Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Find over 20 best funny Christmas gift ideas for couples in 2024

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How to Pair Up and Find One Perfect Christmas Gift for that Couple

One of the best parts of becoming a couple is you get to do everything together. One of the best parts of shopping Christmas gifts for couples is you get to choose one gift for two people on your list. Score! Joking aside, it's not easy to find a Christmas gift for any couple. You're tasked with managing what both would like, both would use, and both would be happy to receive. That's why we've teamed up with you (wink wink), with tips for finding the best Christmas gifts for couples.


Learn Together

The couple who learns together, stays together, right? Lessons to learn some brand new skill top the list of unique Christmas gifts for young couples. Think on practical lessons — like knife skills at a culinary school — or something adventurous (trapeze together!). If you’ve heard them talk about “wishing they knew how” to do something, you have your lesson plan!


First Encounters

Think on ways to remind your favorite couple where it all began. Maybe you were the one who got them together (bravo!) and know some insider information. You can create a customized gift by simply taking the dates of that first date, engagement, and so forth. Every couple goes through ups and downs, so sweet Christmas gifts for married couples includes markers of how they became a couple.


Relax Together

If your couple has wild toddlers running superhero missions around the kitchen, then you can bet any gift that gives them alone time will be well-received. The best Christmas gifts for a couple with young kiddos is some time to recharge their relationship — and a way to unwind.


Keep 'Em Separated

You can’t change the way your other half hangs their towels, but you can mark whose towel is whose. For Christmas gifts for married couples, think on differences that might be best to keep separated with labels: her white wine glass to his red wine glass. Or personalized towels that are part practical, part problem-solving in creating law-and-order in the bath.


Weekend Ready

What does your couple do on the weekends? A Christmas present for any couple, young or old, can best be discovered by knowing how they spend their down time. Then shop in the departments that match their weekend rituals — sporting goods store for the hiking couple or the kitchen aisle for lazy Sunday pancake breakfasts together.


Romance Sparks

Christmas gifts for couples can light that fire of romance for your favorite duo. The key here is thinking about your relationship to the couple. Lingerie from mom — weird. But a bestie giving some sweet tunes with a bottle of vino — awesome.


Bond Together

Think out-of-the-box, especially for Christmas gifts for couples who have everything. Maybe part of the best present involves you! Have you all been able to get together recently with busy schedules? Think on a group gift that brings everyone together for one rocking, raucous good time!


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