Unload the Most Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Gifts baskets score big on presentation points. If you've ever received a gift basket at your door, you know that it's the kind of surprise that leaves an impression. On the giving side, it sounds seemingly simple. You don't have to pull together a unique basket of goodies, as the work is all done for you. But there are almost as many different kinds of gift baskets as there are gifts. to put in them. That's why we put together this list so you can find one that’s just right.

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Hit the Sweet Spot

Cookie Lover's Gift Set

You know someone who's a human cookie monster, as chocolate chip cookies seem to disappear in the night. So here's a gift set all about cookies, complete with a 7" cast iron skillet to bake one giant cookie (that does not need to be shared.)

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1980's Classic Retro Candy

From Bottle Caps to Pop Rocks and Lemonheads, here's a basket full of nostalgic candy to give someone you love an instant sugar rush.

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California Naturally Gift Basket

Everything in this foodie gift basket comes from the sunshine state of California, but the real hook here is tasty (mostly) organic snack foods — everything from pistachios to cocoa nib bars. Yum!

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Red Wine & Dark Chocolate

Because the only thing better than giving wine is giving a basket of wine with all the best dark chocolate sweets. Consider it the perfect pairing. 


Chocolate Gift Basket

When in doubt, if you know your person has a sweet tooth, you can't go wrong with a box full of chocolate. 


Tea & Cookies Gift Basket

Whether you're giving a gift to a fine lady, for a housewarming, or for just saying thank you, tea and cookies make for an oh-so-polite gift basket. 


Happy Birthday Gift Tower

One way to impress just about anyone on their birthday — a tall tower of colorful boxes filled with yummy treats. 


Romantic Gift Basket

Here's what looks like a thoughtful romantic gift — giving her a basket full of sweet and romantic notions.


Cheesecake Sampler

What's better than giving one cheesecake? A restaurant-quality sampling of all the cheesecakes —that can be enjoyed on the sofa with Monday night TV. 


Problem Solvers

Get Well Medicine Cabinet

Here's the best prescription to give someone who's been feeling sick — a charming medicine cabinet filled with the works, from first aid treatments to chicken noodle soup.

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Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler

You've experienced when that special someone is deprived of snacks (not a pretty sight). So send a snack sampler that will solve even the worse case of feeling hangry.

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All Natural Bath Products Gift Set

If you're stuck on what to give someone, choose something that's beautiful and useful. Like this gift set of artisan soaps, lotions, and lip balms that deliver a fresh-from-the-mountain scent. 

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Bath Bombs Gift Set

If she seems to run high on anxiety and low on me-time, give her a gift set that's the bomb for relaxation. 

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Gourmet Coffee Sampler

There's no reason to choose just one coffee for your caffeine addict. Rather, give a world tour of gourmet coffee that will brew up better mornings. 

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Housewarming Gift Basket

This housewarming basket comes complete with everything from pancake mix to maple syrup for a welcome, hearty breakfast. After all, weekend breakfasts are the best time to linger in the kitchen. 


Spa Gift Basket

There's a reason companies love giftcards — a good percentage of people never use them! So give her a relaxing, at-home spa experience that will get used for many evenings to come.

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Starbucks Mornings Gift Box

Here's the perfect gift for that special someone who is anything but a morning person. She'll appreciate the instant perk in the morning. 


Baby Gift Set

For a new mama who's looking for more natural finds for her babe, here's the baby gift set for her. This gift set is less about over-the-top packaging and more about the simply quality of the baby essentials inside. 

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New Arrival Baby Tower

Here's the perfect gift when you're wondering what to bring to a baby shower — and this baby tower of essentials feels extra sweet with its color palette and modern animal illustrations. 

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Starbucks Coffee Gift Basket

Sometimes you're searching for a gift for someone who's less than adventurous about trying something new. In that case, go for the surprise gift basket filled with the treats they already know and love. 

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Cheese, Nuts and Fruit Basket

There's no rule that foodie gift baskets have to be filled with cavity-inducing sweets. Go the healthy route with simply delicious cheese, nuts, and fruits — she'll be glad you did. 

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Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

If you know your person swears by coffee in the morning, then it's a safe bet this coffee lovers gift basket will be a win. 


New Mama Natural Gift Box

This gift box delivers new mama problem-solvers that skip all the harmful stuff (BPA, synthetic ingredients) and include all the good stuff — organic, fair-trade herbs and ingredients set in recycled-and-reusable jars. 

