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Get Schooled on the Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Teachers impact our world by imprinting children with knowledge - from learning how to read to learning how to solve problems. You see your child's teacher creating a positive imprint on your favorite small human and can already feel the impact. So you want to say thanks: For teaching your kindergartner where apples come from or showing your preschooler the trick to doing buttons. Or you're related to one amazing teacher and want to find an A+ gift. Here's how to find the best Christmas gifts for teachers (with just a little help).


Supply Closet

If you have a special teacher in your life, you know how much of themselves they put into their classes. Sometimes, that even means spending their own money on art supplies for projects. Peek on your teacher friend's Pinterest to see what cool projects and ideas are on their wishlist — then give gifts that stock their supply closet with related art supplies for the year ahead. 


Age Appropriate

Keep in mind the age of the teacher. Is she a just-graduated twentysomething living on her own and planning to travel to Australia this summer? Or is she a mom to teenagers and she’s been teaching for 20 years (do the math of how many bad teacher gifts she’s probably received over the years.) Think about age and lifestyle to choose a teacher gift that’s a good fit.  


Special Skills

Your child’s preschool teacher might share some insight into their background and what she likes to do on the weekends — some schools even share newsletters which can offer up personal insight into your child’s teacher. She might dog sled or speak French fluently. Study up on teacher gifts that play to that particular skill or interest.


Made a Difference

If you feel compelled to give a gift of thanks, remember that teachers are not expecting some monetary gift of gratitude. A small thoughtful gift and a personal note expressing your feelings will make the teacher’s day.


Morning Chatter

Listen to the little details and tidbits of the teacher’s weekend that you may hear during the morning chatter at preschool dropoff. Maybe she loves the beach or she’s hoping to have some time to bake next weekend. Clues into her life help you make the gift more unique or personal.


Practical First

Teachers for the younger set are constantly coming up with creative projects to teach toddlers about the world. Remember that shopping Christmas gifts for these daycare teachers or preschool teachers is not about matching your gift to their school project. She may not be into butterflies personally (as an accessory or printed all over some trinket) even though they studied metamorphosis in October. Practical gifts win every time.


Pool Together

If you’re just not sure what would be the best Christmas gifts for your child’s teachers, consider a group email to the other parents to organize a group gift. That way you can pool your money together and give the teachers one big gift rather than many many small trinkets.  


School's Out

Teachers are people, too. They're moms, friends, sisters, adventurers, yogis, bookworms and just about anything else you can imagine. Help the teacher in your life stay connected to who they are outside of school with a related gift and they're likely to thank you for it. Ask them about their hobbies or what they'd like to do with more free time to start your research.   


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