Motion Sensor Purse Light

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What purse owner hasn't spent a decent portion of their life clawing their way around the bottom of the bag trying to locate something important? Oh, I need my ID? It's in there somewhere. Desperately want my favorite lipstick? Gonna have to swish my hand from side to side like a deranged mime as I silently but very seriously hunt for that perfectly pink gloss. From hard candy to hair clips, rubber bands to exact change for the vending machine, there are so many things we literally lose sight of when we carry essentials around in a gigantic tote - and that's exactly why everyone with a shoulder bag needs this Motion Sensory Purse Light.Save someone special from themselves and their endless disorganization with this light that reacts to motion or even a light tap. As the resident purse owner frantically looks for their mobile phone, the light senses movement and flips on, illuminating the interior of the purse so you can find what you need. By the time you've turned your attention back to your cocktail or finished applying the formerly long-lost lip gloss, the light has automatically turned off and the contents of your purse are plunged back into comforting darkness.Let's face it: some of us will always prefer carrying around the things we might need to paring down our purse to the bare minimum. And the rest of the world loves that we always have tissues and breath mints close at hand, so why change? So give someone the gift of light (literally) and be the everyday hero you've always wanted to be. PRODUCT INFO: Batteries included (2x AAA, lasting about one year in frequent usage) Automatically turns off after 10 seconds Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.2 x 1.4 in (10.7 x 10.7 x 3.6 cm) Product Weight: 1.45 oz Made in Germany

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