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How to Find Personalized Christmas Gifts that Outshine the Rest

When you were just a tot, your first connection to a personal identity came from knowing your name, then learning how to spell and write it. As a grownup, it's easy to overlook how names are a visual stamp of identifying who you are. Thats why personalized Christmas gifts are quite meaningful. Most come with initials or names stitched, printed, or somehow emblazoned on the gift for all to see. Here's your guide to finding personalized Christmas gifts for family that mark each gift for the individual.


Name Game

The most tried-and-true way to personalize any gift is with the person’s name. Ask and double-check, cross T’s and dot i’s, to be sure you have any name spelled correctly before placing the gift order. It’s not just the person’s name that can make a gift feel personal. Think on personalized gifts for grandparents that say “Nana” or “Pop” — because there’s so much love behind those names.


Important Initials

A classical way of marking something as yours is with an initial monogram. Is she married? Then find out if she changed her last name in the name of matrimony — it’s no longer assumed that she did.


Important Date

Birthdays, wedding dates, and anniversaries are standard choices when personalizing a gift with a very important date. But you can get creative: date this Christmas for baby’s first encounter with Santa or give a photo gift that marks her child’s first day of kindergarten. Or give your love a personalized reminder of that first date you shared.


Just Sayin'

Thanks to the world of social media, we all now talk in sound bites. Maybe there’s a phrase or saying that she says a lot. Look for some quirky art or home décor (like pillows) that feature her favorite thing to say — or have an accessory custom-made.


Separate the Kids

If you’re giving the same-ish gifts to the kids in the family, be sure to personalize each gift in some way. Whether it’s for practical reasons (so everyone knows whose beach towel is whose) or to ward off sibling rivalry.


Color Match

You can shop personalized gifts for her or him and add another layer of distinction — that someone’s one-and-only favorite color. For kids, this is not classified information — ask and you will find the answer. For grownups, it’s more of a color check. If she would never in a million years wear the color red, that’s important to find out first.


Font Love

Before getting a name stitched or engraved on a gift, keep in mind people have opinions on typography. Does she like serif or sans serif fonts? To find out the answer, see if she’s changed her email font to a custom pick. Check her social media for clues like inspirational quotes that she’s pinned or hearted. Or simply think on personality — serif fonts feel formal while sans serif fonts feel more casual.


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