40 Best Gifts for Stepmom

Have you been scouring the internet, searching terms like “gifts for stepmom” and “gifts for stepmother” in hopes of finding something she’ll actually like and use? Picking out gifts for a bonus parent can be tricky, but this list of fully vetted suggestions has the approval of our gifting experts, which means your stepmother is all but guaranteed to adore them too.

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Personalized Wind Chimes

Want to ensure you’re always the one on your stepmom’s mind? Give her this personalized windchime and every time it tinkles in the breeze, she’ll be reminded to make you those extra-large chocolate chip cookies you always ask her for. Seems like a win-win situation to us.


Tea from Around the World Set

Looking for gifts for a stepmom who prefers tea to coffee? This sweet set ditches java in favor of ten loose leaf tease from all over the world. Perfect for anyone new to the pleasures of bancha and roasted rice brews or for tea connoisseurs who love surprise discoveries.


Thoughtful Daily Notes

Show your gratitude with a jaw full of sentimental notes. Fill them out ahead of time, wrap up the whole package, and you have the perfect gift for stepmothers who are always asking for a DIY present but deserve so much more.


Picture Collage Coffee Mugs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this mug is the equivalent of an entire novel. Now your stepmom can sip her morning caffeine or nightly chamomile out of a cup covered in pictures of you, your kids, or the entire family. You can even personalize the mug with a message that’ll greet her each and every day.


Wine of the Month Club

What’s better than knowing that your wine cellar will never accidentally wind up empty? This gift delivers a couple bottles of handcrafted wine to the lucky recipient each month, ensuring your stepmom can relax with a refreshing beverage any time she wants.


Anywhere Tabletop Fireplace

Give your stepmom a stunning centerpiece for her patio table or deck. Now she can invite over the neighbors to sit around the fireplace and hear her brag about what good step kids she has.


Portable Water Purifier Bottle

Clean water on the go! It’s no longer just a hiker’s dream, it’s reality thanks to this ingenious invention that includes purifying technology right there in the lid. Give one to your stepmom to use when she’s out there killing it on the local hiking trails, running with her moms group, or heading off with Dad on that long-awaited backpacking trip across Europe.


60 Hour Candle

After years of wrapping up random pillar candles and votives, it’s time for something different, and this 60-hour candle delivers. She’ll love the design and use of 100% beeswax as much as she loves how long the winding spiral lasts.


Variety of the Month Club

This mix-and-match monthly delivery club is like sending a custom gift basket, but without all the fuss that comes with picking out stuff at the store and wrapping it yourself. Convenient yet special — everything you want in a gift for your stepmom.


Personalized Spa Robe

Spa-level luxury has arrived! Check out this personalized robe, with a kimono-style design and options for customization that ensure your bonus mom will be wrapped in comfort after her sudsy soak.


Classic Hair Tie Bracelet

Who wants to claw around in their bag looking for a hair tie when the wind starts whipping around? This fashion-forward bracelet boasts hidden functionality, giving your stepmom a place to stow her spare hair band while she works out, cleans, or finishes all that laundry you brought home from college. Thanks, ma!


Cake of the Month Club

German chocolate. Funfetti. Sponge. Genoise. Coffee. Chiffon. Angel food. So many types of cake to sample, and now your lucky stepmother gets to have her fill thanks to a monthly delivery of the very best sweet stuff money can buy.


Home Is Where Mom Pillow

You know how much your stepmom loves a good throw pillow. Now she can create comfort with a message thanks to a pillow personalized with a sweet message and your name. Custom cuddles? Why not!


Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Schedule a girl’s night on the water or send your stepmom on a date with dear old dad when you gift her a lunch or dinner cruise. With cruise locations all across the United States, there are plenty of opportunities to plan an excursion at home or while on vacation, giving your stepmom the gift of an incredible adventure and all the memories that go with it.


Wine Saver Carafe

What’s a thirsty lady to do when the boxed wine is flowing and a good pitcher is hard to come by? This carafe pulls double duty as stylish serviceware and a place to save leftover vino so not a single drop of that delicious Sancerre or two buck chuck will go to waste.


Engraved Glass Salad Bowl

Alfresco summer meals and impromptu dinner parties have never looked so chic. This personalized glass bowl features engraving on the side so you can add your stepmother’s last name or a fun phrase like “Mangia!”, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


Walking Food Tours

Cater to your stepmom’s foodie side with a tour that takes her through all kinds of eateries. From chocolate to beer to cheese and beyond, she’ll get to taste all types of delicious edibles that she’ll remember fondly (and hopefully recreate for you back at home) for years to come.


Sand Free Luxe Beach Towel

Introduce your stepmom to next-level towel technology with a 5-star towel that repels sand and looks good while doing it. Finally, that lazy day by the pool or trip to the shore can be as restorative as a week-long vacation in the tropics.


The Smart Garden

For parents who live in a smaller home with limited outdoor space or who simple want herbs and veggies at their fingertips, this Smart Garden delivers all the best parts of growing your own produce with cool features like automatic watering so even black thumbs will have plenty of basil for their homemade pesto.


