The Ultimate Gift List of Ideas that Will Warm Grandma's Heart

It's safe to say, in her long life, Grandma has experienced some whopping bad gifts — it's just the rule of numbers. That being said, here's a woman who is an anchor of love and sweet support in your family. You want to find a gift that truly measures up. It's about going above and beyond Grandma's expectations — and even maybe, surprising someone who's seen many, many gifts in her lifetime.

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Little Indulgences

Wooden Pie Box Carrier

For the Grandma who makes the most talked-about apple pies, this is the must-have gift of the year.

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Bamboo Cutting Board

She's the boss of her kitchen, so Grams deserves a special cutting board for chopping veggies to make that infamous chicken noodle soup.

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Carry-All Pouch Set

Grandma makes sure to have a proper place for everything, so you know she'll love finding things to organize with these pouches.

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Lulu Guinness Style Book

This book by style icon Lulu Guiness matches her cheeky, oh-so-glamorous personality that only gets better with age.

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Indoor Cilantro Herb Kit

Tending to a big vegetable garden may be too much for Grandma — so give her an easy, charming way to get fresh cilantro for soups.

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Kate Spade Cosmetic Bag

She may have the title of Grandma, but she's also a bit of card shark — so this gift opens up her sassy side.

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Bamboo Utensils

First, you may want to consider how old Grandma's wooden spoons actually are (do the math!). Second, who can resist a set of utensils (in eco-friendly bamboo!) with dip-dyed handles in a rainbow of colors.

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Floral Garden Gloves

Pretty garden gloves for the keeper of the prettiest flower garden — here's your perfect gift for Grandma.

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Ceramic Succulent Planters

Country rustic planters are on many grandmother gift guides — yet these succulent planters are so cute, you may want to order a set for yourself, too.

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Picnic Blanket

She enjoys the simple pleasures, like a summer picnic featuring her homemade potato salad. Set her up with the best picnic blanket for dining alfresco.

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Cake of the Month Club

Because you only live once, and Grandma is first to say that everything is better with cake.


Wooden Bird House

She puts birdseed on her grocery list and loves seeing which birdies will come visit — so give her a special birdhouse to attract bluebirds.

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Personalized Flower Pots

Because you want to give her flowers that stick around — and won't wilt after a few days.


Floral Cosmetic Pouch

These pouches are just about as sweet as Grandma — and the perfect size for her to store pens and pencils for her crosswords.

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Gardener's Tool Seat

For the active Grams who tends to her pretty flowerbeds, give her a comfy seat for planting season.


Personalized Cookie Jar

She makes the very best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, so create a personalized cookie jar to give Grandma some special major props.


Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

She's a young hip grandma who knows her way around a tablet, so here's a cool solution for following recipes she's found online.


Automatic Handbag Illuminator

It's hard for anyone to find their keys or lipstick in a handbag — especially someone who relies on bifocals. Here's a gift to make it easier on Grandma.


Portable Travel Safe

Grandma is a safety girl, so give her peace of mind that her things will be safe when she's on a trip.


Personalized Grandma Bracelet

Charm bracelets are now back in style — though for Grandma they were always the perfect accessory.


Aging Gracefully

Guide to Healing Herbs

Here's a book all about natural herbal remedies to help her sleep better, feel more focused, and ward off seasonal colds.

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Retirement T-Shirt

In perky pink, this retirement T-shirt for Grandma says it all.

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Green Herbal Tea Kit

You know she loves a hot cup of tea, but she doesn't know much about the world of herbals teas out there. Give Grandma a sampling of the best with this tea kit.


Flower Go Fish Game

Grandma is all in for playing with the kiddos — just give her a Go Fish game that taps her love of flowers.

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Lulu Guinness Eau De Parfum Spray

Pretty scent, pretty packaging, and a pretty sweet gift for the glam Grandma.

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Golf Ball Gift Set

Gramps is not the only golfer in the house. This set of golf balls will tee up to show she's an above par Grandma.

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Crossword Puzzles and News Trivia

You share a love of NPR — and you know how she loves crosswords — so this gift is the trivia answer you've been looking for.

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Natural Lye Soap Bars

The packaging on these soap bars is too good! (And admittedly why we love them.) But Grandma is also going to dig using a natural lye soap that has no additives that dry out skin.

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Promoted to Grandma Sign

Because the best grandmothers started out as amazing moms. You know one in particular.

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Personalized Blanket

While she's watching her favorite shows on the sofa, Grams can cozy up with a blanket made especially for her. This is the perfect gift for a large family — you can personalize it with the names of all her kids and grandkids.


Reversible Heated Throw

She tends to run cold (as Grandmas do) so give her a special throw to keep her feeling snug and warm.


Lessening the Distance

Grandma Long Distance State Mug

You can personalize this mug with any two states or countries (plus choose the colors). Give her a sweet morning reminder that you're thinking of her from far away.

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Grandma License Plate Art

She's retired and ready to hit the road and travel. Give her an art piece that channels her inner wanderlust.

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A woman as sophisticated as your Grams deserves luggage that's equally as elegant.

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Cosmetic Containers

Because when she's on a trip (or visiting you), Grams still needs to pack her cold cream. Give her some cute traveling containers for her must-have cosmetics.

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Floral Stationery

She taught you to always send a proper thank you — and she has the best penmanship of anyone you know. So set her up with proper stationery for writing hellos.

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Travel Weekend Bag

This weekend bag has a pattern of flowers she loves, and it's made with wipeable fabric she appreciates.

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Memory Foam House Slippers

Fancy house slippers are something that Grandma wouldn't buy herself — but will love to receive as a treat.

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Photo Collage Frame

She has grandkids all over the country, but in one frame, she can see everyone's faces.


Custom Bobblehead

Grandma thinks of you as the jokester of the family, so give her a bobblehead of you — since you live too far away to regularly pull her chain.


Guardian Angel Necklace

Grandma believes in angels and will love wearing a sparkly one around her neck.


Sweet Keepsakes

Letters to My Grandchild Journal

Oprah picked this paper timecapsule as a great gift, and we're here to say we dig it, too. Prompt Grandma to share some words of wisdom and postdate it for a special time to be opened by her grandchild.

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Grandmother & Granddaughter Journal

Grandmas and granddaughters share a special bond, so give her a way to kickstart a ritual that's just between them.

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Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

Now's the time to be sure all those stories of hers get written down — she'll love walking down memory lane with her grandkids.


Grandma's Brag Book

No one knows how to brag better than Grandma, and this sweet album will see some miles — you know she'll bring it everywhere. (Be sure to fill it with snaps of the grandkids before wrapping!)

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Personalized Recipe Binder

The most treasured traditions with Grandma come from her kitchen, so give her a special binder for all those passed-down family recipes.


My Life Story Book

Because the hardest part of telling your life story is starting — give her a book to inspire those first words.


Kind Notes Jar

If you've ever forgotten to send Grandma a card, here's a way to make up for lost time.


Personalized Heart Keepsake

Put the names of her kids and all the grandkids together, because it's the puzzle that means the most.


Personalized Family Bible

For the religious Grams, she'll appreciate a bible personalized with the family name.


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Apr 7, 2017


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