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Find over 105 best stocking stuffers for husband in 2024

Stocking Stuffers for Husband:Math Mug
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Expert Tips

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How to Surprise Your Husband With Awesome Stocking Stuffers

The thought counts big when it comes to finding some good stocking stuffers for your handsome husband. You want to check off at least one box - funny, sentimental, useful, unexpected - for what he'd like to find in that handspun stocking. But moreso, you want your thoughtful message to come across. You're telling your hubs that you took the time to sleuth out some little-but-awesome stocking stuffers, because he's absolutely worth it.


Memory Tracker

You’ve known each other long enough to have shared many adventures and many memories. Start from a favorite memory or joke just between the two of you, and then pick up a stocking stuffer that will remind him of that moment.


Praise Wins

They say that praise is something that can get lost over time in a marriage. Bring back simple affirmations of how much you love him and how awesome he is. Look for a special memento or personalized gift that shows your love in writing.


Little Conveniences

Your husband is pretty easy to please. So keep it simple and go with something he needs. If he’s always peeking around the drawer to find a beer opener, then get him a stylish one.


Retro Dude

Is your husband a child of the 1980s? Or what part of his past does he hold dear? There are so many gifts that channel the nostalgia of a past decade, and you’re sure to find one that’s pint-size to squeeze into his stocking.


Fan Boy

What does your husband fan out on? Is he the biggest music fan you know? Or does he spend a fair amount of time with that gaming console? Then pick a related accessory — or enlist the help of friends if you feel out of your comfort zone.  


Photo Reel

Look back at your recent photos. Is your husband the main shutterfly snapping photos of you? If he loves playing photographer than you can easily find a small stocking stuffer that’s an add-on for the camera or his phone’s camera.


Just for Laughs

Think about ways to pair practical with humor, and you’ll have the recipe for good stocking stuffers for the husband. A prime example: think about the device he uses all the time (yep, the phone) and dress it up in a funny new case.


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