Cheese of the Month Club

Want a gift you can feel really gouda about? Surprise your stepmother with this cheese of the month club and she’ll enjoy delicious dairy goodness brought right to her doorstep — and not a cheesy joke in sight. You’re welcome.


Daily Notes Jar

How grateful are you for your amazing stepmom? For the woman who has helped you through everything from adolescence to your first job interview or even just held your hand after a bad day at work or school, there’s a gift that reminds her with each note that you appreciate her just for being her.


Vinyl Record Clocks

Head’s up, music fans! This is an actual vinyl record transformed into a working clock, giving your fun-loving, record-collecting stepmother a new bit of home décor that suits her aesthetic and her personality.


Wine Making Kit & Barrel

Surprise your stepmom with a new hobby that produces more than just a pretty picture or little knit booties. This kit literally turns water into wine, and the mini barrel used for aging is attractive enough that she’ll want to keep it on display long after the last drop of her DIY vino has been consumed.


Zodiac Sign Necklace

Simple, sophisticated, and aligned with the stars, these zodiac necklaces are destined to become signature pieces. They’re a great pick for stepmoms who love astrology and beautiful jewelry in equal measure.


Family Birthstone Bracelet

She helped build a family, now you can build a bracelet with birthstones representing all the people that make her life so bright and beautiful. Join forces with your brothers and sisters and you have a group gift that’s a real winner.


Real Butterfly Wing Pendant

Nature lovers and those who find meaning in the most unexpected places will go crazy for this pendant that contains an actual butterfly wing. Whether she’s a lepidopterologist (someone who studies butterflies, of course) a new age queen or just someone who adores unique surprises, she’ll appreciate this gift for what it was, how lovingly it was created, and what it stands for.


Beatles Newspaper History Book

Was your stepmom one of the screaming girls standing front and center when the Beatles played their first concerts on American shores? Actually, you might not want to ask that — some ladies are sensitive about their age. Good thing this Beatles book is timeless. Beatlemania stretches across multiple generations, and there are few people who won’t appreciate this deep dive into the rise of George, Paul, John, and Ringo.


Engraved Silver Picture Frames - For My Mother

Step 1: Take a family photo. Step 2: Argue over which snapshot shows off your good side the best. Step 3: Put the photo in this heartwarming frame that’s personalized just for mom and watch as she unwraps it and realizes what a wonderful thing you’ve done.


Luxe Heated Weighted Blankie

These incredible heated blankets are redefining the word “cozy,” with weights that help whoever is snuggled underneath feel extra safe and secure. It’s next-level self-care for the woman who otherwise barely takes a minute for herself.


Memory Lane Personalized Canvas

Our memories are a mishmash of places, people, and events, and this personalized canvas captures it all to create a work of art that your stepmom can look at as she thinks back on all the good times your family has had together.


Modern Luxe Tote for Women

Yoga lover. Errand runner. Carpool captain. Grocery shopper. Student. Entrepreneur. For the stepmom who wears lots of hats and is always on the go, there’s a catch-all tote that looks fabulous and is ready made to carry everything a busy lady needs to get through the day.


Flower of the Month Club

You bring flowers when you remember, but how often is that? And if you live far away, forget about it — the delivery fees alone are a fortune. That’s what makes this flower of the month club gift so smart. One purchase and all the rest of work is done for you. Your stepmom gets a bunch of gorgeous blooms, and you get all the credit.


Personalized Purse Hanger

Mimosas minus an accidental handful of germs? If there was a universal list entitled “smart gifts for stepmothers who hate germs,” this would be near the top. The hanger keeps her bag off the floor, and the personalization adds a cute fashion-forward flourish.


Personalized Rhinestone Tumbers

Hydration won’t ever be an issue when your stepmom is eager to show off this bling-bling tumbler. Personalize it with her initials and everyone will know exactly who this quality cup belongs to.


Daily Self Care Planner

Moms are usually so focused on taking care of us that they forget to take care of themselves. This planner helps your favorite lady incorporate wellness into her routine so she can be as healthy and as happy as she tries to make you.


Tea of the Month Club

Pretend you’re a tea fairy and make oolong, Early Grey, green tea and more appear on your stepmom’s porch every month. She’ll get to indulge her love of a fragrant mug of herbal deliciousness, and you’ll feel great knowing your gift is delivering cup after cup of joy.


Sand Art

More than a mere desk ornament, these sand art sculptures are a recipe for meditation made simple. Order them for your stepmom and she gets an interactive experience that offers relaxation, introspection, and some very pretty shifting landscapes.


Personalized Flower Pots

Where is a flower-loving stepmom supposed to put her new plants? This personalized pot is ideal for aspiring gardeners who’ll get to see the names of their loved ones as they water their peonies and daisies.


Personalized Wood Lap Desk

No more trying to balance her laptop or tablet on her knees while she Netflix and chills. It’s a present with a purpose, and it’s personalized so your dad can’t “accidentally” steal it.


Handcrafted Cruet Set

Just what every avid entertainer needs to make their homemade salads spring to life.


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Jun 14, 2021


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