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Gifts Under $25:Personalized Ticket Stub Scrapbook
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Wallets - Hands Off
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Apron
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Water Bottle For Kids - Stencil..
Gifts Under $25:Name A Star
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Name Art - Just For Them
Gifts Under $25:Kite With Flying Handle
Gifts Under $25:Personalized School Folders For Kids - My Name
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Wooden Baseball Bat - Engraved..
Gifts Under $25:All About Me Novelty Personalized Street Sign
Gifts Under $25:Smithsonian Mega Science Lab
Gifts Under $25:Keep Me Safe Personalized 7-Inch Wall Cross
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Name Bracket Apparel - Youth..
Gifts Under $25:LED Basketball (Track Your Shots)
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Pillowcases - Kids Name
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Notebook Sets
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Snack Bowl For Kids - Hands Off
Gifts Under $25:LED Poi Balls
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Throw Pillow
Gifts Under $25:Kids Camouflage Tri-Fold Wallet For Boys
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Ice Skating Character Coffee..
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Sweatshirt For Girls - Her..
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Boys Dinner Plate - Sports
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Kids Aprons - Junior Chef Design
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Mini Photo Hockey Stick - My..
Gifts Under $25:Remote Control Wall Climbing Car
Gifts Under $25:Watermelon Water Ball
Gifts Under $25:Gummy Bear Night Lights
Gifts Under $25:Nature Kaleidoscope Kit
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Girls Growth Chart - Precious..
Gifts Under $25:Personalized Picture Frames - School Spirit
Gifts Under $25:Golds Gym Dance Workout For Nintendo Wii
Gifts Under $25:You Hit A Home Run With Me
Gifts Under $25:Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock
Gifts Under $25:Color Your Own Soccer Ball
Gifts Under $25:Nightball Foot Ball
Gifts Under $25:Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty
Gifts Under $25:Spirograph Deluxe Design Set
Gifts Under $25:Spot It
Gifts Under $25:IPad Headrest Mount For Car
Gifts Under $25:Mug With A Hoop
Gifts Under $25:LED Color Changing Showerhead

Expert Tips

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How to Buy Mind-Blowing Gifts for 9-Year-Olds

At age nine, kids are still kids, but they're old enough to appreciate a thoughtful gift when they're given one. They usually have well-defined interests and personalities at this age, but also retain that childlike sense of wonder, which makes gift-giving even more fun. Here are some cool ways to think about gifts for the awesome 9-year-old in your life.


Help Her Reach for the Stars

Whether it's an acre of land on the moon (yes, you can gift that!) or a really cool telescope, encourage her curiosity about the universe with an astronomy gift.


Encourage His Artistic Side

Writing, painting, and drawing are great ways for a 9-year-old to express himself, so help him along with moleskine notebooks, finger-painting sets, or a high quality set of colored pencils.


Be Fun and Educational

Toys, puzzles, and games that teach while they entertain are great for curious 9-year-olds, who are digital natives and hungry to learn new things.


One Word: Robot

Robots never fail to fascinate kids of all ages. If you gift a 9-year-old anything robotic, you're sure to score major points.


Personalize It

Kids love their own names. It's a key part of their identities. Think about gifting your favorite 9-year-old a pillow, sweatshirt, backpack - pretty much anything - emblazoned with her name.


Keep It Weird

Kids love things that are strange and funny, so choose an impressive oddity. Socks that look like animal feet or a pencil case that looks like a sneaker are a few examples of perfectly weird gifts for 9-year-olds.


Give the Gift of Fun

Whether it's a trampoline, a brand new board game, or a trip to Disney World, gifts that offer a whole world of fun are guaranteed to go over great with the 9-year-old in your life. Let his youthful spirit inspire your gift idea.

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