What I Love about Dad Fill in the Love Journal

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What do your gifts say about you? Another year, another hammer and bargain basement tie, another polite smile from your father figure as he adds the trinkets to his growing collection of "what am I going to do with this?" goodies. Enough with all the stuff. Think your dad is rad? Show him once and for all how much you really care with the What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal. It's a chance for kids of all ages, creativity levels, and writing abilities to turn ordinary words into tear-jerking, laugh-inducing, memory-making sentences that'll have Dad snuffling as he claims he "got something in his eye". Don't worry about finding all the right words. The journal guides you in the right direction with fill-in-the-blank sentences that provide the ideal foundation for your own pithy sayings. Go for sentimentality and pull at his heartstrings or alternate more touching odes to fatherhood with hilarious messages that'll have dad laughing so hard he'll forget the year you tried to flush his classic action figures down the toilet. Give a copy of this customizable journal to help him celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other milestone. It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 50, you're never too old to tell your dad just how much you love him. PRODUCT INFO: Personalized gifts please dads of all stripes Go beyond the tie for birthday presents for dad Hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket; 4.5 x 3.25 inches 112 pages

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