Top 30 Gifts for Older Women

The best gifts for older women combine form and function to create something that’s both beautiful and useful. When you’re searching for something special for your mom, aunt, sister-in-law, older sister, cousin, teacher, grandmother, or even your boss, it can be difficult to decide what presents fit the bill. Our list is bursting with great ideas so you can wrap up a gift that will surprise, delight, and maybe even earn you a well-deserved pat on the head.

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Wine Making Kit & Barrel

One of the greatest benefits of getting older is having more “me time,” and more “me time” means plenty of opportunities to try out a new hobby. This winemaking kit has everything she needs to try something new — and enjoy the fruits of her labors, too.


Special Dates Personalized Canvas

A life well lived deserves artwork that commemorates every special event. This one does just that, using standout dates to help her remember everything from her graduation to the days her kids were born.


Real Clover Necklace

A timeless necklace that combines luck and style. This piece is wearable art that represents faith, hope, love, and luck — four things your special someone can never have enough of.


Luxury Towel Warmer

Gift the gift of at-home spa-level luxury with a towel warm that ensures she can step out of the bath or shower and into the coziest wrap she’ll every experience. Now that’s love.


Terrarium Candle

Sometimes the best things come in relatively tiny packages. She’ll love the mini soy wax cactuses the minute she sets eyes on them, but it’s the stress-melting scent of these charming candles that’ll make her next night in the best one yet.


Instant Cocktail Kits

Plop plop fizz fizz – what a delicious cocktail this is! These kits make every hour a happy hour without worrying about measuring ingredients, mastering a shaker, or remembering what exactly goes into that Moscow Mule.


Ice Cream of the Month

For the young, young-at-heart, or old-and-just-have-an-unrelenting-sweet-tooth, monthly ice cream delivers are a chance to enjoy a cold, tasty treat without every having to leave the house.


Zodiac Sign Necklace

Is she a logical Virgo? A balanced Libra? A cuckoo for cocoa puffs Cancer (no judgement!)? Whatever she’s like personality wise, she’ll love the sleek simplicity of these minimalist zodiac sign necklaces which work equally well as signature pieces or layered with other shiny finds.


Anywhere Tabletop Fireplace

Bonfires are beautiful but they can be a bit messy. This tabletop fireplace solves that problem so she can toast marshmallows or just warm her toes as she dines al fresco or enjoys a little backyard stargazing.


Luxe Heated Weighted Blankie

Super fuzzy and warm? Check. Heats up to keep the winter chill far, far away? Check. Weighted for an extra feeling of security that helps minimize stress and anxiety? Big fat check.


Wine Saver Carafe

So she can pour her wine like a pro and save it like someone who’s never ever going to waste a drop of their favorite cabernet, pinot, or sauvignon blanc. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a good vino but can’t necessarily committing to finishing the bottle every time.


Variety of the Month Club

You pick from 39 mouthwatering gourmet selections, she opens the box every month and eats everything in sight. And if you’re lucky, she’ll let you have a bite.


Custom Date Newspaper Book

Commemorate the day she was born, the day she graduated college, her wedding day or any other major event with a book that shares details of everything else that was happening while she was off making her dreams come true.


Appalachian Trail Cuff

You’re not exactly saying she’s as old as the hills, but she’s definitely every bit as majestic as this the iconic trail this cuff represents. She’ll love the nature-inspired design and the admiring glances she gets from people wondering where she got such a unique piece.


The Smart Garden

As we get older, it’s not so easy planting a garden and pulling weeds. This ingenious little kit ensures she can have fresh herbs and even salad greens at her fingertips even when she’s hung up her gardening gloves for good.


A Jar Full of Smiles

You wish you could be there by their side 24/7 to give them encouragement or make them smile. That’s not always possible, which is why this jar full of positivity is such a wonderful gift.


Tea of the Month Club

Time for a cuppa! This tea club goes far beyond green tea and Earl Grey to deliver monthly exotic and specialty teas that will give her a soothing yet taste bud-tingling experience every time she brews herself a pot.


Garden Tool Kit With Folding Seat

Gardening is known to reduce stress and help people of all ages enjoy a little vitamin D courtesy of Mr. Sun, but when you get older, kneeling to plant petunias isn’t so easy on the knees. This handy folding bench keeps joints comfy while the user wrestles those tomato vines into submission.


All in one foot spa bath massager

Better than a one-time massage gift certificate, this massager uses heat to relax muscles and give your special someone much-needed relief whenever and wherever she needs it.


Custom Vinyl Record

Whether they’ve ever dreamed of hitting platinum or you just want to recognize achievements worthy of a place on the Billboard charts, these custom vinyl records combine authenticity with sentiment to create the perfect personalized present.


Taste of France Pantry Box

Proof that some gifts for older women can be positively transportive, this box is full of French goodies that will make even the most dedicated Francophile feel like they’re back in La République.


Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

From nourishing oils to sudsy soaps, it’s everything she needs to transform her bathroom into a luxury, fresh farm spa.


Literary Print Luxe Scarf

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these scarves featuring great literary works must be practically priceless. She’ll love the educational theme as much as she appreciates the fashion-forward feel.


Personalized Chopsticks

For the must dedicated ramen enthusiasts and udon order inners, these personalize chopsticks are a fun and whimsical gift that also serve a very practical purpose.


Birthmonth Real Flower Pendants

Pretty, petite, and practically perfect in every way. When you’re searching for Christmas gifts for older women that help dispel the wintery gloom, these flower pendants remind us that spring is just around the corner.


Flower of the Month Club

Setting up a flower of the month subscription means she’ll always have gorgeous fresh blooms around and you’ll never accidentally forget to send them.


Coffee of the Month Club

When she’s looking for some extra pep in her step, this monthly coffee delivery, um, delivers. It’s a great way to honor advanced palates and newbie java lovers alike.


My Life Memories Journal

You give them the journal, they fill in all the sections, and presto! You’ve given them a gift that allows them to track their entire life’s journey, saving every important memory — both small and large — for posterity.


Wine of the Month Club

Red or white? Now she doesn’t have to choose. Those after-dinner drinks will never be tastier than when they’re delivered from award-winning wineries all over the world. It’s a global wine tour she can enjoy without ever leaving home.


Best In Class Compact Mirror

Whether she’s headed to her bridge group, handling the Monday morning meeting remotely, or planning a charity luncheon with no time to spare, she’ll love having this compact on hand to check that every hair is perfectly in place.


These gifts are a great fit for almost any scenario. The next time you’re brainstorming birthday gifts for older women or just want to buy a present that shows you care, come back to this list or check out some other expertly curate options including Best Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Mom from Son, Christmas Gift Ideas for Women, Christmas Gifts for Mom, Best Gifts for Aunts, and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Mar 17, 2021


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