Beer Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $200)

Find over 6 best beer Christmas gift ideas (under $200) in 2024

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Tap into the Best Ways to Shop for Beer Lovers

Beer has evolved from basic cans to flavorful craft brews, with more styles and ways to tap into the fun. Beer is also a drink that brings people together - for parties, for Sunday games, for sampling that homemade growler. When you're thinking on Christmas gifts for your beer lovers, you'll need to step up your beer game and give something more original than the next round of brews. Here's how to order up the best gifts for beer-adoring fans. Cheers!


Give Him Beer

Let’s start simple. You know a beer lover. You find out what kind of beer he or she likes (Dark? Pale ales? German beer?). Significant others and roomies will have answers if you don’t know. Then pick up brews for your bud. Put your Christmas gifts for beer lovers in a gift bag — and kick back.


Tastes Better

Beer lovers will attest that brews taste better in the right glass. If your beer lover just hopped on the beer tasting train, it’s safe to assume his cabinet is not stocked with every kind of glass from a tulip shape to a lager glass. Next stop: beer tasting party at his place!


Stylish Opener

You can never really have too many openers. Does your beer lover love to entertain? Pick up an opener with a (kitschy, modern, bespoke) style that speaks to his or her personal style. Take a peek around to see how your beer lover decorates the kitchen and you’ll get clues.


Made with Beer

If you’re stumped on Christmas gifts for your beer lover, think of ideas that are beer-related but not found in the liquor store. Imagine his face when he sees beer soap in his stocking!


Beer Based

We’ve seen chocolate mixed with wine for years, so it was just a matter of time before someone figured out that wheat beer and chocolate go together like cookies and milk. Look to craft brew capitals, like Portland, for beer-infused chocolates as a regular export.


Simple Savers

Find out how your beer lover drinks his beer. Cans? Bottles? Growlers? Then think on a solution that adds style or solution to the mix. (Like a better container for corralling bottles or cans before recycling or silicone caps for craft beers.)


Beer Pairings

There are guides a-plenty that talk about what beer pairs best with what food. Pick up one for your own research (from the library perhaps) and then think on giving your beer lover the other half of the equation. You can supply the barbecue ribs to go with his favorite beer. You’ll give a tasty match that’s sure to make the tummy growl.


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