Gift Ideas to Celebrate 10 Years With Your Man

Time flies fast when you're with someone you love. And you've been cruising along in marital bliss for 10 years now! So it's time to scope out a special gift to celebrate that big 10th anniversary with him. We searched out gift ideas that feel romantic, feel traditional (tin or aluminum) for a 10th anniversary, or simply feel perfect for your guy. Because after 10 years of marriage, you know him well.

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Sweet Ideas for Your Sweet Guy

Let's Make Out Quote Pillow

With this hand-stamped linen pillow, you give him the message he really wants to read. 

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Moon Globe

Give him a globe that's a symbol of how you love him to the moon and back. 

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10th Wedding Anniversary Wine Bottle Labels

Mark the anniversary with custom wine bottle labels — they'll make your party of two feel extra festive. 

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Ampersand Bottle Opener

This ampersand bottle opener makes a sweet addition to the gift of some bubbly or wine, while you and him celebrate your anniversary. 

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I Love You Silver Hand Sculpture

There's more than one way to say "I love you". This sculpture will be a sturdy reminder on his desk. 

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Map of Our Hearts

Give him a map as a reminder that your two hearts came together as one love. 


Me without You Book

Looking for a sweet addition to your gift? This illustrated book shows how you're incomplete without him. 

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I Vow To Love You Video Game Coffee Mug

Because marriage is all about vowing to love the person you're with — even if he still loves to play video games after all these years. 

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Personalized Anniversary Sound Wave Print

Sound wave art is the kind of modern cool find that he loves — and this one can be personalized with a sweet message of love. 


Love Tokens

Because you know he'll put these tokens to good use — and it's the perfect kind of anniversary gift to reconnect with your guy. 


Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

This personalized world map will spark some fun conversations — mark where you've been as a couple, and put a pin on where you want to travel next. 


Meteorite Cufflinks

These cufflinks remind him how your relationship seemed to come out of nowhere, moved fast — and is still rock solid. 


Love Is Art Kit

New experiences are what keeps a relationship interesting — like painting a canvas together one night (just add wine). 


New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Here's a cool custom gift to show him what was happening 10 years ago, on your big day.


Sexy Truth or Dare

Who doesn't love a game of truth or dare? The grownup version is even more fun than you remember from your teenage days. 


Personalized Titanium Rings from Your Voice

Deliver a message of love from your voice. You'll be wrapped around his finger (in all the right ways.) 


Traditional Tin For Him

Tin Cufflinks

Give him a set of shiny cufflinks to bring in the tin tradition of a 10th anniversary — and wear on his sleeve. (You'll wear your heart on yours.)

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Handmade Tin Anniversary Sundial

This handmade lacquered tin sundial is a classic choice for a 10th anniversary. And it's perfect for the guy who brings sunshine to your everyday.

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Tin Ring Inscribed with Ten Years

To celebrate 10 years together in married bliss, here's a special ring that honors the tin tradition — and comes inscribed just for him.

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Metal Wallet Card Insert

He always carries his wallet on him. Now he can also carry a metal (indescructible) card inside, engraved with a love note.

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Tin Coin Cufflinks

This pair of tin dime cufflinks symbolizes your marriage, newly minted at the 10 year mark.

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Stainless Steel Custom Collar Stays

No one else will know that he has little love notes tucked under his collar. It'll be your little secret. 

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Handmade Inscribed Keychain

Here's the perfect add-on gift that links to the tin tradition with a sweet message. Buy a set of two so you both have one as a reminder.

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Compass Mug

For the guy who loves summer camping trips, here's a mug that channels the tin tradition for a 10th anniversary — and points in the direction of love. 

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Barbeque Branch Skewers

For the barbecue-loving husband, he'll appreciate how you chose a gift he can put to use on the grill. 


Ace Bottle Opener

Because you scored an ace with your handsome hubbie, and this metal bottle opener celebrates that 10th anniversary with tin. 


Adventurer Multi-tool Clip Watch

Clip on a gift watch that feels just right for your adventurous hubs. 


Just What He Loves

Bose Wireless Headphones

He's been jamming for an upgraded set of headphones with better sound — and better ways to block out noise. 

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13 Piece Beer Tasting Set

Here's a grownup set of beer glasses for the husband who loves craft brews. (Because you're too old for plastic cups!)


Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System

Your husband needs his caffeine fix like no other, so give him the best ninja coffee bar — and he'll transform into a barista. 

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Wireless Home Audio Leather Speaker

Music is sacred for him, so give him a speaker that's as handsome looking as it sounds. 

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Whiskey Tasting Kit

He takes everything to the next level when it comes to learning something he loves — and that includes whiskey. 


Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs

Your 10th anniversary is a perfect time to get classy with cocktails and say cheers to your better half. 

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Framed Poker Metal Sign

This handmade metal sign accents his favorite guilty pleasure — it's the perfect gift for his man cave.

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Premium Wine Making Kit

Because he loves wine, and he loves a challenge. And this gift will make your anniversary weekend more fun. 


Fizzics Beer Dispenser

He'll appreciate a gift that celebrates how the only thing better than a cold brew is a chilled beer on tap. 


Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set

In your 10 years together, you've learned the art of compromise. And also staking out what's his and what's yours when it comes to a good whiskey. 


Personalized Car Grille Wall Plaque

He spends enough time in the garage tinkering on his projects that it makes sense to give him something fun for the walls. 


Personalized Beer Tankard

For your laidback guy, the perfect anniversary starts with a beer. 


You Had Me At Merlot Wine Box

The best way to toast to your guy: his favorite bottle of wine in the sweetest-ever wooden box. 


Football Cocktail Shaker

Sometimes the best gift is about pairing two likes together — his passion for making cocktails and his love of football. 


Cocktail Glass Set with Cedar Gift Box

Everyone knows the best gifts come in cool packaging — like this cocktail glass set that's set in a special cedar box. 


I'd Pick You Every Time Guitar Pick

He serenades you on his guitar, just because he's that kind of guy. Here's the top pick to show your husband you'd choose him all over again. 

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Give Him Props

Best Husband Ever T-Shirt

The perfect shirt to give — because this is all he really wants to hear.  

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Best Husband Hollywood Award

If you're going to give your husband props, best to go all out and make it golden. 

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80% STUD 20% Muffin Apron

After 10 years, he could use a little reminder that he's still the stud muffin who caught your eye. 


Best Husband Ever Coffee Mug

Here's the perfect little gift to give him a daily affirmation along with his morning coffee.   

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Funny 10 Year Anniversary Shirt

Here's a shirt to poke some fun at him. Because the best way to roll through the next 10 years is with laughter. 

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Personalized Romantic Wood Postcard

Even guys can use a special lovie-dovie note to mark the anniversary. 


You Are The CSS to my HTML T-Shirt

Because you and your geeky husband fit together like no one else, even after all these years. 


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May 10, 2017


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