Go-To Gift Ideas for New Parents

Choosing gifts for new parents is a pure act of altruism. Those sleep-deprived parents are not going to be sending off thank you notes (at least not in this year.) And, they may not even know what they need. (Besides more sleep.) So roll up your do-good sleeves and find gifts on this list that feel just right for new parents. You can be certain those new parents will be grateful for all the love and support.

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Make it Practical

Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Bottle Warmer

Because you don’t cry over spilled milk, but newborns cry over cold milk.

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 Smart Thermometer

Technology truly is wondrous — like smart thermometers that can take baby temperatures (without any bodily fluids contacted.)

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 Easy Bath Kneeler

Giving nightly baths is tough on the knees, yet a bath kneeler isn’t something new parents buy for themselves — perfect gift solution.

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4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender

You know she’ll want to make her own homemade baby food from local organic fruits and veggies — so set her up with an easy way to do it.

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Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf

You’ve got the inside track from mamas on this gift: this handy multipurpose nursing cover turns into an essential for a new mom who’s breastfeeding her baby.

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Back Pack Diaper Bag

Here’s a little secret new parents may not know yet: backpacks are the easiest way to carry baby supplies, since a backpack keeps you hands-free and balanced with weight on both shoulders.

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Freezer Storage Containers

Here’s a practical gift for easy, efficient storage of homemade baby food — because you saw she’s been pinning away recipes to make purees from scratch.

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 Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book

This is a great gift for new parents who are notoriously neurotic. This at-home scale helps in those early months — when there's a close watch on baby’s weight and growth.

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Stroller Organizer

There’s a reason this organizer is so highly rated — just check out all the things it can hold while parents stroll around with baby (or head to the airport for their first flight with baby.)

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Blooming Bath Lotus

Here’s a unique, comfy alternative to baby baths that’s designed for the sink (so parents don’t have to crouch over to bathe their infant.)

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Shopping Cart Hammock

Give her a way to bring her cutie-patootie out on shopping trips (rather than the hefty car seat that takes up the whole cart).

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Roll Up Bib

Give a bib that’s smartly designed to have silicone where the food drops (for easy wiping) and fabric where the bib goes round the child’s neck (for comfort).

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All Season Baby Carrier Cover

This universal cover to keep baby warm in a baby carrier will get a ton of use by new parents in chilly places (and probably isn’t something they thought to buy themselves.)

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Roll 'n Go Car Seat Transporter

For new parents with family in far-off places, this gift will be a back-saving solution for lugging those bulky car seats through the airport.

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Wireless Baby Monitor

New parents keep close tabs on their little angel (because hello, they're suddenly in charge of a human being for the first time!). This wireless baby monitor will help give them peace of mind.

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Car Seat Neck Relief Head Support Band

Here’s a gift to give a little peace of mind that their baby’s head will be supported in the right position in the car seat.

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2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner

Give new parents a cushy spot for their kiddo to hang out in the grocery cart — minus touching all the germs floating around.

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House Cleaning

When you see new parents receive the gift of a free professional house cleaning, you may hear some shouts of joy and gratitude.

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Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

Carriers can be pricey and new parents often need more than one for different scenarios — which is why this multi-position carrier will come in handy.

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Trunk Organizer and Cooler Set

New parents will suddenly have lots and lots and lots of stuff to cart around. So give a cool organizer for the car trunk — that comes with a cooler to keep snacks at the ready.


Water-Resistant Blanket /w Carrying Case

Imagine new parents hanging out at the park with their little bambino. Sunshine on their faces, baby smiling in a cute little bonnet, and a yummy picnic lunch for all. Give them the one thing missing —  the perfect picnic blanket.


Wifi-Enabled Smart Crock-Pot

Because the add-it-and-leave-it strategy for making dinner in a crock pot is about all new parents have time for.


Dinner of the Month Club - 3 Months

You may go down in history as the friend who gave the very best gift to new parents — solving the dinner conundrum for a few nights (with great food!).


Homemade Baby Food Bowl Set

Solid foods get introduced before you know it, so set up those new parents with kitchen tools for making baby food.

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Help Save Their Sleep

 Natural Baby Sleep Aid

New parents will thank you ten times over for this night light as soon as they see the words “baby sleep aid”.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Baby Soother

Not only is this owl speaker an adorable addition to the nursery, but it has the magical power of soothing babies with white noise.

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Motion-Sensing Nightlight

What every new parent needs: soft, motion-sensing light for diaper changes in the wee hours of the night.

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Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Give those new parents one of the best-known books in the parenting world, but on audio (since they’re too exhausted to read!)

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Baby Sleep Bag

Infants can’t have blankets, and some kick off swaddles, but this baby sleep bag is an easy, cozy way for babies to sleep (what every new parent wants!).

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Sound Machine

Bedtime rituals helps, but a sound machine, like this, can work wonders with getting babies to sleep through the night.

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Cool Mist Humidifier

Dryness is uncomfortable for a child’s skin, and this froggie humidifier adds the cute factor to a practical gift idea.

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Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

Because in those early days (more than anything cutesie), new parents need lotions and baby shampoo to settle into a bedtime routine — and try to get baby sleeping at night.

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Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

The nursery is all set up, but their newborn will likely camp out in their bedroom for a while — so here’s a perfect gift for the sleeping bundle.

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Baby Shusher

This gift has serious cred — and it uses the shushing technique made popular in the well-known “Happiest Baby on the Block” parenting book.

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Make the Parents Smile

Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Baby onesies are a must-have addition to any new parent gift, especially one that makes you smile.

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Dad + Mom Est. 2017 Mug Set

You know they’re going to need a lot of coffee this year, and this mug marks the moment of becoming Mom and Dad in a fun way.

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A Memory Book for the Modern Family

It's a big deal becoming a family of three with a baby. Here's a sweet gift to remember the little moments they've been waiting for.

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Dinner for Two

New parents don’t have time to be a Julia Child in the kitchen — but they can enjoy a homecooked meal if you gift them a delicious prepped meal shipped in a box.

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Sippy Cup for Parents

Consider these spill-proof tumblers for drinking wine the sippy cups for new parents.

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Framed Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

Because you know the baby won't be that tiny forever, and they'll want to remember those adorably sweet little hands and feet.

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Bedside Smartphone Vase

Flowers for the new mom and a phone charger to keep in touch with the world (outside of the coos of their newborn). This smartphone vase is a practical and pretty win as a gift.


Mommy Daddy Me Frame

Here’s a super cute gift for new parents — and for bonus points, fill the frame with your favorite snaps of them.

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Mommy Medicine Funny Wine Glass

Because self-care and laughter go a long way to making you the best mommy you can be.

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Clay Handprint or Footprint Keepsake Kit

New parents have no time to shop around for keepsakes — so make it easy to get those handprint and footprint keepsakes made to preserve this moment.

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King Beer Queen Wine Glass

The only thing in question: is the dad and mom the real king and queen — or have the kiddos started ruling the house!

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Willow Tree Our Gift

This handcarved keepsake quietly speaks to the tiny miracle you want to celebrate.

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Cute New Daddy Mug

And poof, just like that your guy is a new Daddy and needs a mug to celebrate it.

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Feb 21, 2017


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