The Ultimate Gift List of Ideas for Your Millennial Girl

Gift shopping for women in their 20s can feel like a race to keep up with what's what. For the Millennial woman, things may be constantly changing in her life — new job, new apartment, new boyfriend, new favorite on-the-go lunch. So we kept it simple with this gift list of ideas. These gifts for women in their 20s work no matter where life is taking her. (We think she'll want to bring these gifts along.)

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Sassy Fun

Travel Accessory Bag

If you're looking for a gift that speaks the truth, look no further than this handy travel pouch. 


Cross My Heart Sunglasses

She's been your friend since you two were little, so give her a pair of sunnies that celebrates how you know everything about one another. 

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Kate Spade Thermal Mug

Everything about this thermal mug is on point. Yes to cake for breakfast; yes to BPA-free, lead-free thermal insulation; yes to sipping on coffee when she's on-the-go. 

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Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure Book

Here's the perfect coffeetable book for a gutsy girl in her 20s — because she's looking for epic adventures in life.

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Cocktail Bar & Drink Mix Sampler Set

For the girlboss with an inspiring go-getter spirit, here's a fun way to craft an evening off with her girlfriends. 

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Wild & Crazy Socks Subscription

Because you can never have too many fun socks in your drawer. 


Personalized Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage. She'll love this pretty one for train commutes home from the office.  


Meh Anti-Valentines Day T-Shirt

Give this shirt to your gal pal for that February holiday she tries to ignore — or as the perfect pick-me-up after a bad breakup. 

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Fries Before Guys Canvas Travel Bag

Keep the girl pact going strong with this fun canvas travel bag. 

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Enamel Coffee Mugs

With this set of mugs, you'll give her daily affirmations with her morning coffee. 

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I Cheat At Yoga Tank Top

Here's the perfect top to give your yoga buddy. Friends who sweat together, stay together. 

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What's On Your List...? Book

Because women in their 20s love to stay organized in style — and that includes keeping a pretty book of important lists. 


Adventures Await

Coffee Camp Gift Box

Women in their 20s may know everything about social media, but that means they also know the value of unplugging from it all. Give her a cool gift box that sets her up for a weekend of camping out under the stars (with coffee). 

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Impossible Project Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

Here's what she needs at get-togethers — a way to instantly print snaps of her squad. 


Jumbo Heart Innertube

Because you heart her so, and this innertube is the fun accessory she needs. Just add fizzy cocktails (and sunscreen). 

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Giant Beach Vacation Towel

She's never been a wallflower, and this giant beach towel matches her oversized personality.

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Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier

This speaker may look like a science experiment, but it actually works — and you know she'll love anything related to mason jars. 


Large Canvas Travel Bag

Because women in their 20s can get stuck on wondering about what's next. This simple reminder keeps her feeling that the glass is half full. 

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Good Luck Charms

Because everyone could use a little extra luck. And she's working so hard on that big goal of hers. 


Diana Mini Camera

Her smartphone is not enough to feed her love of photography. Give her a retro-fun Diana camera that squares out 35 mm snaps of her everyday. 

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Monogram Canvas Duffel Bag

She has a simple, classic style — and this monogrammed duffel bag will be easy to spot at baggage claim. 


How to Pack for Any Trip Book

With fun illustrations, this Lonely Planet book shares the best how-to for packing — because she's got travel on the brain.

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Fold & Pack Duffle Bag

With all the travel on her calendar, she could use a new system for packing for quickie trips. 


Zip Lining Experiences

Give her the gift of letting go — and having some high-flying fun. 


Home Sweet Home

Ceramic Succulent Holders

When she was little, she drew in Crayola color. Now as a twentysomething woman (decorating her first place), she'll love to dress up her space with plants in pots of lilac, rust, seafoam, and other grownup colors.

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Kate Spade Acrylic Ice Bucket

Raise a glass to an ice bucket that's dressed up in pretty golden polka dots (and won't break if she uses it for outdoor soirées).  

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An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails

Because she wants to know how to razzle-dazzle friends with cocktails she's shaken (or stirred).

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Metal Desk Organizer

She prefers organizing tools that express her creative, individual style — and love of all things vintage. 

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Margarita Glasses

Here's a timely gift for any young woman in her 20s — because now's the perfect time for owning a set of margarita glasses.

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Metal Chalkboard

Because the only thing cooler than a chalkboard for sharing messages is a chalkboard rimmed in mod neon pink. 

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Bambino Bowl Set

Perfect for picnics, packing for lunch, or just serving up a bowl of cereal for dinner (that happens). 

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Cake of the Month Club

You sometimes share clothes; you never share boyfriends; but you'll always share a love of cake. 


MoMA Bookends

Even with a tablet full of e-books, she definitely keeps a collection of favorite hardcovers (hey, they make her shelves look pretty!). Here's a modern way to add some color and organization to her book collection.

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Windowsill Grow Box

For the young woman who's an apartment dweller, here's a windowbox fix for growing heirloom strawberries. 

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Avocado Huggers

No one powers up a morning smoothie like her. And she's someone who will actually use these avocado huggers — it's why you love her.


Bedside Smartphone Vase

Because she's not a morning person, and she needs some tunes to help spring her out of bed for that new job. 


Double Spouted Glass Pitcher

Here's a pretty pitcher she can use for serving up drinks. Because she prefers casual gatherings at her place, rather than a bar-night-out on the weekend. 


Variety of the Month Club

When you can't choose between the foods she loves — wine, cheese, sweets — go for the package that gives them all. 


Pretty Please

Gold Astrology Cuff

Give her a golden reason to believe in the stars. 


Air Plant Crystals Kit

She's get the complete package with this kit — air plants, quartz stones, and directions and tools for setting it up all pretty. It's a real gem. 

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Past Present Future Necklace

The best gift to give a woman in her 20s is a sweet reminder of where she's been, where she's headed, and where she is right now. And that she's always loved. 


Pack of 11 Face Masks

Consider this the perfect group gift for a girls reunion. You'll all put on a luxe face mask, with your favorite reality show on as entertainment. Yesss!

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Monogram Stud Earrings

Because it looks way more special when you give a gift that's personalized just for her. 

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Lace Cosmetic Bag

Sweet, girly, and a little flirty. This handy lace cosmetic carryall sounds like someone you know. 

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Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Because the best way for your Millenial woman to come up with bright, big ideas is to take some recharging time in the bath. 


Tribal Wrap Bracelet

Because she's a part of your tribe, and you want to give her a daily reminder that she's oh-so-brave. 

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Ceramic Flower Vases

Turns out the easiest way to arrange a centerpiece of flowers is to pop a few blooms in bud vases. Voilá!

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Qualy Nest Sparrow Paper Clip Holder - Green

This friendly little sparrow will liven up her desk at work (and keep those paperclips in line.) 

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Cosmetic Organizer

She may know what's best in every element of makeup and skincare, but you know a thing or two about organizing the essentials. 

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Embellished Hair Ties

Hair styles have come a long way from the era of the scrunchie. Get with the times and give her some stylin' hair ties. 


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May 6, 2017


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