Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $50)

Find over 24 best funny Christmas gift ideas (under $50) in 2024

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $50):Tipsy Wine Glasses
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Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $50):Puppy Wine Holder
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Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $50):Dry Wipe Memo Mug
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Funny Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $50):Never Have I Ever
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How to Amuse Anyone with Funny Christmas Gifts

Think about good comedy, and you'll find that "funny" is not simply about the laughs - but also the amusement. Funny does not work in isolation, either you need to connect with the person or the joke falls flat. So in the structure of finding funny Christmas gift ideas, you've got your setup (planning and shopping for gifts) and then the punchline (delivering gifts to smiles, laughs, or amused responses). We're here to help you nail the planning, so those funny Christmas gifts are received with amusement all around.


Personal Humor

Of everyone on your shopping list, it’s easier to shop funny Christmas gifts for friends. Because the first thing you need to know is the person’s sense of humor — sarcastic, goofy, witty, slapstick, self-deprecating. No problem, as you know just what makes your besties laugh.


Laugh Track

Funny Christmas gift ideas don’t have to be a “thing” that gets wrapped up in a bow and opened for laughs. Instead, think on an experience that would be fun for everyone.


Simply Sarcastic

You and your BFF share the same sense of humor — sarcasm. So double-down on what you know in sleuthing out that perfect gift. Channel your inner bitterness, especially if the funny gift relates to how you both are still single and not at all bitter about it.


Know Boundaries

Before you start shopping funny Christmas gifts for her, be sure you’re pausing to think on  boundaries. How is she related to you? Skip gag gifts for the one-in-charge at the office. Also, consider the person’s comfort zone. Funny gifts include humor that can offend some (like cursing or potty humor) or jokes she wouldn’t get (does grandma know what LOL means?).


Quirky Cool

Funny Christmas gifts for dad channel his love of what’s weird. You’re looking for a gadget that’s quirky or some random gift that’s oddly amusing. Crowd-source for ideas — dad loves it when he gets something that everyone else thinks is cool.


Had to Be There

The most memorable, funny Christmas gifts have a story attached — use it as the inspiration. You know those had-to-be-there moments, like the friend who mispronounced manatée (manaTEE) by saying she loved the (manaTAY) exhibit at the museum — and everyone laughed and still brings it up. (That’s when a charitable donation to Save the Manatées is the punchline that keeps on giving.)


Retro Rewind

It’s always a good laugh to be reminded of the “olden days”. Maybe you’re searching for funny Christmas gifts for him and discover some hilarious memento that takes him right back to growing up in the ‘80s. Funny flashbacks for the win.


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