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Spa Wine Gift Basket

The only thing more relaxing than a set of luxe spa treats — a bottle of white wine to really set the mood. 


Dried Fruit Tray

When you constantly hear her talking about fitness goals and new diets, the worst gift basket you can give is one chock full of the treats she's trying so hard to avoid. So here's a dried-fruit-and-nut tray filled with snacks she'll feel good about.

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Just Right for Him

Hot Sauce Sampler

When you shop for a gift basket, look for ones that nail the packaging (as much as the gifts inside.) This hot sauce sampler includes 7 flavorful sauces in bottles that are wrapped together to look like dynamite. So fun!

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Manly Snacks in Wooden Box

What's awesome about this manly gift box? The wooden illustrated box. The man snacks (from salami to beer nuts). And that your gift is all taken care of — no other shopping needed. 

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Brazilian BBQ Dry Rub Seasonings

The centerpiece of this gift set is the cool packaging. What he'll enjoy — tools from kabob skewers to rubbing spices that make grilling even more fun. 

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Chef & BBQ Lovers Accessories Kit

Give him a gift set that fires up better barbecues. He'll love trying these sauces and spicy rubs while grilling out. 

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Golf Gift Basket

This bucket of goodies puts your gift in line for a hole-in-one with any golfer you know. 


BBQ Grill Master's Gift Box

Give him a grillmaster's gift box (with barbecue tools, sauces, and rubs) so he can grill like a pro. This set includes a branding iron, so he can put his mark on any meat.

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Around The World Beer Bucket

Bring the pub crawl to his home with a beer bucket gift that takes him on a tour of beers from around the world. 


Hot Sauce Gift Basket

He likes everything with hot sauce, so set him up with a mix of spicy sauces to try out on eggs, sandwiches — the works. 


Meat & Cheese Sampler

A tasty meat and cheese sampler is a great go-to gift — and may even get used right away at the party. 


Microbrew Beer Gift Basket

Give him the best movie date night at home — with a bucket of microbrews along with tasty popcorn and salty nuts. 


BBQ Gift Basket

This gift basket is put together much like a good burger — loaded with everything. 


The Man Can

When in doubt about what to give your man, look to the Man Can. It's filled with all the soaps, shaves, and lotions a manly man would want. 


Think Outside the Box

Wine & Paint Night At Home

Here's an out-of-box gift basket to tease your love's creative side. Sip some wine, paint a canvas, paint your sweetheart with candy "paint — and channel your inner Picasso. 

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Popcorn & Movie Night Gift Basket

Cute stripey bags, popcorn to pop, and salty-sweet seasonings to delight — just add movie and you've planned the perfect evening. 

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Pancakes Gift Box Kit

Give her a gift crate that celebrates how she's always loved to bake — and what could be better than making decadent chocolate chip pancakes.

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Dog Care Gift Basket

She treats her pooch like royalty, so don't forget to give a gift basket of goodies to the dog who's part of the family. 

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Bridal Shower Gift Set

She'll be basking in the afterglow of wedded bliss for some time, especially with this embroidered Bride gift bag that includes a few fun gifts for the newlyweds. 

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Burt's Bees Bathtime Basket

With finds from the trusted name Burt's Bees, you can deliver a basket of bathtime essentials to a new mama. We especially love the organic cotton terry washcloths.

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Tea Mixology Gift Set

This isn't a basket of tea — it's a tea experience. This Tea Lab kit lets your tea lover play mixologist and experiment with herbs, spices, and flower petals to make their own tea. 

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Margarita Gift Basket

Just like any night is a good night for tacos, just about any occasion is a good time to give a margarita gift basket. Arriba margaritas!


Dog Lover's Gift Tin

Because dog lovers love to spoil their dogs, and this gift tin is about the cutest one we've seen for a pooch. 


White Wine Gift Basket

Cheers to a light and happy gift basket that pairs salty snacks with smooth wine. It's a delicious pairing for most any time. 


Nurse Gift Basket

For the nurse in your life, here's a special gift basket that's a good temperature read on surprising a nurse you care about. 


Mediterranean Food Gift Box

If you know your foodie loves Mediterranean cuisine, give a foodie gift box that narrows it down to snacks inspired by that region. 


Cat Lover's Gift Basket

Cats come with a lot of personality — and have preferences — so it's good to give a gift basket with options. That way there's something for her to like. 


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May 5, 2017


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