spoil their little ones with cookies? Try an adorable cookie jar.

Give Them a Great Escape
 Grandparents may not be as adventurous as they once were, but don't underestimate their spunk. A fun getaway might be just what they need.

Feed Them This Time
Grandparents are well-known for stuffing their grandchildren with home-cooked meals. Nourish them back with food baskets, seeds for gardening, or restaurant reservations.

Keep Their Minds Sharp
They've taught you and your children so much, so honor the erudite grandparents with gifts that stimulate their intelligence, like crossword puzzles or antique novels.

Spell Out Their Awesomeness
Anything emblazoned with World's Best Grandma or Grandpa may seem cheesy, but guess what? They'll genuinely love it.

Spoil Them
Just because they're older doesn't mean that they don't want to be cool. Help your grandparents stay hip by getting them the latest gadget or some stylish but age appropriate gear.

Surprise Them
Host a party in their honor with all of the kids and grandkids in one place. Don't forget to hire a photographer and get the whole family to chip in for food, decorations and organizing the event.

Honor Their Past
Dig up all of their interesting, glamorous and historic old photos and ask them to walk you through a bunch. Then, surprise them by putting the photos in a nice scrapbook that they can keep on the coffee table to share with friends and relatives who visit.