Protractor Pizza Cutter

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When it comes to pizza, every inch of that cheese-covered goodness matters. Losing even a centimeter of your pepperoni-topped territory is downright heartbreaking. And who wants to be the one left runty slice thanks to someone's subpar cutting job? No one, that's who. In other words, this is no time for guesswork. To avoid an all out war over whose slice reigns supreme, snatch up this Protractor Pizza Cutter and make portion size into a science. This stainless steel pizza cutter features easy-to-read measurements to help you gauge the right spot to cut your pizza into six or eight slices. The rounded blade whips through crust like a hot spoon through fresh ricotta, and the thoughtfully seamless design won't get gunked up with sauce or toppings. Even if your favorite pie is covered in ham and pineapple (you do you - we won't judge!), there's always some one waiting to bogart more than their fair share. Just say no to pizza theft and use this protractor pizza cutter to usher in a new age of culinary peace. Surprise your favorite pizza lover with a present that honors their affection for all things thin crust and end dinnertime inequality once and for all. PRODUCT INFO Stainless steel pizza cutter and slice measurer Double sided - measures 6 or 8 slices Easy to use with a rounded blade Measures 17cm(W) x 11.5cm(H) x 0.1cm(D)

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