Ventilated Outdoor Wine Covers

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"Hey waiter… what's that fly doing in my wine?""Why, it looks like the backstroke, sir."Ah, that classic Dad joke is hilarious until you're the one with a bug in your Bordeaux. There's nothing fun about filtering your wine through your teeth to ensure you're keeping any petite party crashers at bay, which is why these Ventilated Outdoor Wine Covers are such a smart buy.The innovate design includes a weighted screen - that means the cover stays put even when it's windy outside, so the screen can do its job without interruption. Swapping out a solid lid for this screened version also lets your wine breathe, aerating vintage picks while you drink. Proof that the creators thought of everything, each set comes with a variety of colors so you can assign a screen to each guest and know whose Pinot is whose.Surprise your favorite oenophile with outdoor wine covers that makes alfresco happy hours that much more enjoyable. Whether you grab a set for yourself, add them to guests' drinks at your next barbecue as a cute (and reusable) party favor or stock up for holiday gifts galore, this find promises lots of happy times and worry-free drinking to come.PRODUCT INFO: Size: 4 inches diameter

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