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5 Tips for Finding the Right Birthday Gifts for Your Brother

No matter his age, he will always be your brother - your sibling with incredible aim who nabbed you with water balloons and never let you call dibs on the best seat. He's also, quite simply, always been one rad dude who you're proud to call your brother. Birthday gifts for a brother can quickly fall to the expected ho-hum guy gifts. Don't let that happen. Here's your guide to gifts for your brother that show your sibling how much he means to you.


Think about his personal tastes

Does your bro put hot sauce on everything morning till night? Then give him the ultimate collection of spicy condiments. Does he have the biggest sweet tooth in the family? Go with birthday gifts for your brother on the sweeter side. Because some tastes never change.


Give your nerdy brother a gift to geek out on

You can think of one person in this world who would appreciate a gift with HTML code on it. And he is your brother. Celebrate that nerdy side of him that may have been annoying when you were kids (but now comes in handy when you need tech support.)


Help him get his groove on

Your brother is the picture of a laid-back dude. In fact, he's the only person you know who sings "Happy Birthday" on a ukulele, and he knows more about music than anyone else you know. Think on a music-themed gift whether it's a kooky instrument (just for fun), a speaker you know he's wanted, or a concert print of his favorite band.


Set him up for survival

As a kiddo, your dorky brother would examine bugs under a magnifying glass. And now he's a grownup in tune with nature, happiest hiking on the open trail. Find a clever new tool for your favorite trailblazer.


Personalize birthday gifts for your brother

Go the extra mile to show him he's special. Get a shirt or sweatshirt personalized with his favorite sports team. Monogram some standard accessory, like a dopp kit, with his silly nickname from when you were growing up. You'll both get a good laugh.


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