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Your anniversary is that one time of year where you can pause and take stock of where you are as a couple. And how much you've grown together. You'll think back to how it felt to say your vows, what you thought marriage would look like (and how young you were back then!). While you're taking a trip down memory lane with your man, be sure to pick up a gift to celebrate what a journey it's been. Here are anniversary gifts just for him.

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Your Complete Guide to Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
You thought you knew exactly what he likes, but here you are, scrambling for anniversary gift ideas for him. With that anniversary date fast approaching, you're tasked with the unique challenge of finding an anniversary gift for him that feels new. And anniversary gifts for men are tricky to get just right. Practical gift ideas win out for some holidays, but for an anniversary, consider what he really wants. Here's your guide to anniversary gift ideas for him. He wouldn't buy these gifts for himself, but he'll be oh-so-glad you did.

Go the custom route with a sentimental kind of gift
There are countless ways to create customized mementos as anniversary gifts for men. And let's face it, he loves to look through old photos with you but he doesn't love spending time doing the work of putting them all together in some fashion. Bingo: perfect anniversary gift ideas for him.

Give a gift that goes to the core of what he does in his off-hours
Your main squeeze loves to get his heartrate going, so you could gift him some fitness gear you know he could use.   

Celebrate with a special toast to your man
Clink those crystal glasses and tap into your favorite drinks to celebrate the big day. Give him a set of new glasses, his favorite bottle of spirits, cubes to chill his cocktail, or the whole enchilada - and then clear your calendar for a night just the two of you.

Upgrade something he uses all the time
It's tough to be the neighborhood reigning king of barbecue without a slick set of BBQ tools. Or maybe he's jamming to the dinkiest speaker in all the land. Give him an upgrade that will make a huge difference in his days. 

Make it a gift you share together
Experience gifts make easy anniversary gifts for men who are hard to shop for. Who doesn't love a good time or a fun new adventure? Or give him something for your home that you'll both appreciate - like the grill you know he's pitching for or the new mattress/bed/linens you both desperately want.