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Your Guide to Christmas Gifts for Grandfathers

In a world of rankings, it seems the best dads get promoted to grandpa status. So when you're searching out Christmas gifts for grandparents, be sure to find something special for the grandfather who's a hero to you all, even when he's a little grumpy. This Christmas, Gramps will light up like the moon when he opens a gift that's just perfect for him.


Give Grampy a gift he can enjoy with Grams

Think about Christmas gifts for grandparents they can share together, like a wood game set or a custom painting made from an old photo of them.


Set up Grandpa with tools for his favorite hands-on hobby

If he's a barbecue enthusiast, give him a fresh set of tools for the grill. If he's the grandfather who can fix anything, give Grandpa tools to tinker with.


Help Poppy print snaps of the grandkids

When you're shopping for Christmas gifts for the grandparents, remember the basics. Is your grandfather someone who's tech-savvy and owns a computer? Probably not. So a pocket printer simply delivers prints of their favorite grandkids.


Book a gift for grandparents who stay up reading

Give a gift that celebrates their love of reading. We did the research for you. Browse thoughtful, book-themed gifts from a library card mug to a one-of-a-kind bookmark.


Keep the competitive spark alive

Your grandparents may be retired, but they are still full of pep. Look for Christmas gifts for grandparents that keep them active - anything from Scrabble to picks for the putting green.


Remember your grandfather's mantras

With Christmas gifts for grandparents, remember what they always say. If your grandfather is one to say, "real men eat steaks", give the meat-loving guy what he craves (a monthly club membership to the best steaks, but of course.) 

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