Freudian Slippers

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Lay back on the couch and tell us how you're feeling. Had a rough day? These Freudian Slippers (get it?!) are here to lend support. Crafted for the perfect blend of comfort and support, these casual slides are ideal for wearing while lounging around the house, taking care of daily chores, or explaining to your shrink why you adore slippers that come with their very own faces. Imagine sweeping the kitchen or making the kids' lunches for school all while ignoring your emotions and focusing on these slippers' googly eyes, adorable nose, and cutesy little glasses instead. The best part? These innovative slippers were designed with a very special feature in mind. When you slide the check footwear onto your feet, your toes end up snuggly situated in Sigmund's tongue. Wiggle your piggies and make the tongue do a silly dance, or choreograph an entire comedy routine with only your toes doing the talking. Freud won't judge - actually, on second thought… When you need a gift that's sure to surprise, these Freud Slippers are where it's at. Present a psych student or mental health professional with slippers that act as a daily nod to their favorite subject or give these to anyone who gets a kick out of wearable art meant to give onlookers a good giggle. Now you can really put your foot in it! Walk in the master's footsteps with these newly PRODUCT INFO: Plush and comfy Each slipper has our patented built-in sock tongue! Wiggle your feet to make Freud's tongue move! Available in men's and women's sizes (see sizing chart) Comes in an attractive gift box and make a great gift for a teacher, psychology student, or a therapist (or anyone needing therapy) SIZE CHART: Men's US Size Women's US Size Freudian Slipper Size 6-8 6-9.5 Small 8.5-11 10-11.5 Medium 11.5-14 12+ Large

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