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How to Huddle, Hustle and Score the Best Football Gifts

Football is as all-American as apple pie which means there's a wide open field of football-themed gifts to pounce on. With so many football gifts out there, it's also tougher to find the right play on your gift search. So we lined up a strategy for finding the right football gifts for him and score a touchdown with your football lover.


Game Time

Think about what your guy likes to do during the game. Is he munching on chips and dip with a cold brew? Or is he tossing darts during commercials? Match up football gifts for him with his game-time rituals.


Team Spirit

You probably don’t need to snoop around to find out what team your football lover follows — everyone around him knows! Look for football lover gifts that brand his team colors and logo on anything — from a grill to headphones. Because he loves to show his team spirit on and off the field.


Keeping Warm

Where does your guy live? If he lives in a cold winter climate, like New England, then it’s safe to say he’ll need winter gear to stay warm when he has gameday tickets. Look to see which winter accessories he already wears — does he love a beanie hat? Have you ever seen him in a scarf? What style gloves does he prefer? You can also ask his better half if you’re not sure about his winter accessory stash.


Superbowl Win

Has his team not even made the playoffs in a long time? No matter, he’s still a true-blue fan. Look into when was that last time his team won the Superbowl and then find football gifts that commemorate that big year.


Fantasy Fun

Is he super into his fantasy league? Then look for football gifts for him that focus on the football players, rather than the team. You can look in an athletic store or NFL shop to find football-related gifts that honor the players.


Similar Sport

Is your teenager super into football —  but already owns every branded football gift you can imagine? Then go beyond football gifts for boys to make game time even more lively at home. Look for fun games to add into Sunday afternoon, like foosball or table hockey.


Home Team Advantage

Personalized gifts for football fans help celebrate their pride in the hometown team. And there are plenty of options beyond personalized jerseys. From vintage wood signs to accessories for the home — look for football-related gifts that show you’re on home turf.


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