50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best Gift Ideas of 2020

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Why I Love You Book
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Our Life Together Wall Art
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Our Years Together Canvas
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Date Newspaper Book
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Beer Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Wine Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Photo Collage Frame
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Photo Shelf Blocks Set
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:On The Day You Were Married
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Variety Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Chocolate Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Flower Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Romantic Wall Plaque
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Glass Anniversary Picture..
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Years Together Anniversary Canvas
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Intersection Of Love - Photo Print
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Vinyl Record
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Anniversary Glass Wine Chiller..
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Lunch & Dinner Cruises
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Star Map
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Scenic Cruises
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Vinyl Record
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Engraved Anniversary Picture Frame
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:NYT Custom Anniversary Book
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Milestone Dates Keepsake
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Helicopter Tours
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Monogrammed Luxury Throw
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Wine Making Kit With Barrel
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Fingerprint Cufflinks
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Custom Fingerprint Pendant
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Special Dates Personalized Canvas
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Anniversary Wine Glass
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:What I Love About You Journal
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Portable Double Hammock
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Anniversary Whiskey Glass
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Memory Lane Personalized Canvas
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Name A Star
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Coffee Of The Month Club
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Willow Tree Anniversary
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Sand Picture
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Photo Canvas Print
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Romantic Glass LED Light Gifts..
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:You Warm My Soul Art
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized LED Picture Frames
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Tic-Tac-Toe Hearts 12x12 Wooden Shiplap Sign
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Made With Love Personalized Red Casserole..
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:Personalized Woven Throw

Expert Tips

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How to Get Golden Anniversary Gifts That Say It All

Fifty years of marriage is certainly an occasion for bringing some serious gleam to your gifts, whether they're jewelry, love notes, travel, or beyond. Check out our guide to choosing the perfect one for the special person who's stood by you all those years. 


Say it with a signet

A signet ring is a popular gold ring that can be easily personalized with your monogram or family crest. What a perfect way to "stamp" 50 years of memories into a piece of jewelry both husbands and wives will wear and treasure for years to come. You can even have a secret message inscribed on the underside of the ring if you so please!


Picture perfect

Create a photo album of all your treasured times from the last 50 years for a golden anniversary gift that's sure to delight not just on the day it's opened, but time and time again once it takes its rightful prideful place on your coffee table. From wedding photos to silly candids, it's hard to beat a compilation of memories like this. Choose an album cover with gold accents if you're feeling extra ambitious, or a well-placed "50" on the cover gets the point across just as well.


Light things up

Nothing sets the mood like a golden anniversary gift of candles, and a pristine set, complete with gold candleholders are the perfect pieces to light up your mantelpiece and delight your partner with a romantic glow. It's also the perfect way to remind them that they're kept the "fire burning" even after all these years.


Time it right

A gold watch ? or gold-accented clock ? is a beautiful way to remind your love that it hardly feels like any time's gone by in your journey together. Not only that, but they'll be sure to think of you and your thoughtful golden anniversary gift many times throughout the day!


Write it out

Your love deserves a special place to write their hopes, dreams, feelings, thank-you notes, and? yes, even shopping lists! Gilded-edge stationery is a stunning and luxurious present that anyone will love, especially knowing how much thought went into the clever and useful golden anniversary gift. Pair it with a gold-edged journal or daybook to keep the theme going. And why not have it embossed with your love's name for a unique touch?


Pack things up

A trip for 50 days only seems appropriate for such a milestone, but that's hardly something most of us can pull off. Instead, give a fun twist by scheduling a 50-HOUR trip. Leave Friday afternoon and get back Sunday early evening. The trick? Make sure you make the most of every one of your 50 hours together, whether it's simply sharing quiet time over books, taking in the sunset, or trying something new and adventurous! It's definitely a golden anniversary gift you'll both enjoy and love referencing year after year. Bon voyage!

Gift Guides

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Unforgettable Gifts to Celebrate a Half Century of Marital Bliss

Some numbers sound like a big deal. And when it comes to anniversaries, it's hard to get bigger than the big 5-0! Hopefully, the celebrations are coming along, but you're now tasked with finding an anniversary gift. What can you give the couple who's happily made it together for 50 years? (And would do it all over again in a heartbeat.) It's a warm-and-fuzzy milestone, so stick to anniversary gifts that feel straight from the heart.

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