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Shopping for tween girls comes with a few rules. You never want to give her a gift that feels too kid-like. She's not a little kid, she's almost a teenager, remember? Second, (and very important if you're not her parent), you don't want to shoot for a gift that's beyond her age. (So skip the car-themed gifts since she doesn't have her license.) Finally, stick to what she really cares about — feeling pretty, being silly, and showing off her creative side. And it's always sweet to show a tween some extra love.

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Gifts for Feeling Pretty

Over the Rainbow Paperweight

Homework will feel like less of a drag with her papers set somewhere under the rainbow. 


Glitter Water Bottle

She'll love having a water bottle that's different from everyone else's — because it's wrapped in glitter. 

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Mini Nail Polish Collection

Bring the salon to your tween with this set of 12 shiny, vegan-friendly nail polishes — since color favorites change up fast with her. 

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Glitter Stars Headband

You can't go wrong with pretty sparkly things — like a sweet crown of glittery stars she can wear on her head. 

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Color Wheel Pendant

Present her with a rainbow she can wear everyday — especially on those days that feel anything but sunshine-y. 


adidas Fashion Sneaker

Sporty meets sassy with a pair of sneakers that are old school cool. 

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LED Color Changing Showerhead

For the tween who wakes up on the grumpy side of the bed, here's a way to help her morning shower brighten her mood. 


Embellished Hair Ties

You know hair is important to her. (Just think about how much time she spends playing with her hair and twirling it into braids.) So here's a good twist on a practical gift for tweens.  


Gifts for Feeling Silly

Kate Spade Monster Pouf Key Fob

Spice up her set of keys. Pom-poms are still irresistible when you're a tween, especially ones with glittery eyes.

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I Donut Care Sweatshirt

Because the best gifts for tweens speak their language. 

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Inflatable Flamingo

Flamingos seem to be the it-animal of the year. And this pool float is built for two — your tween and her BFF taking in the summer sunshine. 

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Cat Ear Headphones

Not only are these cat ear headphones adorable, but they're purr-fect for tween study sessions. Your tween can listen to tunes privately — or turn on the cat ear speakers to share music with friends.   

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Lapel Pin Set

Let her decorate her backpack or jacket with enamel pins that speak to her fun-loving style. 

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Temporary Tattoos

What's not so temporary? How fun these tattoos are to wear around for a couple days — they're simply rad.  

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Fujifilm Instant Film Camera

Here's a more compact version of the modern instant film camera. She'll love  taking goofy snaps of her squad. 

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Beach Portable Radio

In cheery yellow, this portable radio lets your tween bring the good vibrations with her wherever she's lounging out.  

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Ping Pong Set

Give her a watermelon ping pong set to make hanging at home more fun (and less about screen time.)  

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I'm Not Allowed To Date. Ever. Tee Shirt

Tweens are not ones to mince words, and this slightly snarky tee-shirt is way too funny to pass up as a gift. 

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Percy the Pencil Porcupine

Perk up her desk with a porcupine pencil holder, and maybe she won't prickle with horror at the mention of math homework. 


ColorKu Board Game

Before she turns into a full-on teenager (and doesn't want to do anything but be with her friends), set up some family time with a colorful, fun board game.


Mermaid Tail Blanket

Swish something fun and unexpected into Friday movie night with a blanket that's just for her. 


Vintage Snow Cone Maker

You'll be winning in the gift department when this rolls in. And your tween will love making snow cones for your crew.  


Monster Hand Tattoo Sets

Since she was a toddler, she's always loved to perform little shows for you all. Give her a gift that plays to her imaginative side (something you hope never fades.) 


Black Light Putty

Your tween is sure to geek out over putty that glows in the dark with a black light. 


Handmade Zebra Slippers

Because she still appreciates accessories with animals on them — and these handmade slippers look pretty cozy. 


iPhone Charger Sticker Faces

If your tween owns an iphone, then you're probably aware that she likes to decorate every single surface — here are stickers for the charger. 


Gifts for Feeling Loved

Initial and Heart Earrings

Handmade tiny heart-and-initial stud earrings are the perfect personalized gift you've been searching for. If your tween likes gold, choose the rose gold plated set — it feels sweet and less expected than standard sterling silver.

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I Did My Best Gym Bag

Your tween puts a lot of time and heart into her sport-of-choice, so give her a special travel/gym bag for uniforms and gear to remind her she's doing her best. 

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Friendship Sterling Silver Bracelet

This adjustable friendship bracelet is the sweet-and-simple style that hits home for any tween. Even better idea? Buy two, and let her give one to her BFF. 

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Heart Umbrella

Here's a practical gift for your tween that also shows her how she is loved. 


Radiate Positivity T-Shirt

Because you want to remind your tween to be herself (even through the highs and lows of middle school drama) — and she's someone who simply radiates positive vibes. 

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Compliment Pencil Set

Shower her with compliments in the shape of number 2 pencils. You'll make the point that your tween is awesome. 

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Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Don't be surprised if you get a heart-eye emoji text of thanks for this sweet little gift. 

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Personalized Pillowcase

For tweens who share a room with siblings, here's a simple way to mark her pillow as hers. 


Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

She loves her breakfast cereal a certain way, so give her a bowl that lets her set her own ratios. 


Gifts for Feeling Creative

Create Your Own Rubber Stamp Set

For your budding crafter, here's a modern stamping kit that's not too young and not too hard for tweens. 

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Letter Board

Give your tween a fresh way to communicate what she's feeling with this old school letter board. Just don't be surprised if you see "I want to be alone" hanging up in her room — she's 12, after all.  

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Roald Dahl Book Set

Here's a complete set of classics by the amazing Roald Dahl. Take a trip down memory lane with your tween with these treasured stories — from James and the Giant Peach to The BFG. 

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Invention Kit

Encourage her science-minded curiosity with a kit that keeps her playing and learning at the same time. 


World's Best Geode Kit

Nothing like busting open a geode rock — and seeing all the beautiful crystals inside — to turn a boring afternoon into something magical. 



Here's a gift that manages to get tweens to unplug and have fun with the family  — a win-win gift! 


Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

Pair together two things you know she loves — doing her nails and doing fun experiments. 


DIY Lip Balm Kit

Let her inner maker shine with a DIY kit that lets her make lip balm for her and her friends. 


Bongo Drums

Because bongoes never looked so fun. You may need to start a family band!  

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Letters To My Future Self

She's at that tween age of thinking that 23 is the oldest age ever . So give her a gift that will give her a good (funny) read in years to come. 


Kite Flying Handle

Don't overlook simple ways to have some fun outside. Flying a kite is still magical when you're a tween. 


642 Things to Draw

Prompt her inner sketch artist with a fun drawing book she can use in those moments when there's "nothing to do". 

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Folio Smartpad

Because your tween is growing up in the age where doodling is now on an electronic tablet — and that's pretty rad. 


Yarn Tree Kit

For the always-busy tween who likes to do projects, this yarn tree will be her next proud achievement. 


Bracelet Chains Kit

Give her a gift that keeps her doing what she loves best — making things. 


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Apr 7, 2017


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